Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Secrets

1. I found out that someone I know and consider a friend is going away this weekend to cheat on her husband. While outwardly I am cheering her on because her husband does not treat her the way she deserves to be treated on the inside I am very jealous.

2. S.E.

I'm looking forward to the day when you're reading your book and I'm "bugging" you by playing with your breasts.

I love you.

3. At night in bed, my wife gives me details of the text messages a close family friend has sent her during the day.  She shows me the explicit pictures he has sent her.  Instead of being upset, I am turned on immensely. I love her honesty.

After we have incredible sex talking about this "infidelity", I e-mail my buddy and tell him to continue his sexual texts to my wife.

She has no idea that I am the one who prompted him to do this.

4. I submitted a secret a few months ago telling how I had offers to 'hook up' with an internet friend.  I passed on the opportunity, I haven't strayed.  I would like any experience I have with a woman who is not my wife to be shared by my wife.  But with me being a guy that probably isn't a surprise to anyone, least of all my wife.

5. I want to smoke some weed.  I've only done it twice in my life, about twenty years ago.  But I don't know the first thing about acquiring the magical herb.  I would probably end up like Michael Scott, buying a bag of lettuce.

6. I'm becoming bi-curious, but wonder if the opportunity somehow presented itself, would I pass?

7. My wife laughs when I lick and suck her nips and wiggles away from me, which is very disappointing because I am first and foremost a breast man.

8. I have a nice house and yard, but sometimes I yearn for the simplicity of living in an apartment like I had for 75% of my life.

9a.  I recently confessed to my husband that our marriage is a sham.  I finally admitted that I am totally using him for sex.  [I have encouraged him to share this fact with his friends, but he expressed horror at this suggestion.]*

9b.  I sometimes dream about running away, changing my name and not looking back.  The older I get, the more tempting this idea becomes.
I'm slightly ashamed of the second one.

*You'd think, after 15 years, that this might be a compliment.  Sort of.  In a guy way.

10. I wish I could tell my very close friend that I think her son is an asshole and that by defending him and bailing him out, she not helping him in the long run. But instead I pretend to be sympathetic and nod and smile a very fake smile.

11. I have a 2 year old son that I gave up for adoption. It's not widely publicized, but whenever people ask me if I have any children, I always tell them no and it makes me feel guilty.

12. I had an online affair with a woman I never met. I only knew her online. We wrote all sorts of steamy notes to each other. It finally progressed to sending naked pictures back and forth. It was incredibly thrilling but I really regret it now.

I received this photo last week, but it was after I had the secrets up. This one is for the ladies:

Enjoy the Friday Secrets. And, I want to send out a Happy Birthday wish to a special reader: you know who you are, girl. Have a great one!

P.S. I have a doctor's appointment this morning, so I'll be out for a bit. I'll catch up with blogs later this afternoon. (It's just a follow up appointment, nothing to be concerned about).


  1. #3, you are naughty!

    #4, good luck with that one

    Great secrets this week :-)

  2. Your secrets are always make me think about them later.

  3. Whew! Some deep dark secrets! One of these days, I'll send some of mine.

  4. I once had detention in high school for not turning in a project.... If I come up with a better secret I'll send it to ya. Ummmm..... I a little more fond of the cleavage Friday theme myself.

  5. #1 that is not good that you're jealous. looks like you're interested in an affair yourself.

    #3 don't know what to say about that. are you gay perhaps? is the guy turning you on or your wife?

    #10 you need to tell your friend your true feelings

    #12 why do you regret it now? I'm curious.

  6. i don't think #9 really got the point about anything after 15 years..

  7. Holy shit for #3.... that is freaking awesome! :)

    Hugs - Tiff

  8. I am all for equal opportunity, but boobies are prettier.

  9. #5 I bet if you ask around you'll find a friend who smokes. I have found that drug use is much more widely happening than we think.

    #7 Some ladies just don't love having their boobies played with

    #12 Is it really an affair if you didn't do it in real life? I am not sure I'd consider it that way, but we all define things differently.

  10. I love Friday's at ETW's house !

  11. #5. I think if you try you'll find plenty of people who can help you with that.

  12. Ummm...the photo...not so much. The other secrets....hummm. Mine are so different...I guess I am old.

  13. I'd love to know who sent in #2. Those are my initials!

  14. FRIDAY it sad that I look forward to them every Friday? Maybe it's because I see myself in some of them, hmmmm?

    Ahhh...FINALLY we get one for the ladies (picture that is). Perfect. We don't need to see 'the whole' package like you guys do at least I don't It's the teasing... what could be under there which makes it all the better! Just sayin..then again it could be just me. :O

  15. Not white Y-Fronts!!! No No No No No.

    I have a secret...

    I'd love to smear ice cream all over my sister in laws body and then..




    throw our new kitten on her to dig his claws in and lick it off!!..;-)

    (Silly cow thought I'd betray Carol - not to mention her brother. Horrible creature)

  16. Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  17. Wouldn't it be funny if #3 & #9 were actually married to each other?

    #10: Just do it!

    #11: Don't feel guilty.

    #12: Don't feel guilty until you get caught.

    Picture: I keep my loose change in that little slot too.

  18. #10 ...

    I always worry - whenever I post about my son - that my readers want to tell me what an asshole he is but just nod and offer fake support while judging me as a parent from the comfort of their computer screen.

  19. Great secrets this week! But that last pic? Disturbing.

  20. Not a fan of the tighty whities. Ew.

    I like the one about the husband initiating his friend to send his wife sexy texts. I can see me being turned out by that if someone were sending The Boyfriend texts like that.

  21. Secret favorite!

  22. Dude.
    I love secret Fridays.

    I completely do not in any way
    love, nor need, a photo for the ladies.

    It just doesn't work.

    And, I am sorry, it's a little sad.