Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loving Myself

I got this from Karen over at Smiling Through it All. She had picked this up from a fellow blogger and was spreading the love.

The general gist of it is:
1.) Post something that you love about yourself.

2.) Beg your readers to post one thing that they love about you.

3.) Enjoy yourself and spread the love by doing sharing this on your blog.

Of course, listing something I love about myself seems kinda stuck up, but since this is more a personality trait than anything else, I guess I shouldn't feel too bad.

I love that I am a positive person (mostly). I tend to try to find the positives in any situation. Some people may see that as being pollyanna-ish, but I physically feel better if I can find at least one positive outcome for whatever obstacle I need to overcome. I mean, who doesn't like being happy?

Now, if you're so inclined, you can leave a comment telling me something you like or love about me (I have a feeling the answer will be "boobs" a lot). Then, post the rules on your blog and start learning to love yourself!

PS. Scroll down for your Valentine's gift! :-)


  1. I'll say your honesty is what I enjoy the most, but please know that boobs run a close second!

  2. Well, I'm new to reading your blog. Love it btw. I like the fact that you are mama who isn't afraid to tell it. I appreciate a woman who can cuss like the boys AND happily tote around her lil peeps.

  3. I love that you are so compassionate and that you take the time to comment on all of our blogs and our comments on yours ;) Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. i love your blog and the fact taht you have joined my stalkers list and I have joined your.......oh yes, and those boobs !! divine xx

  5. I love that you are a positive person. I think that I am too. It is sometimes very hard to do, but I've found that thinking positiveabout most situations helps me to remain calm and 'collected' when many people begin to 'freak.'

  6. I love that positivity in you, and I try to be that way as well. Mr. kenju might disagree with that assessment, but he's wrong....LOL

  7. I love that you are FUN! That you're irreverent and naughty! And your boobs, of course. :P

  8. I love that you are fun and devoted to your blog buddies! I look forward to your posts every day.

  9. I like that you don't sugarcoat your life. Tuning into a blog that is peaches and rainbows everyday... blech! I love how you talk about life how it is, in all it's reality! Oh and I really love how you love your husband. You may tease him but it's a loving tease, not the uncomfortable degrading teasing that a lot of women do to their husbands. I hope that made sense ;~)

  10. I love that your are conservative and I am not. (We, a microcosm of America)

    I love that you're honest-to-a-fault, because really how can there be fault in true honesty.

    I love that you love my friend and have shared his journey to the man he is today (and will share his journey to its end). How could I wish anything less than that kind of love for a friend (both of you are, so it works both ways).

  11. I love your Fiesta collection and your wicked sense of humor!

  12. I love your enthusiasm,wit & loyalty!:)

  13. I love that you are a good person with a nice twisted sense of humor. Well and that you are the glass half full person,unless it's wine ;)

  14. I like that you are willing to share information and opinions about the area in which you live (an area I will be moving to soon).

    Plus, you have kids and school issues just like we do.

    A wicked sense of humor.

    And proud of your cleavage and will to share.

  15. Mary - I've always laid my cards on the table (and kept my boobs front and center). Thanks!

    Risa - welcome to the madhouse! Back in my younger days, I was a mohawk wearing punk rock girl. I still retain some of those qualities, only now I have to look more like a PTO mom, so I straddle the line daily. Thanks!

    Trisha - I love reading all your blogs! It makes me very happy.

    BTM - I agree totally!

    kenju - of course, he's wrong! LOL. I think our spouses sometimes see us at our worst and are quick to pass judgment.

    Ginger - I love that you used the word irreverent. :-) Thanks, girl!

    Vinomom - thanks. I wish you posted more often. I love your stuff, too.

    LL - Thanks. That's sweet of you to say, I appreciate it very much!

    BB - :::sniff::: I'm lucky to have you in my life.

    Blair - your Fiesta rocks the house, too and I love your tweets on twitter - they always make me laugh!

    TGG - Thanks. I love that you look like an angel, but cuss like a sailor!

    Ron - With wine, it's always glass full to the rim! LOL.

    Al - you're the sweetest! I hope you all do move near us!

  16. I love that you are real. I can talk farts and sex with you and know there is no judgement involved.

  17. I like your sense of humor, your positive attitude and the fact that you read my blog! I don't think I've seen your boobs. My dad has a saying about boobs, "When you've seen one, you've seen two!"

  18. I just think you are a great person all around :) Can't wait to come and visit!!! LOL

  19. I love that you are funny, smart and kind. I love that you are the antithesis of the stereotypical SAHM.

    I love your organization, your attention to detail - and your awesome sense of humor!

  20. I love that I have found a conservative friend in you. I love your values and respect your views. Oh...and I'm jealous of your boobs!

  21. I love your wicked dirty mind, and the fact that I know you in real life. Hopefully we can have a girl's lunch soon!

  22. Post something that you love about yourself.

    My inventive nature and ability to accept hard times and still get by just fine.

    who doesn't like being happy?

    A campfire, some beer, some good company works for me, I don't need fancy stuff.

  23. The problem with boobs is that there is a brain above them. My new bitch is an outboard motor, now that is the kind of pushy bitch I like.

  24. I love that you are a loyal friend and an unjudgmental person. Your sense of humor runs a very close second, though!

  25. I like your sense of humor. A lot:)

  26. I think you're honest and funny as hell! Plus, positivity never hurt anyone!

  27. Robynbeth - 2 of my favorite subjects!

    Suzy - I'm glad I found your blog!

    Sabrae - drive on over!

    Renn - I love *your* sense of humor, so we have a mutual admiration society!

    Laureneer - :-) No hating on the boobs...there's plenty to go around!

    Elle - I'll be looking forward to that.

    BBC - I agree. The simple life is best. And, LOL at the outboard motor comment.

    MsPulp - Judge not lest you be judged. I try to stick with that principle.

    Debbie - Thanks! I think you're a hoot too. Love your blog!

    Smoress - sometimes that positive outlook is needed to just get through a day (an hour, a minute... LOL).

  28. I love your stories
    I love your humor

    and I love you for showing all of us love!

  29. I love your dirty-minded humor. And that you're such a sweetie and can discuss politics without calling me an America-hating commie. ;-)