Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Questions

Okay, I asked for questions yesterday. I had a few takers on my offer. So, I'll get to that today.

First up is Johnnie Avocado, and he asked, "Aside from family, who is the person you most admire and why?"

This is a tough question, because I have many people I admire for many different reasons and I really can't place one above the other for the most part, and my answer might change daily. But, I'd have to say if I admired one person *right now* it would be RachelLucas. Her blog leaves me exhausted to tears with laughter because she simply states her opinion simply. Plus, I agree with her on everything.

Then, it was not so much a question for my blog, but I figured I'd answer it here. Rosemary mentioned that her husband wanted some pinto beans and wanted to know how to fix them.

That's an easy one. Buy a bag of the dried beans. If you want pinto beans on Tuesday evening, put beans in a pot with water that comes above the beans on Monday evening. Any beans that float, discard. Discard any other weird pieces you see a floatin'. Let them soak overnight. In the morning, rinse these beans at least three times. Make sure the water running off them is clear. You can put them in a stock pot, cover completely with water and simmer all day, but I prefer to use my crock pot. I put the soaked beans in the crock and cover with water. Then, I lay a couple of pieces of uncooked bacon on the top. Cover and set to high for 6 or 7 hours. You'll need to discard those bacon pieces before serving. Salt and pepper to taste. Best served with cornbread, which can be made by scratch with corn meal, but some people prefer it sweeter. Enter "Jiffy" brand cornbread mix. Frankly, I think when you introduce sugar, honey or molasses, it becomes more of a cornCAKE than cornbread, but whatever...

Gingermagnolia asked, "How you do keep your skin so pretty?" Well, first - thanks. And second, I cannot emphasize moisturizer enough. Every day. It doesn't even have to be an expensive name brand. The Mart of Wal equivalent is good enough. Slather that stuff on there every morning. Plus, I drink a metric assload of water each day. I think that helps.

Tiff asked, "What kind of razor do you use?" Back in my college days, I discovered that men's razors work much better than those marketed to ladies - and they're CHEAPER! WTF? So, I bought myself a Gillette Sensor Excel (the two blade type, I think) when they first came out. It's the disposable razor head type thing (as opposed to the disposable razor completely). The good thing is I can use one blade forever. After I met the Evil Twin,I bought him one for Christmas and now, we each have our own handle blade, but can use the same type of blades for them.

Ron asked, "Have you ever worked or considered working at a strip club?" Here's the truth: I have never even BEEN to a strip club! Not that I have some sort or moral objection or anything, but I heard that they charge a steep cover charge and then, the drinks are overpriced. So, I've just never been interested enough to even check one out. However, if I wasn't so shy and I was 20 years younger, I think I could work at one... maybe.... with enough drinks in me.

PS. if anyone wants to ask me something privately, you can email me at I'll answer here, but I won't say who asked... Just a thought.


  1. Now that's variety! Bean recipes, shaving tips, moisturizing on a budget and strip clubs.

    You can't ask for more than that!

  2. It's like those helpful "Hints from Heloise:. :-)

  3. Eclecticism at its best!!

    Don't you put onions and celery tops in your beans?

  4. Please excuse me whilst I go peruse internet conversion tables to see what a "metric assload" equates to.


    I love the way you write... :)

  5. I can't see eating cornbread unless it is slathered in honey! Of course, slathered in beans is pretty good too! Have you ever pressure cooked pintos? We always do it about like you do, but I know some folks pressure cook them on the quick!

  6. Thanks for your 'beans recipe' :)

    Uh...I was hoping someone would ask the question I wanted to...but alas, they didn't ;)

  7. Dave - I'm a font of information.

    K - I do what I can... LOL.

    kenju - no, just the bacon. My dad liked just raw green onions served along side of his beans, but they were never *in* the beans.

    SoLow - I stole that term from the West Virginia Surf Report, Jeff Kay - he's on my blog roll there. Check him out!

    Efen - you can always email me privately. I won't tell anyone who asked the ?. :-)

  8. Warren - I'm from the way South. We don't do cornbread with any sweeteners. Blech! I've never done the pressure cooker, but you can quick cook them in a crock pot too.

  9. Um, bacon in a slow cooker - I think I'm in love with this recipe before even trying it out.Thanks!

  10. I printed the bean recipe...and I will get me some Jiffy. Steve is happy at the meal prospect. hum...strip clubs. i have been to quite a few actually in Hollywood California and Vegas. Beautiful women, great bodies, could be models some of them..others...not so much. I'd probably burn my ass on the pole or fall off my heels...50 years ago or now.

  11. Aw come on I'm sure you would be an excellent stripper now! :)

  12. Geez I've never been to a strip club either. What a bore I am!

    I'm interested in knowing how drinking loads of water helps to keep your skin looking good. I've read this a great deal recently.

  13. Hey girl... I also use the Sensor Excel and have had my same razor handle for YEARS!!! They work awesome! The hubs HAS to use the Mach 3 because he is so dang hairy and his hair is THICK!

    You totally need to experience the strip club. Some of them don't even charge a cover. And, some of them are fairly reasonable. I guess depending on where you live. Here, we have some pretty redneck one's, but I was impressed with the girls. It's fun to go as a big group! I don't know if I could strip or not... I'm with you on having enough drinks in me! The money is good so maybe if I was single. I dunno....

    Big Hugs - Tiffany

  14. Note to self: drink metric assload of water every day.

    I got the movies today. Thank you to you and Evil Twin! Can't wait to watch 'em! I'll send your "prize" hopefully in the next few days.

  15. thanks for the bean recipe - wanted to ask but didn't! Can't wait to make ETW Pinto Beans!

  16. Gigi - the bacon is just in there for flavor. It gets taken out and discarded at the end. Still, yummy stuff.

    rosemary - I hope you and Steve enjoy the beans. Let me know!

    Ron - Maybe in a club for the blind! LOL. Besides, I can strip here for free and drink wine from a box on the cheap!

    Joe - apparently drinking lots of water helping the skin is kinda controversial, but the gist is that it keeps your skin hydrated and plump....

    Tiff - I wouldn't mind going to a strip club - we have plenty not too far from us (in an area we call "The Badlands"). Perhaps one of these days.... And I think my Gillette razor handle is the one I had from college - it's got to be over 20 yrs old!

    Ginger - I'm glad you got the package!

    Momma - enjoy eating Pinto beans and feeling like a true WVian!

  17. That's so true about men's razors. What's up with that?

    And I do need to drink lots more water. I admire you for your water habit. I am so busy during the day that I forget to drink water, but you inspired me to try and drink more. Water, I mean. ;P

    I'll have to check out Rachel's blog. I think your blog is both hilarious and informative, so chances are that I'll like hers, too. :)