Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Dental & Computer Drama (no more HPs)

I'm supposed to be getting a new computer today and the contents of my old laptop hard drive will be brought over - thereby restoring order in my life. I'm sorry I haven't been around much this week, but Buddy and I have "joint custody" of his laptop.

The Evil Twin went to have his very back molar on the right side extracted. It was an extensive and complicated extraction due to the 2 breaks and having roots at least an inch long.

The Dentist prescribed antibiotics and Darvocet. He can't eat much and the pills are wreaking havoc with his stomach. The darvocet do help manage the pain, but they also make him all loopy and sleepy.

He is home again today and resting.

I can't believe how much it cost for an extraction these days. I had a molar extracted, probably in 1996 and it was $75...It's 4 times that amount now. Whew!

Friday Secrets may need to be moved to Saturday this week. It depends on when I can gain access to my old hard drive and find all my stuff.

Let's just put it this way: I've had 2 HPs in a row and they BOTH did the same thing about 18 mos to 2 yrs after purchase. I will no longer be using their products. I went with a Dell with the super extended warranty on it. I can't wait for the FEDEX truck!!! :-)


  1. I learned that inside parts of Dell and HP come from the same distributor. So they are pretty much the same computer!

    I got my HP in 2004 and it caught fire 2 times. Both times they replaced the computer with a brand new one due to my super warranty, but I am thinking of going Mac now.

  2. HP makes great printers, that's what they need to stick with.

  3. That is freaky. At the begining of this year I invested in an HP laptop. I will let you know if it fails on me...regardless..Best Buy has to replace it if anything goes wrong for the next two years.

    I don't like Dell's. Their video memory on any system leaves little to be desired.

  4. Karen- It caught FIRE? Yikes!

    I have a Dell and like it well enough. So far it's been good to me. I'm glad you'll be all back to normal when the delivery man comes by :-)

  5. Poor Evil Twin, I spent the 3 months around Christmas and New Years on serious antibiotics due to a coupla teeth in need of root canals.

    Those were bad days! My stomach was saved by... no kidding... simple carbs!

    Feed that man white bread, it worked for me.

    At least I got to keep the teeth, thye were some of my favorite ones!

  6. I am switching to a Mac next....I have a new HP only b/c my bro works for them, and I try to support the company. Am I good sister or what? :)

  7. Dude! You got a DELL!!!

    Ouch! That back molar sounds like a bitch to extract. Hope he's feelin better quickly!

  8. I have a little Acer laptop and i beat the crap out of it and she runs like a champ! We have had nothing but issues with our HP desktop.

    Hope TET feels back to normal pronto!

    And i have missed you around the interwebs and hope that Fedex man has been there already!

  9. I hope you get it today and have no trouble importing all the old stuff.

  10. I hope you get it today and have no trouble importing all the old stuff.

  11. I love my Dell. I've had it 3 years and always have been able to repair it myself - well one time I did have to send it out.

  12. I have an HP now and it did some funky stuff within a year of owning it, but since then, has been fine...I try not to buy super expensive computers because it always seems like everything is outdated in three or so years anyways the way technology goes.

    Hope The Evil Twin recovers quickly!

  13. I have owned several Dell computers over the years and they all worked well without needing any repairs.

    The choice to buy new ones came from a desire to upgrade to more powerful computers.

    If my experience serves as a guide, you done good, girl!

  14. yaai for dell.. i have a dell, and have had 2 before this one. and i love em all. but then with all this inflation and stuff everything is soo damn expensive, even the damn battery :(.. enjoy your new dell :)

  15. I wish you a long and happy Dell life!

  16. i had a molar and a wisdom tooth extracted. within a week of each other. no pain pills...

    well, the doctor gave me codine, and then vicodin. neither works on me. i'm just too mutant.