Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tell Me About Your Bag?

I have a new follower, Red from Ktown, and she had this cute little meme on her site a few days ago.

She had picked it up from another blogger and the rules state:
In reference to [the]'s not fair if you take a purse that is fun, your fave, or something with more character than you happen to be using this minute. The rule has to be one that you carried with you today.

I'm not much of a purse changer. I carry this one everyday and have for about 2 and a half years. Stop judging! It's big, it holds all my crap and it's cute. I get loads of remarks on how "cute" it is.

It's a bag made from fabric. It was made by a local business, which has since closed their doors. The company was called Bella Bags, and they made one of a kind, custom purses - you could choose your fabric, style, trim, etc. This one was a limited edition "Mother's Day" purse. There were only 50 made and I made sure I snatched one up. I love it. The colors are funky and fun. It's roomy as all get-out (3 inside pockets, 3 outside pockets). It's easy to carry, too!

As you know the HO™ and mom of two needs to tote a bunch of shit around daily. This purse makes it easy - I can shove everything I need in here and let that be it, instead of carrying multiple totes.

What's in that bitch, you ask? Good question. Here ya go:

Want a closer look? Let's examine further:

Okay, it's the necessities, right?

We have some Wet Ones wipes, travel tissues, the Pooh thing is the travel nap, some gum. Below the tissues is my blue coupon organizer and next to that, my rosary. Above that is a full pack of teeny Post-It notes. Then, we have a dirty bib (going in the laundry right away). The white box above the bib is a tiny first aid kit. Above that is a paint color sample from Sherwin-Williams (the color of our front door). Moving right, there's a Bare Minerals powder pouch, and a Key to my Heart cleaning cloth (my dangles are in the shop for repairs). Below that are my keys and my Kroger card and mini Swiss Army Knife. A bottle of cuticle oil. There's a box of crayons, my change purse with my Marshall University ID holder peeking out. The grey round thing is a roll of undeveloped film from my parents' house (I can't bring myself to drop it off*). The little blue box has tampons (TMI, but I'm being honest here). I have mine and Sissy's sunglasses, my cell phone, some hand lotion, check book (rarely used) and in and around the green Clinique bag is make-up - also IN the bag, but not shown, is a cork screw (for wine emergencies), a tape measure and Immodium AD.

Yes, I AM a traveling Boy Scout. Got a prob with that? Who will be your best bud when you buy wine and don't have a corkscrew? Who will help your sorry ass out when you have the squirts the next day and YOU have carelessly left home without Anti-Diarrhea medicine?

That would be me, babies. ME!

What if you end up in a one night stand and want to measure Mr. Studly's johnson? I'm here to help! I have a tape measure.

Sheesh. What would you all do without me?

* My dad died in 2004 and my mom died 14 months later in 2005. I really don't know if I want to see what those last pictures were. I'm sure it is family stuff.

PPS. The only item NOT pictured above that is in my purse daily is my Canon A590 Powershot camera. I know, I could have taken the pics with my Canon dSLR, but chose the easy route, so the A590 is not pictured. Google it if you're curious.

PPPS. Al, Happy Birthday, dude. I took this shot just for you!


  1. and there they are again !!
    wonderful !!
    thanks for the mammeries !!

    Lisa xx

  2. Did you just call me an old bag????
    Why are you trying to make me feel as though my tata's aren't as nice as your's? I think that's kind of mean :)
    Okay, it's soon as I get into my new house next week I'm challenging you to a cook-off lady. You choose the item....appetizer, entree, dessert, whatever.
    I'm sooooo serious. Now don't be scared lil lady. My the best tata's, I mean woman win :)....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. I did this on flickr last year.

    My current bag is not as cute!

  4. I wish I could make my purses last so long! Mine get maybe 6 months tops before they start falling apart. And yes I buy decent purses, so it is a bit strange. Some people are hard on shoes I guess I am hard on purses.

  5. It is amazing how much you can learn from a person from the contents of her purse :) lol And the Dollies are fabulous!! :)

  6. You have the typical Mom purse. But I didnt' see any band-aids. I carry some weird crap in mine to. When I was at my niece's new house, she didn't have batteries in her smoke alarms, I whipped two 9 volts out of the bottom of my bag and hooked her up. I heard her roommate say "Why does your Aunt carry batteries in her pocket book?" He ! He!

  7. my birthday's march 7th... i would like to see them hidden behind cinnamon buns.... just sayin...

    dosnt a swiss army knife have a built in corkscrew? mine does. .... 'cause... you know...

    wine emergencies... are common. except the only wine i drink comes in jugs with thumb handles and screw off tops so i don't have that. but other people do...

  8. I love it - Fun post! It's amazing what Moms carry around, isn't it?

  9. Lisa - "They" make frequent appearances.

    Reggie - LOL.

    Blair - That is so neat!

    Alex - I usually don't get so much wear, but this one is hardy!

    Lisha - I was shocked at all the junk I had!

    The Girl - The band-aids are in the mini First Aid kit (the little white box). No batteries, though.

    fattie20xl - Cinnamon buns are too small to completely mask them. LOL. And my Swiss Army knife is just a tiny one - no corkscrew. I drink Boxwine, so....

    Momma - What's amazing is that I don't have back problems from lugging that junk around! :-)

  10. Love the stuff. I totally want you to be my mom with all of the great emergency boy scout stuff! You got very detailed, and I wish I would've been more detailed now.

    Great job! (Thanks for the kudos too).

    As for the film. DEVELOP it. You will be sorry in the long run if you don't and it gets ruined (film can be damaged with heat & cold). Do it. My daddy is nearly 82 and we just did a great video of him telling his life story. I'm so glad I did, because you never know, right?

    Get it developed. Do it.

  11. Forgot to tell you, VERY cute bag too. Love the brown & aqua.

  12. Mine looks like elbow skin.

    Oh, wait, you were talking about purses...

  13. Happy birthday AL! And thanks to your mother for giving birth today so this post could be made!

  14. I like the bag and the meme! :) I might have to do this one some time. I have my really fashiony purple crocodile bag today. But, once again, even without kids, I still have the Mom-bag. I carry a lot of that kind of stuff including the wipes. Although, I don't need the bib as much as I used to. ;)

  15. I also carry 'Wet-Ones'...very handy with the toddlers.

  16. People always rag on me for the weird stuff that is in my purse, but who do ya think they come to if they need nail clippers? ME!

    It makes me feel smug.

    I love your purse,too! I am currently debating on whether or not to get the "cow purse" in pink. And? Nice boobage.

  17. Erm. My bag is a BACKPACK. In it are my computer, a calendar, a note pad, two old mints, my purse (which holds only my wallet and checkbook), some CDs, and my work ID.

    I'd be screwed if a wine emergency popped up.

  18. What a great meme! I may have to do that. But I don't carry a purse. In fact, I usually only carry a wallet. But when I go to and from work, I have a knapsack. And there's a crapload of stuff in that suckah!

  19. My purse is very boring. Wallet, keys, cell phone, pens, chapstick. That's it. You can tell I am not a mommy.

  20. LOVE your purse you carry! And, I love that top that your boobs are looking good in. Do you have breast implants? If not, you need to be thanking the Lord everyday for them! They look great!!!!!

    HUGS - Tiff

  21. Hmmmmmm..... I'm thinking that nobody want a picture of the bag I tote around daily.

  22. You carry a corkscrew for wine emergencies? I think I *heart* you ;o)
    I actually have a cork screw in my office desk drawer for emergencies too!

  23. I would dare not show what's in my bag! Then other folks would know what that tiny buzzing sound is, nevermind.

    Your mounds as always are luscious. Ever thought of having anonymous guest mounds? Mine aren't really mounds. They more like twin mudslides just above the dump.

  24. Red - yeah, I dig the colors on the handbag too. And, I promise I will drop that roll of film off. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Chris - is it smooth like that too?

    Warren - You are too funny.

    Honeywine - perhaps we took the Boy Scout oath to heart too much?

    Gigi - I've got that pack, but I also have tons more in the van. LOL.

    Jenny H - besides, we could totally win a prize on "Price is Right"!

    Tiff - not with me by your side. Of course, you could always buy twist off or hit the cork so hard it goes *into* the bottle....

    CrazyMo - knapsack, purse, handbag... do whatever!

    Trisha - sometimes it's nice to travel light. Someday, I won't have to carry so much...

    Tiff - that is actually a sundress from Old Navy. I wear it as a swimsuit cover up. And, my boobs are not store bought, they are all mine! I just buy really good bras!

    Ron - oh, be a sport! LOL.

    Penelope - birds of a feather...:-)

    BB - ROFL! If anyone wants to send me guest mounds, I could post them. That way it could be an anonytit show off!

  25. ETW,
    Love the tiny little pink sunglasses !

    And yeah, should I find myself injured, in need of a cosmetic over-haul, desperate to carve my initials in a tree, or, worst of all, sober because I can't open my Gevurtztraminer, I will be looking for you in the crowd!

    Nice rack : )

  26. Hmmm...uh..not 'appropriate' for your site ;) (I'm w/ Ron ;)

  27. Let me guess, your cameraman friend had a secret identity at a second job?

    Your purse looks fun. I'm gonna start carrying crayons.

    I have a bag I keep in the car and by my bed at night.

    PokeyPants ridicules me and calls it my Man Bag, and I correct her and say it's a "Bag of Manliness."

    She never picks on me when she needs some Excedrin. I won't give it to her if until she adresses the bag with respect and calls it by its given Christian name.

  28. I rarely carry a purse and my wallet is too bulging. I need to do something about that.

    What's with all the cleavage shots? There are so many that it's getting a little weird. :-)

  29. I love your purse too!
    I will post mine later if I get a chance.

  30. Cute purse...I can so relate to almost all the stuff you carry!

  31. BTW - we have the same cool camera!! :)

  32. I'm actually carrying my really cute orange purse right now - I can post a pic of it, but sadly, I can't find my camera downloading doohickey right now, so this meme is shot for me until I get serious about cleaning crap off my couch where I think it might be under a serious amount of yarn and knitting paraphernalia.

  33. Whoa! That bag does hold a lot! I would die of shame if I posted my sad purse of the moment. SIX years old. No joke.

  34. I like the top caressing those mammaries!

  35. ETW,

    Thanks for personalized photo! I knew you would keep your word.

    Keep up the good work! I can't wait until next year.

  36. Powdergirl - I got your back!

    Efen - Whose site are you on? I'm as inappropriate as it gets.

    Roth - at least it's not a fanny pack! ;-)

    3C - it's an inside joke and a long story. I'll email you. ;-)

    Loni - I'll be looking for it!

    TGG - I love that camera. I spent $$$$ on my digital SLR and actually prefer the convenience of my little Canon over my big Canon.

    Kathleen - when you find it, I really want to see your cute handbag! I love orange.

    Mary - how about just the contents? That would be mighty interesting!

    Kenju - that is a sundress from Old Navy. I wear it to the pool as a cover up.

    Al - Happy Birthday! And you're welcome. Hee hee.

  37. Ah, I remember the days of carrying my kids' stuff in my purse. I don't have to do that much anymore, thank goodness. I use Bare Minerals, too, and I lurve it.

  38. Sheesh, I'm way behind...don't even know if you'll see this, BUT love that bag - too cute!
    And a tape measure for measuring a Johnson - LOL. love it!!
    Cute top, too BTW...looks like you and I share the same affection for browns with retro patterns, hence the bag AND the shirt :-)