Monday, March 29, 2010

Do I Know You?

On my blog on Friday, one secret was that someone had seen me out shopping and recognized me.

Since I never reply to comments on the secrets, I thought I would clear it up today.

There were comments asking why he didn't approach me or if I was creeped out by being recognized. He did reply anonymously that he didn't want to make me or his wife feel awkward, which is a reasonable thought.

But, no, it does not bother me that he "knew" me. That's the 3rd time I've been seen in public, but only one person approached me and asked if I was "the Evil Twin's Wife". It turns out that I had met that person on one occasion about 20 years ago (he went to college with my ex boyfriend). He didn't recollect meeting me, but I have a mind like a steel trap...I was like, "I know you! You were friends with Ex and worked with him on a short movie." (They were both majoring in Communications and Film Making).

Another person saw me at my favorite haunt (Mart of Wal) and twittered that she had seen me. I replied, "Why didn't you say Hi?" :-)

I don't feel weirded out being recognized or even being approached.

We live in a pretty tight knit area, and after a while, you kinda get to know a whole lot of people. And, if you don't know someone, you can bet you know someone who DOES know them. It's all knowing by association, really.

And that's why I never leave the house without make up. LOL. I can guarantee that no matter where I go, I will see at least one person I know by name. More likely than not, I will be thrilled to see that person and give them a hug.

So, if you live nearby and see me out, say "Hi". I don't bite! :-)


  1. What? You DON'T bite? Well, that seals the deal for me! I won't be saying "Hi" the next time I see you in the Mart of Wal! *giggle*

  2. Another blogger and I had a conversation through DMs about that very thing on Friday provoked by that secret.

  3. Sure she don't bite. Heck I visited once and my arm is still bandaged up!!! ;-)

  4. I just got busted. My family doesn't know about my blog and someone came acrossed it who knew my sister-in-law and outted me - If I ran into you, I'd be so excited !!!!

  5. If I ever see you I'll say hi, but I sure hope that no one approaches me.... or if you do, make sure I'm ALONE, or else I'll have to pretend you're a crazy person. My blog's a secret, shhhh...

  6. So, instead of just hiding in the bushes, I should just say "Hi" when you leave the house? hahaha ;-)

  7. Thanks for clearing that up!
    I'm a worrier : )

    @Jay, LOL.

  8. Dana - I could bite, if you asked nicely. :-)

    Doc - You must tell me all about it!

    Ron - Your visit was bite free - except for that deep fried cheesecake at Mayberry's!

    Robbie - You'd get a BIG hug!

    Lady - Ok, it's all hush-hush here.

    Jay - Say "Hi" and come on in for coffee or beverage of your liking!

    Powdergirl - Glad you aren't worried any more!

  9. i know this one feeling. it happened to me once before.. and i really didn't know how to react.. i was like.. ahh.. ok.. bye.. and then gone. more like i ran the hell outta there.. but this is good. :D.. maybe i should try to talk :P

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  11. Funny. I never run into anyone when I look nice & have make-up on....but, I wake up, get no shower, and look like HELL - I run into everybody I know.

  12. Blog infamy! Next time they better approach...and ask for autographs! I know I would!

  13. I bet they were just "star struck" and couldn't figure out what to say! Lol

  14. For the record I would be totally wierded out if someone recognized me from my blog. But I think my WV readers are the closest to me anyways!

    I can understand why he didn't say HI though.

  15. I do agree that every woman should never leave the home without a dash of something on the face!

    You surely want to be presentable when you bump to ... let say your ex don't you.:> (LOL)

    Hope to meet you somewhere out there :>

  16. Where is it that we send Friday secrets? I think I have one I want to let out and have some readers thoughts on it and yours? If I get brave enough to write it.

  17. Nitin - I think it's neat!

    GiGi - Isn't that always the case? That's why I don't take chances!

    Mary - I'm just happy to meet them and I'll even introduce myself (my real self).

    Mandy - I doubt that!

    Vinomom - I think I'd know you out if I saw you. And give you a big hug! :-)

    Kelly - Promise if you do, you'll say Hi! :-)

    SA LP - You can email me at Use a fake email or just make one up. I will never tell where the secret came from.