Thursday, March 11, 2010


I just wanted to clarify from yesterday - I don't buy the GS cookies, but I do support troops. If I see a troop selling cookies, I will ask for their troop number, whip out my checkbook and write a check for $10. I could buy 3 boxes of cookies for around $10, but the troop would get $1.20. I would get cookies that are too high in calories and pretty chintzy on the portions.

Obviously, $10 is going to pay for a lot more badges and activities than the $1.20. And, we're talking about girls who are in a troop. We live in an area where there are pockets that don't have enough girls to form a troop, but they are allowed to participate independently. Guess how much they get for a box of cookies? NOTHING.

There are many good things about scouting, I won't deny that. The councils do offer Girl Opportunity Funds to supplement activity fees for girls whose families can't afford the fees.

But, you can see I might be jaded by the fact that the Executive Director of our local council pulls down a nearly 6 figure salary, plus loads of other perks and the girls get .40 a box for doing all the hard work....well, I'm going to support them my way and give them more for doing less. They deserve that much.

Also, don't forget about the Friday Secrets (or anything else you might like to send me!). It's all anonymous and free of charge! I'm a giver like that.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I didn't realize the girls got so little from the sale of cookies. That is a great idea of yours, I think we will do the same thing. Thanks for the idea!

  2. That's a good idea, really. I was a in girl scouts for 2 years (and HATED it) and I really dislike being pushed to sell cookies and there was always one girl that would see trillions and get the trip to Disney World (or whatever it was) while the rest of us earned a pencil or something.

  3. You have a great idea. We can all support the way that makes us feel comfortable. Will Sissy be participating in brownies/daisies/girl scouts in the next few years? Does/did Buddy do scouting?

  4. What a great idea. I should have known that they did not get much for the cookies. Duh.
    I do like the cookies, though.
    Now I have a dilemma, thanks a lot ETW. Do I feed my cookie desire or support the girls?
    Can't decide now.
    We'll see if any GS come to the door.

  5. Dib Dib Dib....what the hell does that men anyroad?

    ....and why is it that every 'Brown Owl' I've ever seen wandering the streets with the little Browniws is at least 20 stone? Odd.

  6. ahhhhh! Of course!!! They've been eating all the cookies!!! Silly me...;-)

  7. Scott - I'm that way about all fundraising type things. "Here, just take the money, I don't want the junk." LOL.

    Lady - Not to mention those "prizes" are so cheap. Not worth the trouble, IMO.

    Karen - Buddy went to private school, but did have opportunities to get involved in scouting, but didn't want to. We support the kids on what they want to do, and don't push them into things outside of their interests. Well see how Sissy feels about scouting, but I bet she wants to play soccer more! :-)

    Gregory - Buy a few boxes and donate $5 to the troop. Everyone wins!

    4D - Our Brownies are from grade 1 to 3 and they have uniforms that fit me! LOL. Hey, that uniform might come in handy now that I think about it....

  8. How can they get away with giving the girls that little amount and still be tax exepmt? Or are they even tax exempt?

  9. Can I haz cookie??? The only girl scout cookie that I really go for are the thin mints, but I can get mints for a lot less then those cookies cost.

  10. That's what I do too...

    I don't need the cookies anyway!

    Same goes for the kids selling candy barss!

  11. I don't understand why the kids are forced to sell so much.

    The damn girl scouts are everywhere with their cookies right now.

    Outside WalMart, Kroger and ever outside a Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

  12. Love your idea on supporting the scouts love it so much, I think I'll adopt it myself.

    Now I gotta go decide what kind of secret to submit . . .

  13. I contribute to most groups - including my kids schools back in the day - the same way. Here's a check, keep your wrapping paper. And I'll agree that GS cookies aren't the healthiest things on earth. But I do take issue with your partial facts here regarding the cookie revenues. As the project leader for five teen troops held at various community centers around Kanawha County, I see the money being put to exceptional use in a very real way. Those girls in your neighborhood who get to participate independently will have the opportunity to be included in council-wide trips, programs and events, thanks to cookie revenues. And the director who pulls down the salary you describe oversees a territory covering two states and tens of thousands of scouts. It's not perfect, but it's not entirely evil, either.

  14. Yep! I agree with all here...a really good idea!

    I will admit however, that the GS Samoa cookies are as addicting to me as a really bad coke habit!

  15. AMEN! I like your style. I don't buy the cookies either, but next time, I'll donate directly to the troop.

  16. Great idea, donating a check. Look at you, such a giver! :)

  17. I do exactly the same thing!

    And yeah, those Exec's at the non-prof's sure do seem to do all right.

    I guess its profitable for THEM, at least.

    But I won't get started on that....

  18. Doc - They are a non-profit.

    Ron - I used to be addicted to the Samoas. Those things rock!

    RLL - I do cash donations for fundraisers too.

    Cara - Well, they gotta pay all those huge salaries!

    Brian - Get those secrets in! ;-)

    Jennifer - I never used the word "evil", in fact, I said "There are many good things about scouting, I won't deny that." But, did you know I WORKED there for years? I worked under the same Ex. Dir you reference. I saw the good and I saw the waste. I processed those Girl Op vouchers I spoke about. My main point here is that $10 goes much farther than $1.20.

    Joker - Those Samoas used to call my name too and then I saw they are 80 calories EACH! Ack!

    Kenju - Just ask for their troop number and write your check to that. The leader can then deposit it directly into their account.

    Mandy - I want to support the girls, not the overhead.

    Powdergirl - Great minds think alike! :-)