Friday, February 6, 2009

Stupid Technology

I'm not sure what is going on with our router (which delivers the "wiffy" I am so dependent upon - the word "wiffy" comes courtesy of Jeff Kay - who, if you have not checked him out, DO IT. The Evil Twin designed a new header for him too - some people get speshul privileges around these parts).

The stupid router keeps doing "something"... losing it's connection or something. I'm not sure if it's a situation where the router is about to shit the bed or what. We've had similar problems in the past - a day or two of having to reset the router several kabillion times a day, and then the next thing we know, it's just working along swimmingly well.

So, either it's on its' death bed or it's the weather or it's our cable provider or who knows? What do I look like, a damn IT person over here? I'm just one frizzled housewife, I can't be expected to solve the computer problems around here too. (although I often do, for economy's sake and it's easier than buying a new one and having to figure out MORE logistics).

Now, I've been on the phone with our cable/internet provider and they very helpfully told me it was simply a router problem and they are not authorized to deal with that end of it. I GET that. She said our signal looked good - and I don't doubt that.

But where does that leave me? Wondering if I need to buy a new router. That's where. And, also figuring out who to call to install it or if it's something I can do on my own without bursting an aorta trying to figure it out.

Of course, I just filed our tax return yesterday, so what comes next? As usual, it's something around the house needing money - bleeding me of unexpected expenses. I don't care for it.

Also, you know what? I have over 60 "followers", yet, I get 10 comments yesterday? Yet, I had over one hundred hits on the ol' blog yesterday.

I am feeling sad and needy here people. I am also admittedly a comment whore. I spend HOURS commenting on blogs I enjoy, yet I rarely get return comments.... Very hurtful, indeed.

AND, I'm operating on a shitty and iffy wireless connectivity here - yet, I make the effort. I make the 4 gonzillion trips up and down the stairs to reset the router every 15 minutes so I can leave comments and yet, I get squat in return?

If nothing else, I'll lose a few pounds on the literal "Stairmaster".

De nada (that means you're welcome - watch more Dora the Explorer to keep up, k?) ;-)


  1. If you do need a new router, you might check Circuit City first. Everything there must go-go-go!

  2. Comments are a strange thing aren't they?

    Sometimes I will read a post on someones blog and just not know what to write. I want to say something, but really the post is hard to respond to for some reason.

    Another thing I find is that a post will really, really bug me and I don't want to write anything because I actually like that person and their blog normally, but this post of theirs has really got my back up, so I just don't say anything.

    I often find the strangest posts of mine will get laods of comments and others that I think are deserve them, get none. :D

    We all you comments though. :)

  3. You want it? You want my comment? Beg for it! Yeah that's it you dirty comment whore! Beg for it! Yeah! Here comes your comment!

    I always comment, so there. :)

  4. you are so whinny! I get like 3 comments a day.....some days I dream of getting 10 comments...some's always about THEM! :P

  5. More than likely you need a new router. My old one was behaving exactly like was dying. Now I have a shiny new one and all my problems are, the computer problems anyway.

  6. Routers are relatively easy to hook up.

    Although, I am spoiled having Bill around to fix all things technical.

    I should get my tax refund next week, and then we're heading to IKEA!!!

  7. Here's comment #8...

    ...which is like, 4 more than *I usually get. :-)

    Hope your wiffy woes are over soon.

  8. Was that good enough? ;)

    Poor thing. Computer woes sucketh.

  9. My router went tits-up recently as well, but I didn't replace it. After all, my router is on my desk (my home-desk, that is) and my laptop sits about 8" away from it 99% of the time.

    As for the comment-whore thing, I'm checking up on you every day, but admittedly don't comment sometimes. Recently it's been due to a lack of free time on my end, and unfortunately that's gonna get even worse in the next few weeks. But I'll do my best to support your whore-ish ways!

    (SoLow excuses hisself to go take a cold shower...)

  10. Hola! Como esta's?? Yep, we're Dora & Diego fans here too! I know nothing about routers - that's the hubby's dept.!Hope that you have a great wknd.! :)

  11. Aww.... I am a comment whore too. If half my commenters would pay more attention to my clog than (ahem) their school/careers, I would feel all warm and fuzzy. Alas. ;)

    If it makes you feel better, my router does the same thing. Last week I couldn't get it to work for an entire day, so I pirated my neighbor's signal.

  12. Yea, I'm lucky if I get 2 comments a day...yours is usually one of them! (btw..thanks!)

    Cant you get a wireless router at Mart of Wal;relatively cheap I think?

    Anyway, just want to say we all have those days...Spring is just around the corner, that usually makes things sooo much better!

  13. If you still have the instruction book, go through the troubleshooting section. It may give you a clue. Also, all routers have a reset button on them somewhere. Sometimes it's a small hole on the back, where you have to perform the reset by inserting an opened up paperclip in, pressing the switch, and holding it in for a few seconds. If your phone service comes through your router, the router will have a battery backup, and you'll have to use the paperclip method. Installing a new one isn't to hard. Just follow the instructions, and I'm sure you'll be successful. Good Luck!

  14. It seems like you always get plenty of comments. Not always from me, because I only comment if I feel I have something worthwhile to contribute. Really more of a reflection on me than on you.

    I set up our router, so I'm sure you can. Just follow the directions. :)

    This must be the week for internet issues. Ours resolved themselves, thankfully.

  15. DA- I hear they have rock bottom prices... LOL.

    Joe - I read "typo" fluently! ;-) Thanks, and it is a strange phenom with the comments.

    Ron - and you always crack me up! LOL. Thanks.

    JA - LOL. I know! I write my stuff the night before, so last night, I was feeling snitty about the router and kinda took it out on my blog here. Sorry! :-)

    MEL - mine seems to be better today, so I'll watch it a day or two more and then make a decision.

    Blair - I'm in charge of all things technical 'round here. Have fun at IKEA.

    K - I know...I'm whiny - but I do always comment on your site, so I'm one of the four. :-)

    A.- Perfect! Thanks. :-)

    SoLow - yeah, it wouldn't be so bad if it was right beside me, but it's downstairs (with the ETs desk top). I'll figure it out...

    TGG - I need a Mr. Engineer!

    Alex - LOL! ;-)

    Chandra - I am sooo looking forward to Spring!

    Greg - that's a great idea. I did hit the reset button, but it wiped out my firewall settings. Guess that's my next hurdle.

    3C - I know...I'm just being moody right now. I'm such a baby sometimes! I hope my router woes are almost over. :-)

  16. Guilty!!! I read everyday but often don't comment. I blame ADD. I often pull up the comment box to say something, then get distracted doing something else and don't get back around to it. Then, when I'm driving home and can't do anything about it, I think "Damn! I was going to say..."

    I get a lot more hits than comments, too. I thought it was just me. ;)

  17. I kinda know what you mean. I sort of like comments too and when I don't get them on some post I htink is great, I take it personally. Not sure why but I do. Anyhow, computer woes suck...but we still love you!

  18. I'm TERRIBLE when it comes to commenting. Normally I'm rushing through to try to read everyone's blogs before I have to rush out the door or something.
    My days are so hectic but I am addicted to all my blogs and try to keep up with them every day.
    I have a mere 19 followers yet I get well over 200 hits....
    I'm chalking up the bigger numbers to google searches for weird things or whatever. (I have a lot of weird things on my blog)
    I mean...surely to god there aren't that many people out there interested in what I have to say...LOL.
    Sometimes I get a lot of comments and sometimes I don't. Since I suck at commenting I don't worry about it too much.

    I am VERY PROUD OF MYSELF because I left a nice long comment.
    I think you should have lunch with me sometime in the next couple of weeks to celebrate!

  19. My router did that sort of thing for a while and then just died alltogether :o( Hope it's not an expensive problem!
    I'm sorry I don't comment more often - I speed read in a feed reader because I have so little time to do much more than that.
    Will. Try. Harder :o)

  20. Guilty. So very very guilty. :( But take heart that when I know I'll only get to visit a couple of blogs before I have to get offline, yours is one of those few!



    Sorry to here about your router, I find myself about to saw mine in half at least twice a day! Can we just get a connection without it going down??? aghhhhh!

  22. I think comments are weird too. If I don't have much of anything to say on a topic, I don't feel the need to comment and just say "yeah, I agree" or whatever. I also hate arguing with people online, because I find it a huge timesink, and given that I disagree with about oh... 90% of bloggers out there, I'd just sit around and argue all the time.

    I do like Jeff Kay's "Clive Bull" type things - it's more of a prompt to comment, which makes me more likely to do so - even then, I don't always have something worth saying though.

  23. OMG...roflmefenao @ Ron....too freakin funny (uh...didn't it sound like he was REALLY gettin into it? ;);)

    The thing I hate about routers is that the service provider ALWAYS blame them...freakin always! Now it could very well be true and you're not really left w/ much choice but to replace it. FYI: Circuit City has jacked up their prices from norm...I wouldn't buy from there, especially if you had to take it back for some reason..then my dear, you are screwed.

  24. OMG, you should bitch about comments more often...Look at all of these. I get over 100 hits a day and only my regulars comment...That's the way I like it !

  25. That's the way to get something, cry for it! I just enjoy reading your posts and can't seem to be a witty as some of your comments. But, you are VERY entertaining and seem so much like Jennifer, no wonder you are a friend of hers!

  26. I wouldn't normally leave this comment, but since you cried about it, here goes!

    I feel the same way about comments that you do. I feel like my post is a failure if no one comments on it. However, if I have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation I don't want to leave a stupid one and have evryone else thinking, WTF was that comment for?

    But I do appreciate the fact that you always comment on mine. So, I will make more of an effort! But just for you! ;)

  27. Hahahaha, a gal after my own heart. I have tons more hits than I do comments...and I'm always wondering why.

  28. Rebecca - I try to leave a comment at every one I read, but I also get distracted (kids!), so I often lose my train of thought and miss leaving a comment too sometimes....

    Warren - thanks!I know how you feel about being disappointed. I love you all too!

    BG - I was JUST mentioning a lunch date today when I talked to Elle. Let's pick a day and do it!

    Penelope - I'm usually pretty loopy (too much wine) by the time I post these, so forgive my rant! LOL.

    honeywine - I know we're all busy and you're all wrapped up in the new love. I give you a pass. :-)

    Loni - LOL.

    Nick - I know how you are... LOL.

    Efen - I'm thinking it's fixed. I probably would have bought one at WalMart anyway. I'm cheap like that.

    The Girl - I know some people come back to read comments, etc.

    powerrail - Yep, we became fast friends years ago. :-)

    Trisha - I read Jeff Kay every time he posts, but I don't always comment there, so I do get that... :-)

    Ginger - Sometimes, I'll read a post and not have time to comment, so I'll return later to do that. I wonder if others sometimes do that too?

  29. Yeah, so if your router is shitting the bed, all of your problems may be caused by the fact that it's not a router at all.
    Take a close look at it, is it wearing depends? Does it have bushy white eyebrows? A red suite?
    If so ,what you have there is probably a left over, incontinent Santa and not a router at all.
    This doesn't really solve the router problem, I know, But I hope I've helped clear it up a little bit for you.
    De Nada
    ps. nice blog ; }

  30. I found YOU through the WVSR love Jeff, love you too.
    I am also a needy comment whore but it looks like a little whine goes a long way. I think I'll try that soon :)
    I appreciate your comments very much and I love that you answer everyone that comments on your posts. I am trying to be more like you.
    Happy Friday!

  31. This will make 33 comments on a single post. Hell, I get close to 200 hits a day and probably haven't had 33 comments in a full month.

    Oh, and how many followers do I have? Maybe three or four.

    Is any of this making you feel better about your router situation? I hope so. ;)

  32. Well, that little post earned you 33 (now 34) comments! Do you know the people I would kill to get ten comments on one post?!

    Oooh, that was just my ugly green head poking up there.

    I can't take one more second of internet issues - if you knew the entire nightmare I just went through on the phone w/ Verizon for our office move, and our complete lack of ANY interent, you'd feel sorry for me. Ugh. Week from hell.

  33. i try to post a comment but i'm usually reading blogs on my phone while at work and then i get sidetracked by the naked trucker brigade or french canadian dumbasses....

  34. Honey, I get an **average** of 300 hits a day, and I RARELY get more than 15 comments.

    It's the nature of the beast, sometimes. Some people operate in a chattier sphere; I do not.

  35. your crackin me up here! love the post and I love the raw honesty! sorry... I've been a tad lax lately... everyone has the gosh-awful sniffles around here. not deathly ill but a never ending snotfest. spring needs to get here. anyway... much love!