Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Forgot!

I forgot to mention Crock Pot Sunday yesterday, but honestly, it wasn't very exciting. I did pinto beans - super simple. Old Skool. Take the dry beans and soak overnight. Sort thru to take out floaters or other stuff. Rinse, rinse, rinse and return to crock. Add a slab or two of bacon and cook on high for 7 hours or so. (The family can salt and pepper to their tastes after the beans are cooked).

I served it with a loaf of fresh bread and salads. Since I gave up bread for Lent, I've been supplementing my meals with salads.

And, I must say, I'm enjoying those salads. I always add shredded cheese and except for Fridays, I add bacon bits. Italian dressing and !voila! a delicious salad.

I have also noticed that since giving up bread and baked goods, I tend to not snack as much during the day. I'm still eating other carbs, but I guess cutting back on them a bit decreases my overall appetite.

Don't tell the Evil Twin (haha - he reads this daily), I'm trying my hand at homemade shrimp scampi this Friday!

One more thing, Karen had asked in a comment last week how I manage all the shopping for a week. I make my menu up and then find out what I need to buy for every night and for lunches during the week. If I'm purchasing lots of meat/chicken, I throw it in the freezer. Then, I look at my menu plan the day or so before and know what to defrost in the morning.

Since I don't work outside the home, getting to stores every day is difficult.

Plus, I enjoy the one stop shopping of the Evil Mart of Wal. Someone needs undies? Check. I need hair conditioner? Check. We need a crap load of food to feed 4 people for 7 days? CHECK! And, it's all cheaper than the local grocer. You all know I am all about saving a penny. And then pinching it so hard it becomes copper wire.

Hey, my frugality helps pay for our vacations and other "extras". I know the Evil Twin gets a bit frustrated by my attitude, but he's always happy when we get the big bonus. :-)


  1. I'm with ya. Walmart may have some questionable shoppers and business ethics but it's the best around here for making your money go further.

    Your pepper steak recipe was a hit here. It's not often my husband likes something enough to actually say so, and he did last night so we're putting it in the regular meal rotation. Thanks!

  2. You actually plan meals??? You seriously know what you are eating Thursday night already??? OMG!! That is so freaking me out right now! I didn't know what I was having for lunch until 1 minute ago.

  3. i love shrimp scampi!

    what time should i be over?

  4. I hate shopping...

    you could TOTALLY hire that talent out! Especially since you squeeze so well!

  5. I refuse to attempt anything home made w/ shrimp after I tried it years ago. I just don't have the know how for sea food. But my gfriend makes the most amazing Bacon Wrapped Shrimp ever.

    I wish we had one stop shopping like that here. We do have a Super Walmart in the area but it's a good half hour away and I'm not willing to travel when I have two supermarkets w/in one mile. We had Fred Meyer back home in Washington State and I loved it.

  6. Pinto beans sound really good, but shrimp sounds better. Yum!

  7. I can't plan meals like that. I don't know what I am going to want to eat all week. Sometimes I buy one thing and expect to make it and then I don't have time or don't feel like eating what I planned. I guess I am just not as strict as you.

  8. we don't work a menu here - too much taste changing fro one day to the next, but we do like to pinch them pennies. :) Squeal!

  9. Never apologize for beans or saving money! :) Mmm...I made red beans and rice today. Beans are so good, but people just do not make them enough. The crock pot is perfect for them and I make too many and freeze some.

  10. We don't plan whole meals, but we are a meat, potato, veggie family. We buy what we need and thaw as needed. But I do not shop at Wal-Mart. That place makes me cranky. Meijer is so much better!

  11. Lady - Even at WM, I still feel like I pay too much. I'm a cheapskate, though.

    Ron - Yes, Thursday night is Tuscan chicken (or chicken parmesan - I let everyone choose) and fettucine.

    Slyde - I've never done this before, so you might be better off at home! LOL.

    RLL - I hate shopping too. That's another reason I try to cram it all into one trip.

    Vinomom - Lent is making me get extra creative this year. We'll see....

    Ginger - I'm turning the leftover pintos into frijoles refritos tomorrow night!

    Karen - Since I have to cook for 4, I know what is most popular and I have to plan ahead. I'm not super strict - I will flip flop on days sometimes.

    Tiff - Who doesn't like to save? :-)

    Honey - We love all beans around here. Freezing is a great idea!

    The Dish - If we had an alternative that was as cheap, I'd definitely go.

  12. Whats a 'slab' of bacon? Is it the same as a slice? Seriously, I don't know, help me?

    I guess Walmart must be about the least expensive place to shop, I've never been there for groceries, but the non-prof I volunteer with just changed over to WM for the weekly shop.

    And they are frugal people!

  13. I agree with shopping at Wally world...I do the same thing...

  14. I love being frugal and planning my meals in advance. I've been doing that for so many years, I wouldn't know how to do it any other way!

  15. mmmmm pinto beans...

    i'm really impressed with your planning abilities, and the whole frugality thing..

    i'm half jewish, but in the bad way:

    i have a small willy and i'm bad with money...

  16. I got on my high-horse one time a few years ago and decided to "quit" Walmart.

    Yeah, I came crawling back after 2 weeks when my grocery bill doubled and I was sick of going to multiple stores for things like shampoo and laundry detergent.

    Way to go on the meal planning! I LOVE the planning! Hate the shopping.

  17. Sorry to hear of your family's loss, sounds like your uncle was a pretty fun guy. Keep him alive with your memories.