Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm On Vacation

Today is President's Day, so the Evil Twin and Buddy are off for the day. I'm taking it as a vacation day as well.

I do have some laundry to do, but other than that, I have a feeling it's going to be a very laid back day.

Yesterday, we decided to go to lunch and then out to the Mart of Wal.

I'm glad we had lunch first. When we were walking toward the entrance of the store, I saw a guy hold his right nostril closed with his finger, then blow real hard. I saw something whizzing out of his left nostril.... I don't know. I couldn't believe he did that.

What ever happened to handkerchiefs or hey, even the travel pack of tissues? Dude? Blowing a booger out your nose in that manner is just nasty!

This was at the white trash WM, so I don't know why I was so surprised to see that.

Anyway, I'm tired. I woke up a little after 4 am, having to pee like a Russian racehorse, and I just couldn't get back to sleep after that. The Evil Twin was alternately snoring and/or taking up more than his half of the bed.

After rolling around for a while, I just decided to get up. Plus, my right nostril was all clogged up and it was driving me crazy.

I should have just blocked my left nostril and blown really hard, huh? GAG.


  1. Booger blowers like that gross me out!! I've often wondered if they learned that in a class at school maybe?!?!? Or they just couldn't afford tissues growing up. Enjoy the day!

  2. EWwwwww..WHY???? Hope you have a great vacay day - thanks for the b-day wishes!! :)

  3. That nose blowing story may be the grossest thing I've ever heard. What is wrong with people? Have we lost our minds?

  4. once while i was waking up, but still asleep just barely aware of the fact that you're starting to wake up, i hear julie sniffling her nose... like she was trying to dislodge something... but she was sleeping...

    so i tried to pick it for her.

    is that bad?

  5. EWWW! I hate it when people hold one nostril down and blow to clear the other!

    I just found your blog! too funny!

    I'm a stay at home mama now after 10 years in advertising biz too! Blogs are the best outlet for crazy people like us! I'll be following yours!

  6. I am pretty sure that is fine nose-blowing style out int he barnyard or in the woods while hunting or the like, but at Wal Mart?

    Well, come to think of...yeah, it sort of fits there too...

  7. Ewwww! Snot rockets! Need to add them to Jeff Kay's Walmart Game!

    Enjoy your day off -- I'm gonna!

  8. themom - I wouldn't even try that in the shower...I'd end up covered in snot, I'm sure.

    TGG - Why, indeed? Asked myself the same thing.

    Debbie - I often find myself wondering "What IS wrong with people?"

    fattie20xl - No. You were just trying to be helpful. :-)

    Smores - welcome to the madhouse!

    Warren - Kinda par for the course, huh?

    wordnerd - I was thinking the SAME thing! LOL.

  9. Yuck.....I had a guy walking towards me when 'snort, then spit'....right where I was heading. I said "Geezus man...get some fuc*in class".

    BTW...just how does a Russian racehorse pee? ;)

  10. I work with a guy who does the "snot rocket" thing. Another guy likes to "hawk loogies" into the wastebasket. Yet another fellow finds it amusing to "crop dust" the room with his flatulence. It's like I work at a freaking zoo. Enjoy your vacation day!

  11. I went to school with a couple of guys who used to have awesome snot rocket contests (biggest, greenest, most solids). Of course, that was Junior High and they grew out of it.

  12. PS: (because there's always a PS with me it seems) I'm in lust with Efen's avatar.

  13. Have a great day off!

    The nose blower grossed me out. I mean, how self-absorbed do you have to be to think blowing your snot on the ground is OK. UGH!

  14. Wally is a total redneck and used to do that when we first started dating. I quickly broke him of that habit. In public? Sheesh. Enjoy your day off!

  15. UGH, the Asshole will do that in public....I just walk away from his nasty ass. Enjoy your day off.

  16. LOL... that is nasty. I've seen that done before, but can't really understand how it's done. I would probably blow my brains out of both ears before getting the snot projectile thing happening.

  17. At our house, it's the wife who hogs the bed and covers. :)

  18. That is SO gross! BLECH! I'm sure it's effective, though. LOL. I'm jealous because I was the only one who had to go to school today. :(

  19. Efen - lots and lots. I don't even know where I got that from, but I've been saying it for years.

    Hacksaw - you need to wear a HAZMAT suit just to work!

    BB - this was an older guy. Surely, he might have known better? You can visit Efen's page at Simply Efen (on my sidebar over there) anytime and admire his avatar! LOL.

    A. - It was surreal...

    Trisha - good thing you were able to train him out of that habit.

    The Girl - walking off sounds totally reasonable! LOL.

    Ron - If I tried it, I'd probably have a gallon of snot hanging off my shirt or arm or something.

    3C - he likes to blame me for that a lot too, but I claim the bed hoggage is about even between the two of us.

    Ginger - not the only one. Our universities are open as well.

  20. OMG right there..that is what we called a Farmer's Blow in south central PA. And people think only WVians do that stuff!! Well, I grew up knowing what that was! It is DISGUSTING!! Suck it in and head for the bathroom for some toilet paper for God's sake!!

    Enjoy your day and laundry smaundry! Skip it and be lazy!! :)

  21. Haha Lisha, we call it a Farmer's Blow around here too but snot rocket cracked me up. I HATE that kind of shit and especially spitters, it's disgusting! That's why my Mom told us never to walk in town in barefeet and why you might want to take your shoes off at the front door. Just saying. People should deal with their bodily fluids privately.

  22. Hand to God: Next time I see someone do something that gross, I swear I'm going to look right at it and say, "I'd give it a six."

  23. And my kids wonder why I hate when they pick stuff up off the ground. Especially near MalWart...

  24. Fabulous.
    I have seen my own father do this. Not in a public place, but in our back yard.
    I can't believe I just admitted that.

  25. Don't you just wish that sometimes you had your camera! LOL

    Hope you enjoy your alone time!

  26. They would have been cleaning up my barf along with his - whatever.

  27. If you pointed your " booger blow" towards snore meister I would venture to say that it would be worth money to see.


  28. Lisha - I had heard "snot rocket", but not Farmer's Blow. It was gross.

    MsBarbaraJane - it is gross. I never thought about carrying it in on your shoes - although I DO take my shoes off once right inside the door.

    BB - ROFL!!!

    Kate - I know!

    MsPulp - The Evil Twin tells me it is quite a common practice. Although I hadn't seen it since high school and this guy was (looked to be) older than me.

    Tristate Saver - Hi! Actually, I do carry my camera, but that caught me completely off guard. He was quick about it too!

    Kenju - My eyes were big as saucers. But, I kept my lunch down. :-)

    D - I don't think he'd appreciate that much. LOL.

  29. You're doing laundry on a vacation day???? What ARE you thinking :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  30. Oh god that was disgusting. Truth - I've done that in my own bathroom if I'm having a booger issue. But in public? Ugh.

    I was also going to ask how you came across such knowledge about Russian Racehorses but Efen beat me to it.

  31. Oh god that was disgusting. Truth - I've done that in my own bathroom if I'm having a booger issue. But in public? Ugh.

    I was also going to ask how you came across such knowledge about Russian Racehorses but Efen beat me to it.

  32. I must admit, I have, out of necessity, had to launch the so called "snot rocket". If I'm mowing grass and lack a booger vault (aka tissue or handkerchief), its either...launch one or wipe it on my sleeve.

    So I choose to "lift off".

    I never do it where my wife can see me.

    Don't think too bad of me.

  33. nose blowing and spitting- double yuck !!
    enjoy your day off
    Lisa x

  34. That is so disgusting. Have people no couth?

    Hey, next time you're up at 4:00 a.m., give me a call (as long as it's not a Saturday or Sunday)...if I'm not up, I should be. ;-)

  35. I'm with kenju, I would have fact, if I read any more comments, I'm going to, so I'm going to move on now. ;-)