Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Secrets!

Just in time! No pic this week...I haven't felt properly motivated, but next week, I plan on putting on my thinkin' cap. :-)

1. I once had sex with the youth director at our church in a mini van behind a truck warehouse while we were supposed to be chaperoning kids.

2. I have been married 20 years. Love my husband to death, have a great life.
However, no sex in 3 years (due to various medical issues I won't go into).
I REALLY want to answer a Casual Encounter post on craigslist to have (safe) sex with a stranger. There are some that meet my requirements. I know, I check every weekend.
However, I won't host in my house, so would have to meet in a hotel.
Has anyone ever done this (I guess those would require more secrets, but you can post your reply anonymously!).
Of course the fear of being killed in hotel room by a stranger is one reason I haven't pursued this.
VERY curious though.

3. I have a HUGE foot fetish. Nothing gets me going like a nicely pedicured set of feet smashed in my face.I love to use my face as a foot stool. I can worship sexy feet for hours.

4. My friend's wife looks like Belinda Carlise. When I watch the video of "I Get Weak" on YouTube, I think of his wife and, well, you know the rest...

5. I saw you, ETW, at the Wall of Mart the other day, in the check out line. I did a double take, because I recognized you, but didn't. Know what I mean? Then it hit me........I remembered you from your pic on the blog. After I figured it out, all I could think of was..............I wonder what her boobs look like in the flesh!!!!! See what posting pics of your cleavage can do to us guys!!!!

6. I like to buy an automated car wash and, in a race against the clock, jack off before the cycle is done. My wife knows about this and now, when I have a tense look on my face, she asks if I need to go get a "car wash".

7. I have a secret so horrible, so hideous, so despicable, so gruesome that I hesitate to even bring it up anonymously. In the past, when I was young, naive, and did not know better, I purchased, listened to, and sang along with....Barry Manilow songs! Plus, I still have Barry Manilow albums to play on my record player! Please don't judge me. I know I'm one sick puppy.

8. I am hopelessly lusting for someone I can't would be so hot, dirty, and mind blowing. I think about him when I'm with my husband.



  1. I love Friday Secrets... Now better way to get the last day of the week started!

  2. OMG, I would DIE if someone from online recognized me out somewhere. That would be soooo weird.

    I am cracking up about the car wash. I bet it could be done, if you got the deluxe package, lol.

  3. Wow... being spotted because of your rack, I guess thats a good compliment!

    Great secrets... If I had one about Barry Manilow I would keep it waaaay secret too! HA!

  4. I love the carwash thing!

    Looks like ETW's got a stalker! Just kidding! Why didn't he say Hi though?

  5. The carwash thing gives new meaning to "hot wax" I think!

  6. I, too, am LMAO about the car wash story. I bet several people will think of it next time they use the Autowash. (I know I will.)

    The Barry Manilow thing, though. I once accompanied a friend to a BM (note the initials? BM? warning or coincidence?)concert as a favor, and 20 years later that concert is still my yardstick for having a bad time. "Well, it's not as bad as a Manilow concert," I'll say to myself when I'm picking up dog poop.

    He had a lighted palm tree on wheels.

  7. Wow! Some juicy stuff this week.

    #2 - I feel for this lady. Casual sex, even if it is safe sex could lead to disease. Good luck to her!

    #4 - now I will have to watch "I Get Weak" thank you very much.


  8. #2 - I think it might depend on where you are located. A few years ago, when traveling for work ALL OF THE TIME, I had more than a couple of nice evenings that were started on Casual Encounters. Lately though, I think it's just a scam where the wrong people get your e-mail address & your junk folder fills up daily. That said, the only problems I had with some of the people I met were that they weren't completely honest with their physical description of themselves.

  9. #7 - I am a proud Barry Manilow lover! I have seen him in concert over 10 time and listen to his music regularly.

    And thanks for sharing a secret that is not about sex. LOL

  10. Vinomom - I didn't say hi because A.I didn't want to be thought of as weird. B. I didn't want ETW to be uncomfortable C. I was with my wife and didn't want to make her uncomfortable and D. I am not a stalker! Just an admirer of fine boobies!

  11. I might try the car wash thing, but would probably be napping by the rinse cycle. ;-)

  12. #8 - oh I do the very same thing :)

  13. #6. Who'd a thunk it?

    ETW, does the WM thing not creep you out a bit?

  14. Gave oral sex in a car wash once. Didn't think we were going to make it but when the hot dryers went off so did he. :-)

  15. Good stuff here!...And I feel that Barry Manilow is one accomplished musician! I enjoy his music. I really don't understand where his stigma came from....

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  17. Manilow has always put on an excellent show! how many other performers are still going strong for as long as Manilow has? the man is also one heck of an arranger. his work with the people on American Idol was amazing. no shame in liking the man's work!

  18. These were great! The car wash cracks me up. I love it.

  19. Wow. I haven't been to the blog before for "Friday Secrets" so I totally thought you were just... you know... sharing secrets of your own until I got to the 3rd or 4th secret. Until then, I was thinking "how brave is SHE to be so candid" and "Evil Twin must be a helluva husband".

  20. #7. Own it brother. I love that entire medley of commercials he has written. I have an urge to hit YouTube right now and see a few BM tunes.

    But first, I need to look up #4's Belinda Carlisle and head straight over to #6's car wash.

    Not that I want to meet #6 at the car wash, but who knows, #2 might be there.

    Did I mention of love Friday Secrets?

  21. Hi!
    Just stopping by to tell you there is an award for you at my blog.
    You deserve it!

  22. I'm becoming addicted to Friday Secrets.

  23. The Friday Secret Idea: