Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Did It!

I called a local tanning salon yesterday and made an appointment. I was in by 6:30 last night. It was great. I only spent 10 minutes in their lowest UV bed and I emerged a completely better person.

Just feeling the warm lights on my body made me happy.

I got home just in time to get Sissy in the bath, get all our evening routine things finished up and then was able to enjoy one of the 2 TV shows I watch when they air: American Idol (the other show is Survivor - and I know it makes me a complete dumbass to love those shows, but at least I'm not glued to the tube for hours every single night).

It was a 2 hour show, so I wasn't able to wrap up my blog and set it to post for 6 am as I usually do. I was just beat after the day of running around. Plus, I spent the time watching TV on my exercise ball. I really need to do something about my mid-section. So, I got my exercise ball, added some more air (it was getting low) and bopped around on that for almost 2 hours.

Now, I'm up again and I need to make lunch for Buddy.

For whatever reason, every Wednesday, his school serves a "breakfast" lunch. And for whatever reason, he doesn't like eggs, sausage, etc. What can I say? He's our child. Although, the Evil Twin and I LOVE breakfast for lunch or dinner.

Anyway, part of my job here as the HO™ (that's Home Office, for those who didn't know - it's what the Evil Twin's co-workers call me), is making lunches. I pack one for the Evil Twin on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Buddy almost always has hot lunch at school, except on the dreaded breakfast lunch days... which is Wednesday.

Lovely. I can't even get a break from packing a lunch. Some mornings, I have to do both Buddy's and the Evil Twin's!

I also have laundry to do today. As you can tell, it's all very glamorous around here.

When I'm not scrubbing toilets (we have three), I'm doing something else equally as impressive, like wiping down the counter tops or cleaning the kitchen sink. Stop yer hatin'! It's all part of my job description as HO™.

Also, I added a new recipe to the Glamorous Recipe site. I'll be adding a few more in the next few days and I have several to try before posting them.

Catch y'all on the flip side!

ETW - making life exciting so you don't have to, since 1998!


  1. I'm jealous Hausfrau.....jealous about the tanning bed retreat and more than jealous about the scrubbing of the "bog" as my hunny says in Brit speak :)
    Have a fantastic day.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. you are a gorgeous girl !! and you make me smile- thank you !
    the tanning beds warm lights sound tempting as does breakfast for lunch.
    it sounds glamerous this life of yours- yes indeed it does.......lol Lisa xx

  3. tatiana's my new creepycrush! i bet she's stabed every man who's ever made out with her.

    she even has scary teeth! they remind me of when my dog's growling at me for taking the pizza that he pulled outta the garbage away from him.....

    you know what's good excersize for the mid-section... ;) MOPPING!

    that's how they got danielsan in shape in karate kid part 4....

  4. Wow... I was just thinking that I need a HO in my home the other day. Although finding one to clean toilets and make lunch seems ambitious for me.

  5. You seem to be pretty fair-skinned. Do you think you will go again?

  6. Oh I bet you feel so revived!! i can smell my skin after the tanning bed right now. There is something about it. And have fun being a HO lol. Great blog!

  7. A little Vitamin D (faux or real) does a person good! I'll be a cleaning fool today too... *sigh*

  8. TGG, is right on the Vitamin D (get the liquid kind where 5 drops in your palm gives you 10k ccs). Nurse Grasshopper has been on me about it all winter. Really makes a difference in how she feels (I still have yet to open my box, but i'm listening now that TGG brings it up too). Love love love breakfast for any meal!

  9. I wanna feel some warm sunshine-i-ness, but I doubt I'll be hitting the tanning beds. Glad it made you feel better!

  10. I'm a total 'American-idol-lover-and-proud-of-it' and am thinking that it was ALMOST a waste of my time last night. I am pulling for Milwaukee native (my back yard), Danny Gokey to take the crown this year, and am liking Alexis Grace too so far.

    As far as the tanning bed. Yes, the warm lights make me happy too, but only after I freeze my ass off after putting on all of the great smelling accellerant leaving me a greased little piggy shaking in her boots. It takes about 6 minutes into my 10 - 15 stint to stop shivering.

  11. Good for you!! Few things make ya feel better than a good glow!
    Bummer on the lunches - I too hate packing em. shark now packs his own, but if I didn't pack Toots', she'd take nothing but junk...

  12. I am not trying to complain, but I get to do all of that glamorous stuff and work full time, too! (Yeah I am a little annoyed with Wally right now).

  13. Reggie - thanks! I know you all want to scrub toilets every day as I do. :-)

    Lisa- breakfast for lunch or dinner is my fave time to have it. Too much a hassle first thing in the morning, ya know?

    fattie20xl - She does have weird teeth. They look like baked beans. I have a steam mop. I'll get right on that. Thanks....

    Ron - A proper HO knows her duties and performs them to the best of her abilities. Be choosy!

    Gigi - I signed up for the package of 20, so that would be an affirmative. I am fair, but I don't burn. I always get decent color over the summer.

    Lisha - I know! I came home in such a great mood last night too.

    TGG - How sad is it that I like to peruse the cleaning aisle to find new products to make my scrubby days easier? Is it just me?

    BB - I am all over that Vit. D now with my tanning package. LOL.

    Ginger - they also make the full spectrum lights that make people feel better in the winter.

    Red - I like your two AI picks so far as well. And, I just do the: throw on teeny bikini bottom and fling myself in the bed, whilst draping a bandeau top over the girls a bit. Although those lotions do smell great!

    Momma - Mine can't be trusted to pack their own lunches. Not even the Evil Twin. He would say, "I'm too busy this morning. I'll just eat at Burger King."

    Trisha - there does seem to be an unequal balance with housework where both spouses have full time jobs too. I don't get it...

  14. I'm HO, as well, then. I do all the things you mentioned, except pack lunches. I'm so over that!!

  15. I'm HO, as well, then. I do all the things you mentioned, except pack lunches. I'm so over that!!

  16. OK - how'd I miss the 'teeth like baked beans' thing??

  17. So that explains why my life hasn't been exciting since 1998! What about all those earlier years though? lol

  18. Went to EB in Cross Lanes this morning and found that I had 19 sessions left over from last year...wtf??? So I promptly used one up and it was heavenly :)

  19. You're doing something wrong. I swear my mother never made a lunch post 1972. I have no clue what the Former Father did for lunch (don't remember), but I remember making my own lunch starting in the 3rd grade and before that my older brother and sister made my lunch - we technically shared the duty between ourselves after that, but my brother and I would try to beat my sister to it because she'd make us bologna which we hated and despised and we'd rather have PB&J.

    I also poured my own cereal every morning as well.

  20. ETW, I love perusing the cleaning aisles for new cleaning stuff...now, I think that's 'cause I like to shop...not necessarily 'cause I like to clean! ;) hehehe BTW - BB,- glad I could remind ya! ;)

  21. My son and man try to insist on daily packed lunches but sometimes you just don't feel like doing it! Amen. I make the littles ones and give the old man a coupon to Subway or Sonic!

  22. good thing you take care of all the excitement because if i had to deal with it I'd be exhausted.

  23. At this point in time I cannot WAIT for warmth!!!

  24. Kenju - Us HOs are in good company!

    Tiff - it's one of the contestants on American Idol. Baked bean teef!

    honeywine - guess that was someone elses shift....

    Elle - I think I have some sessions left over from there, too - unless they have an expiry date.

    Kathleen - Does your mom give lessons? LOL. I'm like a flippin' doormat here!

    TGG - I'm going to stick with your excuse of just liking to shop... Yeah, that's it!

    TSS - the Evil Twin won't use coupons and he'd spend us into the poor house if he got to eat out everyday... Remember, I'm cheap over here!

    Rosemary - well, I know you're my partner in vacuuming crime!

    Jen - That's why I'm doing the tanning - to trick myself. LOL.

  25. I am waaayyyy too pale to ever try to tan. I did it before I studied abroad in a tropical climate, but not since.

  26. I had breakfast and supper for supper tonight at Shoney's because it was my birthday. I'm still waiting on my birthday present you promised.

    My wife does most of the cleaning at our house. I do run the vacuum. She told me "nothing turns me on like seeing a man run the vacuum cleaner". I think she may be pulling my leg but I cannot take that chance.

  27. Ahh, lunch making...I am so glad to be on bread from that. I was making five lnches a morning at one time, and they all wanted different things. Now I make 3 lunches once a week. I did put the older kids in charge of making thier dads lunch for a few months...that was a great idea on my part :).

    Glad the tannning bed is helping...

  28. Ha, ha! I get a really funny visual of you hopping around on that ball while everyone else is in bed! Do you manage to have a glass of wine in hand at the same time? LOL.

  29. Alex - I've got the skin type, while pale most of the time, I can take on a good color.

    Al - Happy Birthday! I'm still thinking on a gift. It may be a day or two late.

    Chris - It does stink, but I try to gather items up and at least group them together (in the fridge or whatever), so they're easy to find the next morning.

    MsPulp - Why, of COURSE, I'm not holding the wine. I set it on the baby's purple Little Tykes chair! LOL.

  30. Ho,ho,ho! it's off to scrub we go...I am scrubbing the three toilets too! Glad you had a nice time at the salon.xx

  31. While I only have one tiny bathroom and one tiny toliet it sounds like my job around here to!

  32. Glad the tanning appointment brightened up your day! Your life sounds almost as glamorous as mine - except I get to go to work all day and then take care of all the HO shit!

  33. The best part is that she'd completely deny that she rarely made our lunches.