Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As some of you know, today is the first day of Lent. I didn't make it to Mass this morning - it's at 8:15 and that was just far too early for me to consider starting my day. There is always the evening Mass later. For those unfamiliar, Lent is a 40 day period - from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

A few years ago, I decided to give up bread for Lent. I love bread, rolls, cakes, etc. So, it was tough, but I did it. I have decided to give up bread again this year. Giving up bread makes Fridays even more interesting for me.

Catholics don't eat meat on Fridays. We can have seafood (and frankly, I think fish and stuff is technically "meat", but whatev.). But, this means I can't even eat a grilled cheese sandwich or tuna salad sandwich on Fridays. I foresee a lot of salads and baked potatoes in my future.

The Evil Twin and I discussed what constitutes a bread product last time I did this. We felt like anything baked in an oven qualified, but things such as taco shells or tortillas did not because taco shells are a corn mixture that is fried and tortillas are cooked in a pan. Also, to my knowledge, neither of those things contain yeast, so I can eat Mexican food - only no meat on Fridays. That's okay, because I was a vegetarian for nine years and can happily eat vegetarian items.

(So, what is "out" for me? Bread, rolls, cakes, pastries, pizza... I'll have to be much more creative in seeking my carbs! LOL).

At my parish, the Knights of Columbus host fish fries on Friday evenings. These are always fun and tasty.

As is customary, the Fifth grade class "works" the fish fry. Basically, they fetch drinks for people, put trays away, etc. in order to receive tips. This tip money goes toward their end of the year field trips prior to "graduation". This is the last year of elementary school for them, so it's a really big deal (to them).

This Friday will mark the 1st fish fry of the Lenten season. Buddy's teacher wants all of the kids (all 15 of them) to work this first time. Then, she will set some sort of schedule for the remaining Fridays.

If they work the fish fry, they get to eat for free. Yay! Saves us a little money. We typically end up there every Friday anyway, so they'll get plenty of money in return from us - for the food and in the form of tips. The Knights are generally fairly generous with their portions, so we all get plenty of food.

And - totally off the topic, but I wanted to update - Sissy decided after last Thursday that she preferred diapers. This mindset continued through the weekend and onto Monday. Then, she decided she wanted to wear a pair of her new (she picked 'em) My Little Pony panties on Tuesday AM... no accidents. Same thing today, but I've noticed that she waits until after her morning "constitutional" to ask for the panties. We've decided to keep her in diapers/pullups at night for a while. She IS getting a big girl bed tomorrow. We bought a full size mattress and box springs last weekend and it will be delivered tomorrow. I already have all her big girl bedding washed and ready! (and no, I don't go for that cheapy themed bedding, like Princesses or whatever. The thread count on those things suck and no one likes to sleep on tatter balls after 2 washes!).


  1. Hubby is fasting today. He has never done that before. I obviously don't understand fasting, because it strongly resembles his regular eating habits, but he requested that there not be a cookie in his lunch bag.

  2. I am not a practicing catholic but my parents are. My Dad usually goes for something that will be truly hard on him to give up. One year it was bourbon, another it was popcorn. I am not sure what it is this year but I could never do it. You know with my addictive personality and all! ;)

    Congrats to Sissy! Maybe the big girl bed will be just the reinforcement she needs to kick that diaper habit!

  3. I'm giving up soda and snacking! The snacking one is gonna be hard!!!!!

  4. We got my son out of diapers using's amazing! A single skittle would get him to pee in the took multiples for the...uh...constitutional work to be done in the toilet...anyhow, skittles rule!

  5. I'm really proud of you - I haven't practiced religion in years. You inspire me!!

  6. That fish friday sounds really nice, good experience for the kids. Do you really have only 15 students per class room ? Wow, our poor teachers have app. twice that number. Our Gov. keeps saying " kids are the future" then cutting back school funding. It stinks.
    Good luck, Sissy.

    ps. Warren, I used licorice, worked well : )

  7. I am also starting a very strict diet on this day. Can you say *fasting* ??? LOL
    I'll be eating only around 700 calories till Easter...I'll let ya know how THAT goes!
    I consider anything made with "flour" to be bread. Taco shells are made of corn so in my book they are okay...

  8. Tatter balls are the worst!! I got spoiled to Egyptian cotton at my ex-MIL's house and it's all I want. I haven't gone all Oprah and started carrying my own sheets to hotels, but I'm picky on them that's for sure. When I have to sleep on a shit sheet, I swear I can now feel the scratchy threads and the spaces in between making lattice on my skin. Blech.

    Good luck with Lent! My only part of Lent is watching my Lenten rose bloom. I love that thing.

  9. I'm thinking of giving up broccoli or carrots. Maybe both!!

    And Yay!!! on the big girl bed!!

  10. Still not sure what I will give up for Lent! Bread - that would be hard for me, but I guess that's what the sacrifice is about, right?

  11. I admire your fortitude on the bread thing and wish you well! My mom always gives up sweets, which is a HUGE deal for her. On Easter Sunday, NOT get in the way of the Russell Stover box. You will draw back a nub, I'm tellin' ya.

  12. As far as a tuna salad sandwich goes, may I suggest rolling it in a very large leaf of lettuce? I don't think you could make grilled cheese that way, though! I certainly admire your conviction giving up bread.

    I'm with ya all the way on the sheets! Once you've had high thread count, everything else feels like sandpaper!

    Thank you so much for the award! I have to go back to work today, and receiving it made my day start out well!

  13. 3C - maybe he's just fasting from *cookies*...:-)

    Trish - you compulsive little so and so! LOL.

    Jen - I feel for ya. We can do this!

    Warren - we're using stickers and candies. Powerful motivators!

    Momma - I haven't been to Mass in forever. Bad me!

    powdergirl - he goes to a very small Catholic school. There is only one class per grade!

    SCW - Good luck with your diet. I don't think I could do that strict!

    BB - I am all about decent sheets!

    Ron - it's supposed to be a *sacrifice* LOL.

    Gigi - you're exempt this year. Pregnant/nursing moms don't have to follow the guidelines! Lucky you!

    Elle - LOL. I know the Easter Baskets will be very welcome here by Buddy.

    Vevay - sandpaper is *exactly* the way to describe it!

  14. I have never successfully given anything up for the whole of Lent. I absolutely admire anyone with that sort of will power. Good for you!

  15. I have never given up anything for Lent, unless you could liver - which I never eat anyway.

    Good for Sissy! Now if you buy some really special panties for her, I predict she'll be trained in 2 weeks!

  16. I am giving up my favorite chips and Little Debbie cakes. Yep, I am using Lent as a way to jumpstart better eating habits.

  17. I can't believe I'm gonna say this PUBLICLY,BUT - I'm giving up dessert...that is HUGE for me..I have such a sweet tooth is ridiculous!! *sigh* missing that ice cream in the freezor already *sigh* gonna be a loooong 40days....*sigh* btw...I kept M in pullups at night forever..then one night, SHE says "I wanna wear my panties to bed" Alrighty then...& that was that! ;)

  18. I'm a sucky Catholic. I'm still debating on whether to go to Church. I have been doubting my faith alot lately. Awww, good for Sissy. How exciting getting the good girl bed.

  19. Those cheapy themed sheets are so rough too, bleh. I love pottery barn kids bedding.

    Is pizza dough really bread??? I mean it has toppings and all...just trying to help.

  20. I went to church at lunchtime and got dusted. As you know, I'm giving up pounds for Lent, and taking on exercise!

  21. We had great fish fries last year. I haven't heard anything about them this year.

  22. Apart from the thread count, they grow out of 'themes' so quickly. I have always gone for something like love hearts or polka dots,patchwork. florals etc. that grow with them. Good luck with everything.xx

  23. I don't think I've ever given up anything for Lent. I'm pretty sure most people of the faith I grew up in (Methodist) do, but I don't remember ever doing it. Good luck with the no bread. I turn into a monster after a couple of days without it. I haven't been to a fish fry in years, I could really go for some catfish! Nom, nom, nom.

  24. Wow, bread-products??? That's amazing. Years ago when I worked at Burger King I gave up French fries which was unbelievably tough as I *love* French fries. Watch the tortilla shells - some are made from flour.

    I'm giving up yarn - not working with it, but no buying it (along with books, CDs and DVDs). Also, junk food - sweet and salty.

    And I find Catholic fasting to be wimpy at best. Two smaller than usual meals, along with the third meal not to be bigger than the first two. We Catholics are wimps - that's not fasting.

    I had to give my co-worker crap "You are not eating Dorito's on Ash Wednesday." He put them away for tomorrow. ;-) We won't discuss the chicken on his sandwich.

    My mother is so Catholic that she never ever ever eats meat on Fridays (not just during Lent). Her children (my siblings and I) have discussed that she should give up being a martyr for Lent - now that would be an accomplishment.

  25. I am not catholic so have never practiced lent but I'm familiar with the terms of the program.

    Giving up bread for forty days?? That is just crazy talk. Pure and simple.

    Although, if I had to choose between bread and wine....

    Yay for Sissy!

  26. I'm not Catholic, but the Presbyterians do the Lent abstainee thing too. Although hubby isn't home tonite and I didn't go to service since I'm not actually Presby like he is, and I didn't want to go alone. But I'm giving up chocolate for the duration. Does that count?

  27. Penelope - I hope I can make it this time....

    Kenju - fingers crossed you are right. She didn't have any pee accidents today, but did poop in her pretty panties. I think getting the hang of #2 is more difficult.

    Robynbeth - You go, girl!

    TGG - That's our plan (with the pull ups), but I bought a soft waterproof mattress cover anyway!

    The Girl - I'm not a very good Catholic either!

    Chris - I believe pizza crust does count as a baked bread item. :-( Sadly.

    Janis - way to jump on the challenge! I'm proud of you.

    Debbie - now is the time to scope out the Catholic churches in your area!

    Natalie - Exactly! I let her pick between a pretty (but basic) flower pattern or stripes. She chose the flowers.

    Ginger - now would be a good time to visit us. We'll buy you dinner, Buddy can wait on you! :-D

    Kathleen - I'm only counting products that are baked goods. Even flour tortillas are not baked in an oven and they contain no yeast. I know many Catholics who don't eat meat on Fridays OR Wednesdays all year 'round!

    Vinomom - Ah, you understand my dilemma! :-)

    Carolyn - It absolutely does count! Good luck (to both of us - I know we can do it!!!).

  28. Yay! Big girl bed! Tyler just got his own bed here, but his ass won't sleep in it.

    I'm not Catholic, but I give up my Jack Daniels for Lent. Every year.

  29. I admire you , i really do. I admire people who are strong in their beliefs.
    My dad(italian catholic)only eats fish on fridays and for lent tends to gice up an activity rather han a food.......
    its a comforting part of my family life to see the parentals do their Lent thing. mum gives up chocolate and boy, is she a nasty cow come easter !!lol !!

    Lisa xx

  30. Kudos to you, my friend. Giving up bread for me would be akin to giving up air.

    As for potty training - I'm so glad I am done with that part of motherhood. Best of luck to you with that! :)

  31. Kudos to you, my friend. Giving up bread for me would be akin to giving up air.

    As for potty training - I'm so glad I am done with that part of motherhood. Best of luck to you with that! :)

  32. I am against all that Disney/Pixar stuff (at least while chase doesn't care ;). I hate wearing advertising for any entity... pay me to wear your stuff and then we'll talk!