Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

My day is off to a lovely start.

My kids have both been really good sleepers, thank goodness. Sissy stopped taking naps a long while back, so we put her to bed around 8pm and she doesn't wake up until around 8ish the next morning.

The Evil Twin and Buddy leave for work/school by about 7:30, so many mornings (especially in the colder months), I will crawl back in bed and listen for the baby on the monitor.

Sometimes, I doze in and out, but mostly, I just kind of snuggle for a bit under the cozy covers.

Shortly after 8 this morning, the phone starts ringing. We don't keep a phone in our bedroom and I'm lucky if I can even hear it from down the hall, but like I said, I was awake and listening to the monitor anyway, so when the phone rang, I bolted down the hall to grab it.

It was Buddy, calling from school. Guess who forgot his valentine cards this morning? Yep.

I got Sissy up out of bed, got her dressed and threw on some suitable for public clothes myself and dashed out the door.

I left from our side door, which is under the carport. I didn't even bother locking the door behind me. (I would really feel sorry for any dipshit desperate enough to try to rob our house - it is NOT in a convenient to rob location).

I get to the school and drag Sissy in with me. The secretary was at her desk and said that she had told Buddy she would bring his cards upstairs when I got there. For some reason, the old secretary (who retired years ago) was there, too. This woman always looks at me as if I have a dick growing out my forehead and always has greeted me in a nasty manner.

I am not a morning person - I wanted to spit in her face when I got the "Why do you have the Dirty Sanchez?" look. Instead, I mumbled to the new secretary, thanked her and dragged Sissy out as fast as I could.

Mind you, I hadn't even showered yet. So, I had pulled my hair back into a ponytail and didn't have any make up on, plus, I was wearing my lounge pants as the one pair of jeans that fit me are in the dirty clothes right now.

Oh well, I got a Sausage McMuffin out of the deal!

Now, I'm off to get a shower and later, I have to make yet another appearance at the school. Buddy's class is having their Valentine's Day party at 1:45 and as co-homeroom mom, I need to be there to help...

PS. I'm sorry I didn't get around to replying yesterday on the comments - it was a mucho hectic day - but yes, I do have some great friends and getting goodies by mail is always fun.


  1. Come on! You got a Sausage McMuffin outta this! Helluva deal!! Not to mention that Buddy probably thinks you're a hero now. You just need a cape!

  2. What a morning! I sent my poor soon to school with a backpack full of 2 10packs of juice boxes, goody bags with valentines, and gifts for his teachers. I should have just taken them in...he will be hurting by the time he gets there. YUMMY sausage mcmuffin.... I am about to drag my girls out of this house to go get one now LOL

  3. Hey, if you got a sausage McMuffin out of the deal then the madness and insanity was requited.

    I afree about the crazy lingo in WV.. Prince and I loved in Virginia on on the D.C. boarder for most of last year. We went over to VW several times. The local language in a couple of towns had me completely stumped. But, it is such a lovely state. So picturesque.

    Have a Happy Valentine Day with bunny and kiddos.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. Good grief woman!! You're tiring me out already!! LOL at the "dirty sanchez" hehehe....Have a great wknd... :)

  5. That's par for the course on Friday the 13th. I especially enjoyed the visual I got of you with the dick growing out of your head. Very funny!

  6. Mmmmmmm.... sounds good. I know McMuffin is McDonalds, but you made me wonder about Tudor's Biscuits again. I need to make a return visit sometime to catch a breakfast :)

  7. Your forehead, eh? I lol'ed and peed my pants a little bit when I read that. I am glad you got the sausage though! The thing that really sucks is all the effort one goes through with valentines cards...we went through our kids' stash from their parties and swiped the candy. All of the cards...already in the trash.

    Anyhow, good momma!

  8. Sausage McMuffin sounds good. Instead I think I'll go work out. But I'm gonna think about that sausage mcmuffin allllll day!
    Have fun at the party!

  9. Crazy Mo - no, he probably knows he'll get a lecture later on.

    Lisha - the McMuffin would have been tastier under better circumstances. LOL.

    Reggie - thanks and a Happy Valentine's to you as well!

    TGG - I threw that in to see if y'all were paying attention. :-)

    MsPulp - I'm not even gonna ask "what next?"

    Ron - Tudor's is worth the trip!

    Warren - I know! It's such an ordeal for so little.

    Momma - I'm sure the party will be nice. We have one mom who has a catering business... she always sends yummy treats!

  10. I, too, had to make a trip to school this morning, but I got a "chikin" biscuit out of it!

  11. Thankfully the Things are too old for all the valentine's nonsense anymore. I all too vividly recall those mad dashes to school...but now they're for "I forgot my science textbook/gymsuit/trombone."

    If you get yourself a superhero costume, just remember: no cape.

  12. I also loved the dick growing out of your forehead comment, and I know exactly how you feel! Too funny. Happy V-day, hope you get some quiet time with TET!

  13. A dick on the forehead? I guess that's where the "mindfuck" phrase came from.

  14. Aha..I was one step ahead of thegrandons this morning. I packed all the cards and goodies in his backpack when he went to bed last night. His mother just had to get his wonderfully crafted "space rocket" box in his hands before setting off for the bus. I have so much to do - parents are NOT invited to their Valentine's party today either. Works for me.

  15. ROFLMEFENAO @ "if I have a dick growing out my forehead "

    I think you've been spending too much time reading my posts ;);)

  16. Contrary to popular belief, Friday the 13th is a very lucky day. I know this for a fact, because I was the only girl in our family to have a boy and he was born on the 13th. And today is my beautiful nieces birthday.

    I never had anyone look at me like I had a dick growing out of my head. You should smack her one.

  17. I commend you on the effort! When I was at school if I forgot anything then that was tough titties. The school wouldn't have called home and if they did my mum wouldn't have done anything! lol She was a great mum but it would have taught me a lesson.

  18. Ginger - I have never tried the chikin biscuit - at least you got something out of the deal!

    Tiff - I'm really looking forward to the day when he remembers ALL of his stuff ALL the time (probably wishful thinkin', huh?)

    Trisha - thanks and I hope you and Mr. Wally have a wonderful weekend as well.

    Dave - seriously, you'd have to see the "look"... It speaks of an alarm about *something*... It'd have to be something strange.

    themom - I should have put his in the backpack, but....

    Efen - LOL.

    The Girl - she retired years ago, so I don't expect to run into her (hopefully) again. LOL.

    AC - This is a tough year for him, so I took them down. Otherwise, I might have said, "Oh well." LOL.

  19. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha :)
    Thanks for the visual and the much needed laugh!

  20. I feel like we're on different planets! We don't have Valentine's parties at school and I don't have a clue what a Home Room Mom is. I'm sorry!!!
    Loving the images though ;o)

  21. Ugh... what a way to wake up! I hope the rest of the day goes/went a little better ;~)

  22. MEL - You're welcome!

    Penelope - Homeroom mom is a mom who plans and puts on the parties for a particular grade. Buddy is in 5th grade and I am co-homeroom mom with another mom whose son is in the class. At the elementary level here, they do parties for *everything* and they rely on help from moms to coordinate everything.

    LL - well, the party itself was a madhouse. My head hurts. LOL.

  23. High five to you for remembering to prepare the valentines the night before. This morning at 6:45, I was hurriedly filling out valentines (from memory, no less) for Andrew's preschool class.

    Friday the 13th. Here's hoping the rest of your day went smoothly. :)

  24. You know, the secretaries at Haley's school look at me the same dang way. As if it's so odd to see a parent in the school office!

    I packed ahead of time last night too, thank god. Since I'm working five minutes away I also got to stop by for the party.

  25. how i detest the early morning phone call !!
    and whatever it expects from us..........

  26. DA - I hope you're having a drink or two this evening! That's even more stressful than my morning!

    Vinomom - Glad you were on top of things and could swing by the party too!

    Lisa - Ugh, I know, right?

  27. At least you got some McDonalds! lol Gotta love those old school scretarys!!!

  28. I hope the rest of the day was lucky for you!

    I gave exams all day, and yes, I planned it for the 13th.

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