Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pitiful Me

Sorry about the whine fest yesterday. You all need to know that I write up my post the night prior and then schedule them to post at 6:00 am, which is before I even wake up.

Most times, I've had a glass of wine or two (or three) by the time I get around to writing. This can sometimes result in the "poor, pitiful me" type of ramble that was here before. Sorry 'bout that. It's just that I love my commenters - all of them and they are all so funny and insightful, I feel bereft if I don't hear from many people each day.

Don't take it that I don't love each and every one of you! Honestly, I'm just happy someone (or a few someones) read this thing when I decide to have verbal diarrhea.

On another note - back to the router. It seems to be just fine now. I was instructed to hit the "reset" button by the helpful cable internet provider lady I spoke to and it did help. Although, it also wiped out all my firewall settings.

Time to grab the booklet and go to the Evil Twin's computer for a bit. His computer is the "system administrator" thingy-ma-do, so I'll need to start there. I suppose?

Ah, good old troubleshooting. I'll be glad to take any tips, tricks or hints anyone might have as to my dilemma! :-)

I hope I'm able to figure it out, otherwise, Geeksquad will be getting a call from yours truly.

In other news, something in this room - the den (aka "living room" to non's the room with the main TV in it) smelled like farts last night. And, it was just me and the parakeet. I can tell you, with all honesty, I was not farting.

Could there have been fart fumes wafting up from the man den downstairs where the Evil Twin and Buddy spend Friday evenings watching old Three Stooges episodes? Or do birds fart?

I think I'll google that.

Just one more item to add to my "to do" list.


  1. When I was a DJ in college, if one of the pieces of equipment was giving me trouble, I would give it a few good smacks. The engineers didn't appreciate that, but sometimes it made the equipment work...and it *always* made me feel better. :) Best of luck w/ yo' router issues.

  2. Oh no, A disgusting fart can whaft it's way through the house, trust me. Your so funny, I loved your whine fest it was awesome. All I could think of was "Firewall settings down, ETW on the case !"

  3. I would be worrying about the parakeets flatulence problems!!!

  4. Have you been feeding the parakeet chili or white castles? If not I blame the ET and Owen, I'll leave Sissy out of the equation because we all know females don't fart.

  5. LOL....our old parakeets didn't far, that I know of. I'd peg the ET for that.

  6. I'd say the heating system was dispersing smells up from the man cave. Or, the men den.

    My house has had a strange unidentifiable smell ever since the power was out recently. I have cleaned, thrown out the food... then I realized that we have a deep freezer in our den that we never use, but I'm pretty sure it has some old food in it we've been meaning to clean out.
    Yuck. I know.

  7. Gigi - I tried smacking it and I did feel better, but it didn't fix the problem. Rats.

    The Girl - Considering how many beans and mexican food has been consumed around here, I'm thinking it was definitely wafting up from downstairs (the guys!). LOL.

    themom - but he was so quiet over there! :-)

    Ron - I guess we can rule him out - he only eats seeds. Men!

    Kenju - With two guys here, unusual odors aren't too much of a mystery. LOL.

    Mary - I don't envy you having to clean that out. PU.

  8. Surf Reporter GregFebruary 7, 2009 at 1:50 PM

    Whenever I told my dad I smelled a fart, he say, "That's just your breath blowin' back in yer face." My dad always had a way with words. LOL !! Yea, hitting reset button makes the router so dumb it doesn't even know it's a router. If you continue to have problems, let us know.

  9. If something in my house smells and I know it is not from me, I instantly blame Wally or the dog. It is almost always one of them.

    I should know that answer to the parakeet question, seeing as I have a Zoology degree. But I got it 5 years ago and cannot be trusted to remember anything for that long! Damn alcohol!

  10. Parakeets probably don't fart, but they can be taught to burp. Assign that task to your son, he'll love it. As for the router, is it one supplied by Verizon? If so, it's not much wonder that it has trouble reaching all the way upstairs, those things suck. Also, if you have a portable telephone with a 900 Mhz signal or 2.2 Ghz, when you're setting the router settings, set it to broadcast on channel 11. That will also prevent interference on the phone.
    Take care,

  11. uhm... don't set it to channel 1, 6, 9 or 11. that. is. bad.

    everyone seems to use those channels... although... if you live in the suburbs or a semi rural area you'll be ok with that. so ignore me (like my girlfriend does)....

    maybe some woodland critter died in your floorboards? that happened to me. it stunk like pure jockstrap

  12. The southeners call it a den-
    non-southeners call it a living room-
    In CT. we call it a family room
    Here in New York we call it 2/3 of our living space.

  13. Oh, sweetie pie, we all have those days. You should be so proud of yourself that you write a blog every could be worse. You could suck like me and leave the same stupid one up all week.
    AND modems blow. Mine does this stuff all the time. I usually blame it on the amigos for touching the antennaes.
    Which they never do. Bad mama!

  14. Hum, I've never had such problems.

  15. please tell me you really did google birds farting... I am dying to know what that brings up ;)

  16. Surfer: Great comment...
    LoL funny shit!!!

  17. Hilarious, I so related to you that I think I am your evil twin!

    HOWEVER - I do not fart on Fridays. Day or night!

    Lovely to meet you, SIS! xx

    P.S Do you mind if i follow along?

  18. Sorry to hear about your router. I am router-ed out myself, so to speak but that's a long boring story. Mine is being an ass and blocks me from any address beginning with a number. A hard reset will completely wipe your settings but you should be able to do a soft reset everytime that it stops working.

    I've read lots of comments about people having routers for 2 or 3 years and then they just die completely so I wonder if the technology isn't supposed to last very long.

    I'm a British Southerner and call it the "Living room" or "Front Room". The den sounds secretive and cozy though!

  19. Sounds like someone farted in your general direction.

  20. House smells are weird. We turned ont he AC the other day, and the whole house smelled like yeast and mildew... Noticed it again yesterday when I walked in the door. Not any better than farts tho...

  21. My router shit the bed too....apparently, not unlike your parakeet.

  22. Greg - I haven't even been able to locate the manual so far... This may need professional intervention.

    Loni - I was probably just imagining it!

    Trisha - my littlest wears diapers, so she's a likely culprit, but this was after her bedtime, so I had to suspect the guys. LOL.

    FMD - no, it's a Linksys router that we bought. Thanks for the tips.

    fattie20xl - Well, I don't smell it anymore, so it was either coming from downstairs or a figment of my imagination. LOL.

    Lorrie - LOL. But, you live in THE city. How cool is that?

    MsPulp - I'm easily confused. LOL.

    BBC - you're lucky, then.

    LoveLladro - not yet, but it's on my list.... :-)

    Suzie - I know. My commenters are SO funny!

    Natalie - welcome to the madhouse! Nice to meet ya. :-)

    AC - I wonder if there's an "I hate routers" group on Facebook? LOL.

    Ginger - seems to be the story of my life... :-)

    Momma - that first AC use usually brings up odd smells here too.

  23. Elle - The more I think on it, I probably just need to clean his cage. It's looking pretty gross in there! LOL.

  24. Router is almost a foreign word to me...I am on the router I do know issues, I whine too. If I whine loudly enough, Steve fixes it. Comments: If I get 10 comments I'm excited. I haven't done the follower thingy. It seems confusing to me and I need less confusion at my age. There are times I read your blog and don't comment. If there are a lot of comments it takes forever to load the box....I blame that on the router. I have also stopped checking my stat counter so much.... can be depressing but then I have to realize that not a lot of folks find me interesting.

  25. I totally understand the frustration with computer problems, except, it wasn't the computer it was just not having service. Yep, I get that. Except now I have service!

  26. See! There you go! that's what I say on mine if I get a new follower! Lol.

  27. I don't see why birds wouldn't pass gas, too...