Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Secrets and a Surprise(s)

I received a bunch of secrets this week! That makes me so very happy. Thank You!

1. I have something in common with a person from last Friday's Secret in that I, too, have a crush on "Three Men and A Lady".  Everytime I see her picture with her comments my stomach flutters!  I am going through a very difficult divorce right now and sincerely despise my soon-to-be ex-husband and can't help but wonder if my disgust for him is fueling my crush on "The Lady".  Either way, she is delicious and it makes me happy that at least something remotely sexual is happening to me right now.  That part of me has been feeling dead since the bomb was dropped in December.  See you in my dreams!

2. The real reason I don't want kids is that I am scared they won't be perfect.  I don't think I could be proud of a kid who had a behavior or learning disorder.

3. I am a guy and I like vagina like crazy.  But, I have this secret fantasy about tag-teaming a girl with another guy.  Part of the deal is me sucking him some and then having him cum in the girl.  After he cums, I want sloppy seconds.  I don't know if I could actually do this, but it has, uh, been good "material" for me to "work with" for a few months now.

4. I have not kissed a woman other than my wife since 1974, the year we started dating.  But have wanted to twice.  Once was in the past 6 months.  Years ago, the next door neighbor girl babysat me and she became my first love.  She is about 12 years older than me, and when I was little I told her to wait on me and I would marry her.  I was 5 she was 17.  She did not wait.  In fact, she got married...twice.  She is unmarried now.  We have kept in semi-contact throughout the years.  I tracked her down to a town near where I work.   I went to her house to see her, and she looked as good as ever to me.  We hugged and talked for a couple of hours but what I really wanted was to make out, to kiss her like we were horny teenagers.  You know, our tongues looking like a light saber fight in Star Wars.  But I did not.  I still think about it and want to visit again.  I am afraid of two things, 1) hurting my wife and 2) will it ruin my relationship with my friend.

5. I encourage my wife to dress slutty for me.  Tight clothes, short dresses, lots of cleavage…its great!  When she is wearing a low cut top, I can't help but stare at her cleavage.  I enjoy it.  Lately, I have hinted that in private, she should try false eyelashes, dark eye make up, and red shiny lipstick.  It’s the porn influence, I guess.  We are still working on it. 

6 .The best invention for a great sex life is Baby Oil!  Is this a secret or does everyone already know?

7. I'm in love with someone other then my husband.  I think of this person almost every minute of every day, even while having sex with my husband. This other man is everything I had ever dreamed of in a husband. Nice looking, great career, motivated, a leader in the community, someone people can look up to.  Everything my husband is not. I wish I could go back in time and have met this person ten years ago.  I have come to realize that I married 'just to get married' and because all my friends were getting married NOT because I was in love.

Now I am in a loveless marriage where children are involved and I just don't think there is a way out.   Worst part of all...this other man doesn't know my feelings for him but I secretly wish he would find out and whisk me away and help me feel what real love should feel like.

Only in my dreams I guess.

8. Last weekend I went into the hot tub in my gym after a pretty good work out. I was the only one there. I was sitting near an area where there happened to be a jet of water coming and it seemed to hit my crotch. After a while, with all that warm water I got a solid erection. It felt like someone was giving me a blow job. Before you know it I just came! It was very enjoyable. Once I realized where I was I scared shitless. Man o Man. Disgusting. I don't even WALK by the hot tub anymore. Now I don't think I'll ever go into a public hot tub again.

9. It isn't that my life is full of stress or that I am depressed, I just really like to drink.

10. I am going away for a long weekend with a man that I am falling for very hard. He is everything I could ever want or have ever wanted in a man. It is so amazing it is beyond belief. I feel happier than I can remember ever feeling. What's the secret? Oh, just that I am married to another man. Our marriage has been falling a part for a couple of years now and we are at the very end. This has shown me what I want in a relationship and what I always imagined a partner to be really does exist.

11. I am 33 years old.  I have been through three failed relationships.  I had given up on love as a fairy tale.  I have met this wonderful woman though.  And I am really beginning to think I may have finally got it right this time.  She is amazing.  I am going to meet her this next weekend.  Oh did I mention she is married? Yeah....but for once I don't care...He should have treasured what he had...his loss is my gain.  I am ready for a wild weekend...with one lovely lady...

12. I would love to work one night as a stripper and take it all off on stage.  I know it's cliche, but I'd want the Catholic school girl costume. 

You know I like value added services:


One is me and one is a mystery guest. She's a regular commenter here, but I won't tell you who, unless she wants to out herself. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!


  1. This is like "tell me your sexual fantasy" this week. LOL

  2. After seeing the "value-added" features at the end, I suppose there may be many more fantasy emails next week!

    Holy cow Evil Twin's wife, I am sure this is your finest work yet!

  3. I feel so normal and boring every time I read these ;)

  4. GREAT secrets!!! and great cleavage... I think I have a sneaking suspicion on the "guest"

  5. #2, I promise you, you would totally love your child no matter what. It's like a built in feature.

    Juicy secrets this week, for sure.

  6. Definitely some really juicy secrets today! Oh and #9 - SO ME!

  7. Awesome secrets... and 3 men and a lady is totally hot since everyone is commenting on it. :-)

  8. I'm not ashamed, I am the "mystery cleavage"...what delicious fun, those secrets!

  9. It looks like your request was had a ToN of awesome secrets this week!

    Nice cleavage shots...this coming from a chick with a whole lotta cleavage herself..I'm impressed!

  10. Every time I read these I wonder why I'm the only person who is going to take advantage of being single for the rest of his life.

    #2 - Kudos for your honesty, but WOW.

    #9 - I'm with ya.

    And to #12 - drop me an e-mail & I'll give you my address. Already have the brass pole in my bedroom... :)

  11. Cleavage has ALWAYS turned me on, more so than seeing the whole set of girls. Does that make me odd? Cheers ETW and Mandy, you both look mahvelous!!

  12. Nice way to start a Friday...thanks!

  13. Every week I read this and am left thinking "Damn!!" lol

    It seems like a lot of secrets involve either leaving a loveless marriage or falling in love with another married person. It's easy to forget that I'm sure there are lots of happily married people out there but posting that as a secret would be lame.

    "Dear ETW, my secret is that I love my wife! and she loves me!" lol lame secret.

    Not sure what my point is, but thanks for sharing the secrets and giving me a heads-up about public hot tubs.

  14. Wow! I wonder if anyone has any non-sexual secrets. Not that these aren't enjoyable. But hasn't anyone accidentally killed an underage hooker or something fun like that? haha

    And really beautiful cleavage! Awesome.

  15. I too am in with the others on #9.

    Yay for cleavage ;)

  16. Man, I feel like I need to wander over and introduce myself to "The Lady." :)

    Beautiful cleavage, Ladies!

    And All Click makes a very valid point!

  17. Wow... good secrets this week! I can relate to some of them!

    Awesome cleavage!

    Hugs - Tiff

  18. A double dose of cleavage...great! Thanks to both ladies. Guest cleavage is a great concept.

    #8 no public hot tubs for me

    #12 let me know when/where cause the Catholic school girl thing would be good to see

  19. woo hoo two sets of boobies! lol

    LOVE the secrets! I am still working on mine ;)

  20. Wow! Double the fun (or quadruple?)

    And great secrets!

  21. both you girls nearly gave me a stroke...

    all the blood rushed from ... well.. EVERYwhere!

    i need two computers now so i can have two desktops!!!!

  22. Silly, you didn't have to put your name on anywhere : D

    Nice shots, and again, I love the secrets, I live vicariously through them.

  23. I am completely lost.

    Not necessarily in a bad way mind you.

    OI! The Lady is mine!!!!

    She is a babe in't she?...;-)

  24. i sent a secret to you once...non sexual but I must have done it wrong. Oh well.....

  25. Am I the only one who finds it disturbing that so many of these secrets involve infidelities? I'm not judging, just wondering when marriage became such a joke for so many.

  26. ETW!
    Just curious.
    Did you breast-feed and what does that do to the reality of the bra-less breast.

    Yours with the double D,


  27. MMmm I enjoyed

  28. Glad I didn't get here until Monday morning, what a way to start the week! Those cleavage shots are da bomb(s). Maybe you should have a Best of Cleavage contest.

  29. This is my first official comment and what a great post to comment on. Love the titties gals. Keep 'em coming. And the secrets are good too by the way....