Monday, February 9, 2009

Story of my Life - Updated

After sooooo many years, you would think I might have learned my lesson. I bought this little figurine years ago:

Oh hell yeah!

Except I don't drink Merlot and I'm not a blonde and it's not e-mailing that is in question.

It's more like "Chardonnay and blogging don't mix".

The Evil Twin had said he would paint the hair on the figurine black, but it's been at least 3 years and she's still blonde. I don't anticipate that happening anytime soon.

It's good that I set my sights low.

Always expect the worst and you won't be disappointed!

That advice can lead to extreme frustration though. So, take it for what it's worth.

I have a busy week coming up. I'll try to stick to our regular meetings and such, but I can't make any promises.

Happy Monday, mon!

PS. It has come to my attention that what is meant to be snarky and sarcastic digs at the Evil Twin come across as me pointing the finger that he is lazy. That is not the case, he does plenty around here - more than most husbands with a HO (home office) do. He's a fantastic husband and I just like to poke fun at him! So, in your mind, imagine me laughing as I'm saying "I set my sights low." and thing of that nature. :-)


  1. on one of my old blogs (when i was in college or just dropped out) i got drunk off of a bottle of cheep jug wine (the kind with the thumb handle). i wound up posting webcam pics of me naked, except for a luchador mask

    so don't tell *ME* about drunkbloging!

  2. OR wine and online shopping!
    Oh, the things I have bought on eBay...
    Happy Monday!

  3. That does it, Missy. I'm going to the post office right after class to send your novelty item. Big germy kisses.

  4. least you didn't call an ex boyfriend lmao. Happy Monday!

  5. Oh the stupid things I've done when I'm drunk. Sadly, most days, I don't even have the excuse of being drunk. I just don't seem to have the same filter mechanism that most people have. It enters my brain and exits my mouth. No filtering, no pausing, do not pass Go.

  6. Don't forget to take some time to stop and smell the roses.

  7. I think wine + blogging is a great mix! Wine + email can be dangerous but blogging is awesome! Just beware of the webcam!

  8. LOL...I have a picture of that in my office! Not that I drink a lot of wine at work, but you never know.

  9. i drink rum at work. does rum count as wine?

  10. I have found that some do their best work when slightly 'tipsy' ;)

  11. I really regretted the last time I drunk posted, I got a virus like you would not believe. And poor Evil Twin, you made him feel lazy !

  12. I have to be very, very careful not to use the computer when drinking :) Many of my students are on Facebook, etc. and words would spread like wildfire (I know some other instructors/profs who did it....) Plus, my spelling goes to crap.

  13. I have to be very, very careful not to use the computer when drinking :) Many of my students are on Facebook, etc. and words would spread like wildfire (I know some other instructors/profs who did it....) Plus, my spelling goes to crap.

  14. fattie20xl - at least you had the mask on!

    MsPulp - yep. Don't let me near the credit card whilst drinking and netting.

    Ginger - we'll be looking forward to it!

    Lisha - I'm more likely to drunk IM people. LOL.

    kenju - I know we'll both survive it!

    Crazy Mo - sometimes my gatekeeper takes a vacation, too.

    Ron - Roses or Chardonnay?

    TGG- Thanks. I actually like being busy. It beats being bored.

    warren - I've actually never opened the webcam while drinking. I hope I never make that mistake!

    Elle - it's just a good solid warning for us all. :-)

    fattie20xl - it all counts, baby!

    Efen - I feel that way too. Sometimes, I fall short...

    The Girl - I try not to cruise outside of my regular haunts, so no viruses yet. But, I did insult my husband (totally indirectly and didn't mean too - impaired judgment. I thought it seemed funny at the time).

    Alex - It's like Big Brother out there! LOL.

  15. I need one of them figurines here on my desk. I write the stupidest e-mails when I've had a drink or two or ten.

  16. If she did have black hair, she would look like you. :) If you find yourself downtown sometime, bring her by and I'll paint her right quick. :)

    Shiraz has been my vino of choice as of late. Mmmm...

  17. I am very guilty of drunken blogging and emailing. Case in point: my update on Saturday night full of self-pity! I try not to do that too often though. But every once in awhile can't hurt!

  18. I love that figurine!
    She's perfect as she is: A kindred spirit of opposites (blond, e-mail, merlot vs. brunette, blog, and chardonnay). She's your photonegative twin. Even her wine is dark to your light.

    Have I told you lately that I love you? I do. The e's this morn were good for me. That, and oral surgery drugs make me ooze the lurve. *mwah*

  19. Wait! It's only Monday? Good drugs, mon. Lemme know when you wanna dentist. I'll drive and entertain the kids whilst stocking up the ice cream...that's what I'm eating now. Mmmm.

  20. I live for all things snarky and sarcastic but it is hard to get it across in a blog, isn't it? And I learned last week that cold meds and blogging don't mix either. Same terrible results.

  21. Oh man - how well I know. Even better are the drunk commentings, wherein all kinds of hijinks can take place!

  22. ETW- check your email. You will find a present from me ;)

  23. My honey-do list runneth over here.

    Things that were intended to be done when we moved in here, well... he still hasn't gotten round-to-it.

  24. wow, 25 comments! That's more than I get a year :-) I know you didn't talk about it in this post but to be honest, for me, I get put off when I see 25 people have already commented, even though I know you personally respond to nearly every comment which is heck of an achievement.

    Anyhoo, I hear the same things from my missus "Do you remember when you said you would paint that/build that/fix that and it's 3 years later?" :-p Poor Evil Twin! lol

  25. Momma - it's sage advice for those of us with the vino vice. ;-)

    Rebecca - I also love Shiraz (and Merlot), but the whole time I drink either of those, I imagine all the staining going on to my teeth! (Silly, I know).

    Trisha - mine is a common occurrence. I just try not to say anything super idiotic.

    BB - You know I love you too. And, I'm saying that when I'm only half way thru my first glass of wine, so you know I mean it! And, yes, 'tis Monday! LOL.

    Debbie - best to save the snark for sober times, I spose.

    Tiff - I really lay off commenting when I'm in my cups. I can be awful!

    T - Thank you! I loved it.

    Diva - Eventually, though. Right? Right??

    AC - The comments are my favorite part of blogging. I love all my commenters - you guys are a witty bunch!

  26. Oh, I have learned full well that texting and hard lemonade should never mix. Actually, texting and cold meds should never mix as well. Always make sure you are texting the right person as well.

  27. drinking and blogging can be hazardous to your health...didn't you hear that't the new surgeon generals warning? forget cigarettes and drugs...drinking and blogging is where it's at!

  28. The little statue is very interesting. Whether she be blond or brunette and merlot or chardonnay...the point has been made. Enjoy.

  29. Your comment on the nut sac lacking diamonds cracked me up. I'm even early sharing what TET's birthday present this year will be. Hint: It will not be fun for the whole family ;)

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  31. My comment burped. Sorry. I deletedd the second.

  32. Oh I want that statuette! Just switch Merlot for Chardonnay and that is definitely me ;o)