Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Had to Pay For It

Getting the router re-established, that is. I broke down yesterday morning and called a local company to ask about "house calls". He said they did, I explained my sitch and he said, "I can be there by 1 pm."

I was just hoping for something by Wednesday, so I was extra pleased. It meant I had to scrabble my schedule around and not do my usual Monday shopping, but I think I can hold off until Wednesday this week anyway.

Today, the Evil Twin and I have a meeting scheduled to talk to the school principal, the priest and if she can arrange it, Buddy's teacher. See, they all seem to think that because Buddy is a shy child and not involved with sports or extracurricular activities that this must mean that Buddy does not behave in socially appropriate ways.

It is such a long, drawn out and convoluted story that I am not going to rehash it here. Suffice to say that we believe they are making a mountain out of a molehill, but in a good faith effort, we have agreed to meet with them and discuss the situation.

Mainly, on our part, it's an attempt to let them see that we DO care about him and his welfare, we take the situations seriously and we are working (at home, with our own tools) to make things better.

Frankly, I think he's just emotionally immature for his age, but he's a boy and sometimes, these things take time. It doesn't mean we will ignore this and let him enter middle school completely unprepared and also enter as a target for bullies left and right.

So, we're doing that today and on Wednesday, the Evil Twin has been called in for Jury Duty. It doesn't mean he'll be chosen to serve, it just means he has to sit in the cattle call for possible duty. So, he'll be downtown all day and then, I can shop for groceries.

I am working hard at trying to find easy, nutritious, inexpensive - yet filling - meals that I can whip up on weekends. We've tended in the past to eat out far too often.

This is making grocery shopping a challenge for me and there's nothing I love more than a challenge.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself a bit. It's going to be a busy week - but that's preferable to being a boring week stuck inside because of snow or something.

All I know is that all is right with the household now that our router issues are resolved.

And because I'm in such a good mood, here's the gratuitous "Monday Mounds" pic for your pleasure (or disgust, if you hate cleavage - who would that be? Only one dick I sorta know of - more on that later).

The Evil Twin said my last cleavage shot was chintzy and I ripped off my readers by posting such a travesty. Perhaps this will make up for it.


  1. You are SO my friend! That is something I would do...


    But I would really want to!
    Don't have a bad set myself after five kids. :D

    My son sounds like yours - it's all good.

  2. Nice mounds. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!

    A lot of times schools tend to do that (mountains from molehills). Good luck with the meeting.

  3. I was so skinny most of my life that by the time I had enough boobs to make some cleavage, it was wrinkled. There's nothing worse than wrinkled cleavage, is there?

  4. You have a beautiful rack. I think this meeting you have to have sucks. I know exactly how you feel, my kid was too hyper (opposite of Buddy) and they said he had ADD - it was the only time I was proud of the Asshole and how he handled it. Turned out the following year Lil "D" was tested for the gifted program for excelled learning. Does that sound like a kid with ADD to you. Stand you ground and stick up for Buddy. Maybe he's an observer instead of a participater. There's nothing wrong with that, some of the most intelligent people in the world were observers.

    Good luck anyway.

  5. I thought you were going to leave more details about your router problem...Because I think we are having one, too.

  6. It seems schools try to fit all kids into one mold. They all need to be outgoing, into sports and all that. Some people are not outgoing and that shouldn't be something to make the kid feel bad about. They should make sure that a variety of opportunities are available, not just sports, and leave it to the child and the parents to decide what happens next.

  7. Sheesh, I'm really jealous! The booby fairy ripped me off. She gave 'em to me and then let the air out...
    How about Shrimp, black bean and spinach burritos for a meal? Roll them all together in a burritom spiced with garlic, cumin and whatever else tastes good to you. Add some cheddar cheese and bake. Yummy and good for you!

  8. Wow and I thought I had a rack the size of a mountain! lol... and as for Buddy....people do tend to make mountains out of molehills... I don't know your whole situation but I know everyone is so quick to find a "problem" when it could just be who they are. My son at 3 and 4 was very antisocial and would rather play alone. I got the "he might be autistic" stuff from people. There were other signs of it, and I knew in my heart that it was immaturity. He still has no interest in sports or clubs at 5 and I don't care. He will do it when he is ready not when society is ready.

  9. Glad the router situation is fixed...nice mounds & hope you're week doesn't get too crazy! btw...listen to the school peeps, but, really, listen to your heart more - you & ET know your son better than anyone! :)

  10. If I had what you have...I'd never leave the house!

  11. I stop by once every week or 2 since it's on 304 Blogs, but I'm reminded quickly of the family Christmas newsletter feel and don't stay long. To each their own.

    But, since you've brought me up YET AGAIN, we'll do this.

    When I'm in a socio-political discussion with someone who has conservative, Republican, Family Values opinions and yet has as their avatar a pic of their self as a 40 year old Britney Aguilera, I tend to see hypocrisy.

    Nothing wrong with cleavage, and conservative, Republican, Family Values opinions are valid in some cases, but put the two together and you've got yourself a Bill O'Reilly segment in which he interviews a porn star that was preceded by a Talking Points Memo segment complaining about how "Progressive San Francisco Values" are ruining our society.

    See how that works? Tits a problem; No. Hypocrisy, yes. But I think you've known this all along and have been soothing your aching psyche by turning it into something it's not.

    Now you be sure to flaunt those babies at your parent/teacher conference to make sure they understand that extensive cleavage is appropriate in All situations.

    And if they don't want to sign on to that philosophy, well, then they obviously hate tits, right?

  12. Thing 1 is a slightly older version of Buddy. He has a few good friends, no interest in sprots, LOVES the computer and all electronic games, and would be content with that. He's a touch immature for his grade (he's younger than 95% of the kids in 8th grade) but little by little he's moving toward maturity. I'm certainly in no rush to see him get all sophisticated and too cool for school...

    Good luck with the teachers. If common sense doesn't work on them, just show 'em the CLEAVE!

  13. When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher tried to tell my mom that I had some sort of problem. I was very shy and often didn't speak when spoken too. I wasn't ignoring people or being rude, I was just really timid. My parents worked on that with me, and with time I came out of my shell and learned to function socially. BTW, nice cleavage! F*CK THE HATERS!!! :O

  14. Natalie - this is what drinking Chardonnay and blogging can do for you!

    Dave - LOL!

    Ginger - thanks. We may leave smouldering assholes in our wake. The Evil Twin has a temper....

    kenju - there's no such thing as bad cleavage.

    The Girl - it'll all work out, I'm sure.

    3C - basically, I hit the reset button on our router and wiped out the settings. Then, I had to call for help! LOL.

    Ron - ITA.

    MsPulp - those sound yummy.

    Lisha - that's how we feel too. When he's ready.

    TGG - yep, that's why we agreed to meet with them, so they know we're on the same page and want the best for him.

    Warren - it's all smoke and mirrors. LOL.

    TLD - What a big ego you have. I'm not talking about you. But, Whatever! LOL.

    Tiff - I feel the same way...

  15. Hacksaw - You turned out great! Thanks for the show of support!

  16. Geez....not exactly where I 'hoped' you were going w/ that ;)

    Having him tested is a great idea. They said my daughter 'possibly' had that...at 14. Turns out, she was just bored with the work they gave her. Freakin 'experts'

    Oh...nice cleavage :) :)

  17. First, I just have to state that TLD is a douche! And there truly is nothing wrong with cleavage, especially when it is magnificent!

    Buddy will be fine. It is true that not everyone is out-going and into sports. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Just continue to love him and he will grow up in his own time.

  18. Nice rack! WTF is up with people who just want to put others down. I never understood why anyone would go out of their way to be negative when they can just stay away and keep it to themselves. I guess it is just ego.

  19. You can call me names and question my motives, but you cannot dispute the truth of what I wrote.

    Maybe we'll discuss the need to lash out in order to garner more e-cuddles and cyber-there,theres in a future post.

  20. My daughter Natalie is always acting up. She is such a drama queen/attention fiend. And Tim and I have been to many a conference about that, but... it won't change her.

    Just chalk the whole thing up to people being well-meaning. That is what I do.

  21. Dang I'm really going to miss Efen when he dies from the storke he'll have looking at those boobs 100 times today.....

    sorry about buddy and the school - if you have any questions or need advice, you can always e-mail me - I taught school forever..

  22. Hey Sagacious Dick,

    Take it down the road, asshole! I'm telling ya, the extent some people will go to suppress their closeted homosexuality and unbridled breast hatred! Haha!

    More cleavage! More Conservative cleavage! More Conservative Bill O'reilly soapy falafel cleavage!

    -The Evil Twin

  23. All I can say is...NICE rack! I must remind myself not to let my husband on here (he thinks your F-I-N-E!)

    Would you love Buddy any differently if something were wrong? Of Course you wouldn't! Tell them to sit down and let the parents handle the parenting!( I only say this because the same thing happened with us last year with Bear.)

  24. Maybe you shoulda cleaved the router guy.

    And tell the teachers to sod off. Honestly, there's one quiet kid in the class and they automatically think there's something wrong. Maybe the rest of the kids are hyper!

  25. Ok your Boobies brought on the comments! haha

    Good luck with the school stuff! :)

  26. *waves at Bobzim, you tit-lovin' dick*

    Why hide, dude?
    Saggy would never hide. He'd be right up front and center saying whatever he thought, though I tend to think he may appreciate a fine cleavage when faced with one.

    And, for the record, ETW has a beautiful cleavage. Sometimes God smiles in the most unusual ways and you simply must smile back and appreciate. Such is ETW's cleavage.

    *btw, I suspect that vocal cleavage haters are really cleavage picture masturbators*

    I would also suggest that ETW gives us a brand new daily dose of that conservative cleavage from here on in. Dollars to doughnuts her numbers (high already) would skyrocket.

  27. *Can't you picture it? Picture it now: I don't want to whack off to a conservative lass, but damn if her cleavage don't heat up my ass.*

  28. Efen - sorry 'bout that. I think Buddy just needs some time for maturity to catch up with him. He'll be ok.

    Trisha - Yep, they're all different people and we just have to love him and guide him best we can.

    MsBarbaraJane - I'm not sure why either. But, if I hated someone's blog, I definitely wouldn't stop in every week or so...

    Alex - well, this was a "well-meaning" meeting that left us with more questions than answers. Weird.

    Momma - LOL and thank for the offer.

    Honey - you are hilarious!

    Chandra - thanks... that's my usual MO around here. LOL.

    Crazy Mo - it's a class of 12 boys and 4 girls. It's a bit rowdy. LOL.

    Loni - I haul those tired old things out here all the time. Keep reading. You'll see 'em again. LOL.

    BB - Thanks for the honest-to-goodness belly laugh of the day. I was trying to work all this into the dick poetry themed week.

  29. Bobzim, The Tit Lovin' Dick.February 10, 2009 at 5:15 PM

    Who's hiding? She knew who I was. You knew who I was.

    If you don't want me to comment, don't bring it up.

    What's funny about it is that what I wrote originally this morning was legitimate, rational, and exactly how I feel about the whole thing, but that would be impossible to attack so you have to turn into something Freudian, homo, and/or perverted. Nice work...if you're a 5th grader.

  30. WHAT?!? BUDDY? OUR BUDDY? SHY AND UNSOCIABLE??? SINCE WHEN??? He just does better in one on one situations, just like Nate does, that's why they were fast friends. Buddy was very sociable with me and not shy at all.

    Geez, either they bitch because your kid won't stop squirming (mine) or they bitch because they don't (yours). You can't please them. Buddy is fine and ya know, he's still going to be immature, even in 6th grade. Nate didn't take a step up in maturity until the summer between 6th and 7th grade, which is exactly what one of his teachers said would happen.

    Buddy is a great kid. Pfft!

  31. The School probly has nothing better to do..Boys are boys! lol
    Oh and by the away...Cleavage looks Fab Sista!!!
    Evil Twin don't know what he's talkin about!! lol

  32. Tit Lovin' Dick said...
    "...But, since you've brought me up YET AGAIN, we'll do this."

    So you see gratuitous Monday Mounds shot as "bringing you up YET AGAIN"?

    Looks like more proof for my theory than yours.

  33. PS to Bobzim,

    Get over yourself. They did not know it was you. Honest and for true. You didn't even enter into ETW's or TET's minds. I recognized you because my sister Grasshopper says every single time she reads anything you comment on "Boy, that Bobzim sure has a hard-on for ETW, doesn't he?"

    True story.

  34. Heck, I meant to say STROKE....

    Guess what's in my crockpot? Yup, chicken with salsa and taco seasoning... YUM!

  35. Bobzim, The Tit Lovin' Dick.February 10, 2009 at 6:48 PM

    And because I'm in such a good mood, here's the gratuitous "Monday Mounds" pic for your pleasure (or disgust, if you hate cleavage - who would that be? Only one dick I sorta know of - more on that later)

    The bold part is obviously what I was referring to. I hope that class you teach isn't reading comprehension.

  36. I am on the same hunt... nutritous, inexpensive and quick meals... let me know if you get anything good!

    as for buddy... perhaps instead of focusing on what he isn't doing, they could figure out things that he would like to do. i hate the way people think kids should learn together, grow together and mature together... all at the same rate and speed. i am learning more and more, no one knows their child like the parent.

  37. Inanna - it was a very strange meeting indeed.

    Suzie - thanks! But, the last cleavage shot was the one the ET thought was lacking. I'm sure he likes this one.

    BB - I did get my shot off, but you're right about the rest. (we didn't know). If he has a boner for me, I'm a more than a little grossed out. LOL.

    Momma - the worst thing about that recipe is that you have to SMELL it cooking all day and want to dive right in.

    Bobzim - and this is as far as I will take this: I never said squat about family values. I am a Republican, but does that mean I lose my "girl card" or my rights to my sexuality or taking stupid pictures of it? I'm no hypocrite dude. Some of us conservatives love a good time 9 (stop the fucking presses!).

    LL - I'm trying stir fry and rice, soups and stuff right now. If I hit on a winner, I'll definitely share. And I totally agree with your assessment on parenting! :-)

  38. >>What's funny about it is that what I wrote originally this morning was legitimate, rational, and exactly how I feel about the whole thing.<<

    What's even funnier is that no one who frequents this blog gives a wet fart how you "feel" about anything, dipshit. It's obvious you just showed up to snark and piss in the punchbowl. How sad it must be to have your life. Have you nothing better to do?

    Also, are you the same Bobzim who used to stink up the comments section on Don Surber's blog? I remember some months ago that some guy on there who knew you completely made you his bitch! He revealed that you lied about serving in the military; that you were a total washout. You've gotta be the same Bobzim. People who lie about serving are truly the lowest form of vermin. Could you possibly be more irrelevant?
    -The Evil Twin

  39. my latest laptop wallpaper.

    Thank you.

  40. please don't stop showing boobs. i love boobs. thank you boobs. boobs.

  41. Bobzim, The Tit Lovin&#39; Dick.February 10, 2009 at 10:04 PM

    For someone who doesn't give a wet fart, you sure are putting a lot of effort into this.

    And I didn't start it, I just responded when called.

    I had to give Surber's blog up. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. And yeah, I say I'm a veteran, somebody says "I know you and you're not a veteran", and I got pwned. Right. So I think you can see why I'd have to walk away from something that stupid.

  42. jesus h christ - such controversy today! Why do people feel it's important to make a "point" on blog comments? Do they feel their comments are going to change the opinons and/or feelings of the writer or reader? Nah. They just love fucking rocking the boat.

    Whatev. That Big Dick guy or whatever his name is, just bored the shit outta me.

    How cool to see Evil Twin commenting in the flesh though!

    As for Buddy's school conference, oh hon, I feel you there. You got me on facebook and email if you ever wanna discuss this "process" -I've been through it and over it and under it!

  43. Is a wet fart sort of like rectal leakage?

  44. Nice......is the (from your perspective) left one bigger than the right one, or is that the camera angle+leaning/droop factor?

  45. I'm not sure how this one fellow can turn a simple cleavage shot into a hypocrisy rant. We conservatives like cleavage as much as the next guy (or girl).
    If ET thinks you were stingy last time, then you certainly have made up for that perceived slight. I however, thought that the last time was just fine as well. Although, far be it for me to hamper your quest to improve things, so you just keep trying. If it takes you all the way to fully baring them to make you feel as though you've done enough for us, your loyal readers, then I support you in your efforts. Hear, hear for self-improvement!!