Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Technical Error

I am having a really hard time this morning. First off, I just sat here and stared at the screen last night, willing myself to write something. I was blank.

I had spent the day out shopping - Kohl's and then the Mart of Wal for groceries. Nothing extra interesting happened.

I spend at least two hours a day (not all at the same time, but broken up) reading and commenting on blogs I enjoy. I was and am frustrated beyond belief. The blogs that utilize the word verification thing that pops up after the "send comment" button is pressed, just say "Loading..." and then there is no word verification word to come up. Sooooo, if you have your blog set like that, I (and everyone else) can not leave a comment.

I have my blog set for no word verification and anonymous comments accepted because I feel that makes it easier for someone to leave a comment. Even if they don't have a Blogger or Wordpress or whatever account.

I've only had maybe three incidences of spam in the 2 years or so that I've been here and it's easy to just go in and delete those.

Anyway, if you have your blog set up that way and you haven't had any comments since early yesterday, you might want to rethink your settings.

I'll try to get back to comment later on. Truly, I will! It's just hard, especially during the day when I have Sissy here at home.

Hasta la pasta! (I stole that from my friend J in Dallas). :-)


  1. I set mine up the same way because I don't want to make commenting a pain in the butt. I mean it's not like I get a boatload anyway, I don't want to scare them off. By the way have you picked anything you're giving up for lent?

  2. I'm going to fix mine now. I just always left it at whatever the preset was.

  3. thanks to a fellow blogger, I just deleted the word verification. The first thing I received...spam. But I know how to delete - so no problem there.

    I have given you an award - so scoot over and check it out.

  4. Do a lot of people call it the Mart of Wal? I thought it was just me.

    Actually, it's usually the Mart of Walitude.

  5. Sorry...unable to respond at this time

    Que Queso?


  6. I don't think mine needs anything but the name and email, and so far I've not had any problems. I hate those word verification things if you're in a hurry (like now...I haven't even signed into Wordpress yet today but I wanted to get a jump on things). I really really hate the Blogger ones that ONLY accept a Blogger ID. I set one up a long time ago but I never remember it. So, I've not read some blogs just because of that.

  7. I took my word verification off a couple weeks ago after reading two posts where people were complaining about it (not mine specifically, but on blogs in general). I had actually received a spam comment or two in spite of the word verification anyway.

  8. Mine doesn't have that...so come on over baby!

  9. i hate word verification and was so surprised that so many people use it- it is frustrating as all hell not being able to leave comments !
    Lisa xx

  10. My word verification does it too! Off to remove it!!

  11. Ron - I'm thinking about giving up bread for Lent. I have 8.5 lbs to lose.

    BB - It didn't happen on yours, only the ones where the word verification "pops up" after hitting the send button... Weird.

    themom - You must be popular to rec. spam first thing! Thanks for the award. :-)

    NCP - Well, I call it that. And I also say "the Mart of K" too. Sometimes I say "K to the Rogers" when I'm feeling extra witty.

    K - LOL.

    Honeywine - it's not happening on the wordpress blogs.

    3C - A spam comment got thru the word verification?

    Ginger - You know I'll be by soon!

    Lisa - I know. Enabling comment moderation is so much easier than word verification.

    Jen - I'll come around to comment later!

  12. I have some blog friends who use veri's. They don't bother me as much as those who don't want me to put them on my blogroll for various reasons. I have to go to my bookmarks to access them, then use a special password to get into their blogs. While I respect their right to privacy, their subjects are no different than yours, mine, and all others that display openly so I don't see the point frankly. Plus they change their p/w and ID's every 6-months for god knows why. Witness protection program perhaps? LOL!

  13. I totally agree! That is all ;o)

  14. Also in agreement, it totally sucks when you've composed a witty or heart felt comment, then you find you can't post it.
    Thanks for popping by my little spot : )

  15. I get tons of spam for some reason, but it lets me know my friends in China and Russia are alive and well...I, too, just delete them, no problem!

  16. Spam is delicious.

    I wouldn't mind the verification, but I sometimes have trouble reading it.


  17. I have had that same problem with WF today. I wish everyone would do away with it. I'm like you - never had it and never needed it.

  18. I'm also usually thinking about a blogging subject. But your blog is always interesting!!

  19. I noticed that word verification error yesterday too. I don't like having to use that, but I get an unusual amount of spam on Blogger. Everyone else I talk to says theyrarely get any at all.

    I've been thinking about removing it again and seeing how it goes. I don't like making it harder to comment, as my own blog time is limited and I know that adds time to others' precious blog-reading time.

  20. I had problems yesterday commenting too. Trisha's blog gave me a hard time. I don't have the word verification and have never received any spam.

  21. Good tip. I'm fairly new to blogger, so any tips are good ones. I hate those Captcha's or word verifications.

  22. I'm with you....I basically don't care what comment anyone leaves...probably because I care so little what (except my blog friends) anyone thinks ;)

  23. One word: Haloscan.

    (when it works, it's grand)

  24. I just took out word verification crap too!

  25. Yay! I was pulling my hair out yesterday, not being able to comment.

  26. I deleted my word verification as well.

    I find that for every day I draw a 'blank' on writing, I have a day when I get so many ideas I can't keep track of them all!

  27. no WV on mine but all of my posts went poof for most of today...pissed me off.

  28. At least you don't just disappear for weeks at a time when you don't have anything you think is interesting. *ahem*

  29. Carolyn - It's a wonder those people have readers at all!

    Penelope - I don't mind the word ver. But somehow some of them were all messed up on Blogger yesterday and this AM.

    powdergirl - that's *exactly* why it was so frustrating to me!

    Warren - now that you mention it, I did get something in Chinese characters...it was funny, so I left it there. I certainly didn't understand it! LOL

    Trisha - yep, yours was messed up too, but I'll be around for comments in a bit.

    K(arla) - I have trouble reading them sometimes too!

    Debbie - it was extra frustrating that it wasn't working properly!

    Momma - you're sweet. Thanks - I try, but I know I miss the mark on MANY occasions.

    Mary - you could try enabling comment modification (you'd have to approve all comments before they're posted).

    The Girl - That was a hard one. I wanted to comment soooo bad.

    Red - as long as you have your comments emailed to an account you check frequently, you can stay on top of things and delete anything "spam" right off the bat.

    Efen - I have only deleted really crazy long spam comments. Other than that, everything stands.

    Tiff - I've looked into it. Too much of a nervous bert to change!

    TGG - Just know where your settings are to delete spam and such. :-)

    Natalie - Me too! It seems fixed now!

    Vevay - I think of a hundred topics during the day, but by the evening (when I have free time), my brain is so tired, sometimes I can't come up with ANYTHING.

    Rosemary - Join the frustration club!

    Elle - That's next! LOL.

  30. The word verification comments annoy me too - but since I don't read nearly the amount of blogs you do (or the amount of followers) I deal.

  31. I have noticed that too... my remedy is to type "loading" or some other nonsense in and submit the comment. it refreshes with an actual captcha that I can enter ;) I don't know if it will work for you but I thought I would share! oh and I like the captcha because if it's not there I get spammed immediately... I can't handle the disappointment of a fake comment ;)