Monday, February 2, 2009

My Sweet Girl

Today is her actual birthday. She has been with us for three years! She's our little groundhog babee. :-)

The day she was born:

Here she is with mom... I just had a c-section, so I'm looking a little puny - but deep down, I was just so thrilled!

We had her little "party" on Saturday. She had said something the day before about a party "with balloons". We hadn't planned on balloons, but the Evil Twin went and got a boquet of the helium filled ones at Kroger. You should have seen her eyes when she saw that bunch of balloons. It was like if a grown up had won the lottery! She was beside herself. Too funny.

She had a couple of gifts from other relatives, which she opened and loved. Her final gift was from us. It was a Suds N Surprise Dora. This thing:

It's sort of like the big Barbie head toy. She had seen the commercial for this about a week before her birthday and got it stuck in her mind that she had to HAVE this toy.

Dutiful mom that I am, I googled it. Apparently, this thing is so hard to find - I got one of the last 4 on some website - I paid about $35 for it. Amazon has it now for nearly $100! (I should have bought 2 at the $35 price! LOL).

Anyway, it's pretty lame. With hot or cold water, the child can create different patterns on Dora's face and swimsuit. She also has stripes in her hair that can be changed with water.

The most fun feature is that it came with two hair clips with "hair extension" pieces on barettes. I had fun wearing the blue stripe hair extension around the house on Sunday.

This toy was a huge hit for her and she really loves it.

Now, I just need to get to the business of thank you notes. Since both kids get gifts from the same relatives and their birthdays are so close together, I usually just send one card after Sissy's birthday. But, I write Sissy's side and then make Buddy write his Thank You on the other side.

It's just easier for me that way. Plus, the cheapskate in me enjoys saving a couple of extra stamps! LOL.

Feliz Cumpleanos, nina. Te amo.


  1. Happy birthday Sissy....BTW, I have never seen anyone look so good after giving birth.

  2. I agree with the The Girl on this one it looks like you just woke up from a nap. I generally look more stressed than that after taking a big dump :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Frodo's 3rd is only one month away!

  4. Great baby pic...and cool on the balloons! They are always worth the money spent!

  5. Happy birthday to your little one! Absolutely adorable baby pictures! And you look great for just having a baby c-section!!

    Oh and the Dora is something my daugther wants as well!! Very fun!

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  7. The Girl - Thanks - but it was a c-section... pretty easy! LOL.

    Sabrae - I know! I love the chubby new baby look!

    Ron - LOL.

    Gigi - she was (and still is) so cute! Thanks!

    JA - Awesome! You'll love the age of 3.

    Warren - It was definitely worth the money on the balloons!

    Lisha - start looking for it right away if her birthday is coming up soon. :-)

    Momma - Thanks - I can't believe three years have gone by already.

  8. What a beauty she was! So plump! Happy Birthday, Sissy!

  9. Happy Birthday, Sissy!!!

    And, they're right..pretty freakin 'HOT', especially after just having a baby! :)

  10. You'd just had a c-section, and yet your hair and skin looks fabulous!

    Happy birthday, Sissy-Doll.

  11. I would have wanted that Dora Head. I loved those things as a girl. You look FAB after giving birth. Good grief! I've never seen anyone look so great!

    I hate doing Thank You notes. Good luck with that!

  12. Our Sugarbear was a baloon girl too! Oh, the fun. Would it be okay if I sent Sissy one of those helium walker balloons? I love those things. E-mail the street address if that's o!ay. Besides, you have a cheer-me-up in your e-mail.

    Happy Birthday to the Beauty Girl.

  13. She is the sweetest girl...I've never seen her with anything but that adorable smile :) (Oh, I know, you SAY she can be a terror...LOL.)

    Happy Birthday to Sissy...she's a lucky girl!

  14. Happy Birthday Sissy!!

    Don't you love when you give into buying the pricey cheesy gifts, but then it's SO worth it because they just love it?

  15. Awww... Sissy was such a cute baby!!! Happy birthday!!!!

  16. kenju - she did look pudgy. :-)

    TGG - Thanks!

    Efen - thanks. ::blushing::

    Ginger - I was able to do my hair and make up that morning (it was a scheduled c).

    A. - I wanted the big Barbie head as a kid, but never got it. Mom said it would be too messy (with the makeup). I have issues now. LOL.

    BB - thanks & I enjoyed the email!

    Elle - thanks - I think I'm a lucky mommy. :-)

    Dave - thanks!

    Vinomom - Oh yeah! It wasn't even worth $35 (to me), but it's priceless to her.

    Alex - she was such a cutie. Thanks!

  17. Happy groundhog day!

    Oh, and birthday too.

    Good reason to celebrate!

  18. I love how something small like balloons make a child light up! glad you guys had a good day and that sissy birthday wish came true!

  19. Man - after my c-section with Thing 2, there's no way I could have dreamed of looking as good as you did. Could be partly due to having my head in a puke bucket for 3 hours due to the morphine, but hey. :)

    Congrats to all of you on Sissy's b-day!

  20. Okay, I'm way behind on reading/commenting and don't even know if you'll see this but: Little Miss Chatterbox is clamoring for the exact same toy. her is in three weeks! I know, big surprise.
    I guess there's no chance I'll find it. Bettter start looking for the alternatives!