Monday, March 22, 2010

Tweaking Out

My laptop was having some "issues" on Saturday, so I ran it down to a repair place down the road and dropped it off. Hopefully, I will have it back today, but until then, I have to borrow Buddy's.

It's sad that I'm having such withdrawals.... LOL.

Much like driving an unfamiliar car, using a different computer takes time to warm up to. This keyboard is different, the touch pad is a bit more sensitive than mine is.

I can't wait to get MINE back. Fingers crossed for today, please!!

This week is Buddy's Spring Break. I get to sleep in just a little bit. We did the grocery shopping yesterday, so really, I think we have the entire week to just refresh and rest.

Every now and then, I enjoy a break in my routine. And, even though it had been raining this morning and is wet outside, the week promises to have decent temperatures so perhaps we'll get an opportunity to play outside at some point. That's always nice, but the Evil Twin hasn't set up my hammock yet. I told him to hold off because I knew it was going to rain.

I am really looking forward to warm, sunny days and cook outs with friends. We do enjoy casual entertaining (i.e. burgers and such on the grill with all the fixins, a few sides and everyone helps themselves - on disposable plates!) All I have to do is prep and enjoy!

We did have Crock Pot Sunday yesterday, but with my computer situation, I didn't get a chance to post the recipe. It was Round Steaks with Garden Vegetables. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. It was tasty and we all (except Sissy) enjoyed it. I hope you all are having a lovely Monday!


  1. Today better be the last day I have to clear snow off my car for a long time. I'm so ready for warm days and some sunshine and wearing shorts.

    And setting up the grill!

  2. Cooking out sounds soooo good. I hope you get your computer back today, too. I'd be insane if I were without mine.

  3. Have fun sleeping in and spending time with the kiddos!

  4. It is dreary and yucky here too. I am working from home until noon and it is so tempting to get back in bed with my book.

    I think I might be doing just that after meeting some friends for lunch.

  5. i miss hammocks.

    i haven't vegged out in one with a glass of lemonaide (doctored up ... ;) ) in a LONG time. YEARS in fact.

    lately i'm lucky if i get to eat a snickers bar while locked in the bathroom.

    such is life.

  6. Jay - I can't believe you still have snow! That's just not right.

    Lady - I called earlier and said I would be picking it up today, regardless. If it's not fixed, I will drive to Best Buy and get something new.

    Cara - The sleeping in is the BEST part!

    Karen - Any time you can relax with a book is quality time as far as I'm concerned!

    Fattie20XL - That's the only way to enjoy a Snickers. ;-) Y'all come visit and sit a spell on my hammock! It's pure heaven!

  7. Did the round steak come from a Round cow.......(that was REALLY bad). Ummmmm, you have inspired me to dust off the grill today and throw some dead cow on !!!! And onions...and shrooms !

    Love your CP recipes, we all must teach our children from an early age to crock is to LIVE !

  8. Enjoy your break!

    I am so anxious for the warmer weather.. its cold and rainy here today.. i so wish i coulda just stayed in bed!!

    Cant wait for the recipe.. i need some new ideas for crock pot cooking!

    have a great Monday!

  9. Heloooooo spring! We grilled out both nights this weekend (although yesterday was kind of in the rain) I love firing up the grill!

  10. I am SO lame at using a different computer, its like my inner head injury victim takes over and I can't type or run any of the functions, God knows I'm not good at it with my own, never mind a strange key board!

    Oooo, hammock, YES!

  11. Enjoy your Spring Break....hmmmm a week break, time off when school is cancelled, summers off...I may need to be a teacher.

    BTW, Mondays suck! I am not enjoying mine at all...

  12. 5:30 and I'm just getting around the blogs... Yay for Spring Break!!! And burgers in the backyard sounds awesome....

  13. I am especially excited about Spring this year. It is very symbolic to me of a true fresh start and an exciting "rebirth" so to speak! lol ;)

  14. I had to get a new keyboard and am still getting used to it. The keys are closer together and I sometimes hit two at a time.
    hope you get yours back.

  15. wow.. spring break. i can already sense you are loving the weather? so not going to a water park with the every one? ohh.. i really wish i could dig in at your cook outs. freee food is my thing :D

  16. Hope your computer woes are solved. It sucks. I STILL don't have a work computer!

  17. Ugh. Computer problems! I was lost when I didn't have mine for two days. I hope you have it back now.