Monday, February 23, 2009

The Travelin' Corkscrew

Okay, I had planned to do this earlier, but I got sidetracked by a new 2009 Disney World guide book and that's why I never did reply to any comments on Friday, either. I've been in my "happy place" planning our upcoming vacation. But, I appreciate the response - even if Sissy decided that she was really more all about diapers the very next day of her many successful potty trips.

Like I said, I know this will be a up and down journey of sorts. We have an 11 year old... We've been down this most intrepid path once before.

Now! The feature! The corkscrew! Lots of people who work in the restaurant industry carry similar corkscrews. I got mine from a person who for now, we'll just say is someone I know.

It looks like one piece, right?

But, it's not:

And the two pieces fit together, like this:

There ya go. It's a regular corkscrew.

And, I carry it because one time, I was put in a wine emergency situation.

It's not as good as my home corkscrew:

Lucky me! I purchase wine by the BOX. It's much cheaper. And tastes pretty okay. Yeah.


  1. Wow - I never saw such a thing.. I want one though, of each!!!

    Lucky I don't drink.......

    Well not since guzzling came in anyway!

  3. yes, i could see the advantages of a carry all corkscreww

  4. I think that you and I should get together for a bottle of Old 47 Pund Rooster and you can show me how these babie's work.
    I'm not allowed to use them at home.
    Actually, I'm not allowed to use any "tools" of any kind. Something about an electric knife never forget anything, you know???......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. Hey, I have one of those! I always have a hard time getting it centered before screwing it in, and even if I do think it's centered, by the time I start to wind it down into the cork, it still ends up off centered. TMI this early in the mornin'...
    Like your other corkscrew, tho, I need one of those babies!!

  6. I like the ones that grab the cork from the sides and don't actually go into the cork, hence damaging it...

  7. You're kind of like a wicked girl scout that way....loves it!

    I am in the process of making my schedule for the next few weeks...I'll call you soon!

  8. I saw immediately how the travel version worked. But the home version ... that looks like some sort of torture device! Are you opening wine bottles with that or maiming them??

  9. hmm....a nice glass of wine. :) I could use one of those and yes at 8:48 in the morning. :)

  10. How well do those things work on 2 liters? And do you have a girlscout merit badge for wine drinking preparedness?

  11. my mom had that same yellowish creme coloured bottle opener. it's THE standard...

    it dosn't help me when i'm drinking alleged merlot (blackberry!) outta a gallon jug, with a thumb handle... while hanging out behind a local minorleage baseball stadium...

    ahhhh... saturday mornings...

  12. So that's how you work that. I had that same contraption in my junk drawer and threw it out because I couldn't figure it out. Duh !

  13. Jen - befriend a restaurant/bar person for the first one. Second one I bought at Kohl's (a store we have here in the US).

    Natalie - LOL!

    Lisa - It has come in handy before!

    Reggie - I have to have the Evil Twin use the top one. I don't have the strength to pull the cork out, but the home one is easy-peasy!

    MsPulp - that is a disadvantage of that type. The 2nd one is so easy a monkey could properly remove a cork (available at Kohl's).

    JA - I haven't seen those yet. And, I know I'm missing out!

    Elle - who wants to get stuck camping in the woods with no bottles of smashed grapes for fortitude? Not I.

    Crazy Mo - that home one is the BOMB. It's so easy to use! I love it.

    Lisha - if you had a box in your fridge (as I do), you could help yourself any old time! ;-)

    Ron - there should be a badge. Some girl tried to get her Cadette badge by "showing skills using a melon baller". Sha, right.

    fattie20xl - Not much help for a screw top, I suppose... LOL.

    The Girl - I had to have the person who gave it to me explain how it was used... Tricky, but handy! Next time, you won't throw it out, you'll throw it in your purse! ;-)

  14. Very nice! I need to find a corkscrew to put in my bag...since I already feel like I carry around the kitchen sink,anyway ;)

  15. I once got 2 of those first types in a hotel room. They were included in the "give-aways".

    That second one looks lethal...LOL

  16. I had a "wine key" when I waitressed. It was different. I've always been kind of "wine bottle opening impaired", though.

  17. Hey, you never know when you might need one. I've seen those before and they're nice because they're SMALL, unlike that other medi-evil contraption you have for your emergencies. I think I'd stick with the small one if I were you. Gets the job done in less space!!

  18. Schweeeeet! But I'm more interested in your pretty red couch...

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  20. That is cool. My husband still likes to use his, from like, a million years ago, when he waited tables, he swears it's better. I am okay with that. The pot roast was AWESOME. You rule. My family loved it. We are having the leftovers tonight!

  21. Neat!

    I have one of those "winged" corkscrews, and I like it OK, but it takes up a lot of room in my kitchen gadget drawer.

  22. I have one of each of those. Just like you: the first is handy and portable, and the second one opens a bottle in 2 or 3 seconds. The lever model and a foil cutter occupy a prominent place atop my 36 bottle wine cooler, but like you, when there are no guests, Franzia reigns supreme!

  23. Hmmm,a traveling corkscrew - what a great idea!!!

  24. I've got about 10 cork-screws and can proudly state that I know how to operate them all.

    Hear me roar, with a drunken slur..

    Have good day, ETW.

  25. I have had to use one of those in a pinch and they are a bitch! I have a nice 2 step from the bartending days and it travels with me. We had one of the lower ones behind the bar and I loved it until the fat bastard i worked with broke it. I always said, "Spinner is the reason why we can't have nice things." He was such a prick. Oh, and I am a fellow box wine drinker, cheers!

  26. I think that home cork screw looks a little...dirty. I love it!

    Anyhow, glad you are prepared!

  27. I've seen those before... actually, I think my Mom has one! And, I think we need more of an explanation on how the home contraption works.. looks more like some weird sex toy if you ask me... that would HURT really bad! :)

    Hugs - Tiff

  28. Your home cork screw looks very space age! I love the line about "this one time when I had a wine emergency!" You are a women after my own heart ;o)

  29. TGG - My goal is to get on "Price is Right" and totally win big! (do they even play that game anymore?).

    kenju - It looks scary, but it's such a breeze to use. Even I can get a cork out, clean!

    3C - Probably not impaired - some of those things can be tricky to figure out!

    Red - I only carry the small one in my purse. If I have a bottle at home, I use the large black one. It can remove a cork in no time flat! And sometimes, I am VERY thirsty!

    Ginger - We have the matching loveseat too. They were pretty when we first got the, you know how it is with kids...

    Gigi - if he's opening the bottle, he can use whatever he likes! Glad you liked the roast. I think I found it in the Hallmark magazine or something like that.

    Rebecca - mine isn't really a space hog, if I turn it a certain way, it fits perfectly in the drawer.

    SR Greg - LOVE the foil cutter and that handy black corkscrew... and Franzia, of course. I used to be a Peter Vella fan, but can't find much around here anymore.

    Momma - you just never know...

    powdergirl - You tha woman! I can't tell you how many corks I've destroyed with "other" corkscrews. Never had a prob with that black monstrosity.

    Trisha - You're right, those small ones are a bitch. I need the Evil Twin around for wine emergencies, so he can operate that one. And, I broke one similar to my home model too - I noticed the "teeth" were plastic, so I bought an all metal one 2nd time around.

    Warren - laugh all you want, but that thing is AWESOME when it comes to opening a bottle of wine.

    Tiff - It's actually very easy to operate. Perhaps this will be a video learning moment on a different post?

    Penelope - Word to your liver, sistah!

  30. Sometimes the little cardboard circle gets stuck to the box of wine and then has to be dug out with a corkscrew. They are handy little devils to have around!

  31. I carry a wine key most days, or I at least have one in my car!

  32. You should be a lobbyist for the corkscrew industry. I want that and I know I don't need it.

  33. That wine key is a beautiful thing. I could NOT be more jealous.

    I am v. interested in trying the boxed wine. I have heard of several brands that are supposed to be quite tasty. As I am moving this weekend I will be able to test them and report back!