Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Wendy's,

Wendy's® - Quality Fast Food Made the Way You Want

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Please have this burger available when Lent is over. I would buy one and pick the bun off, but to me, this sandwich NEEDS that bun. I need that bun. As Austin Powers would say "Get in my belly!"

Actually, it wasn't Austin who said that, but one of the other characters he played in the movie.

Of course, the sandwich is being touted as a "limited time only" thang.  You just CAN'T take it off the menu before Easter.

I have been a loyal stalker customer for years now. I could eat your fries, dipped in bleu cheese dressing, every day of my life. So, it stands to reason that I really must sample this delicious Bacon and Bleu burger.

So, whatdya say, Wendy's? Keep it around and I will continue to torture my family by wanting to eat at your establishment every day.



  1. That burger does look good, I must say. Might be the 1st good thing to come off of a Wendy's grill yet!!! ;)

  2. You certainly can't hurt a burger by adding bacon and blue cheese. Mmmmmm......

  3. I'm not much of a bleu cheese gal but that there burger looks mighty tasty!

  4. Ohhh it is sooooo good too... And the bacon is thick and crispy. Not the crappy thin bacon either.

  5. I'm not a big fan of blue cheese, but Wendy's is my favorite of the fast food burger joints.

  6. I love blue cheese, but I haven't tried this yet. It's on my no-no list right now.... maybe in a few months.

  7. Sorry, can't commiserate, I'v never even tried bleu cheese, the smell is enough to put me off, and hey, if it ain't a blue berry, it shouldn't be blue. At least not if you're gonna eat it, shudder.

    And I prefer my burgers wrapped in a big ole piece of ice burg.

    Fries? I like fries : ) But I only dip them in mayo.

    Good job sticking to your resolution!

  8. I am a Wendy's fan as well, mostly because I like baked potatoes and they are the only fast food place that offers them. I often order their baked potato and a five piece nugget. For less than three bucks you can't beat it!

  9. SoLow - I love almost everything from Wendy's!

    Ron - Most certainly not!

    Chandra - I loves the bleu cheese!

    Doc - Quit teasing me! :-)

    Jay - They're my favorite, too!

    Lady - It's only around for a limited time.

    Powdergirl - You don't know what you're missing!

    Vinomom - The value menu rocks!

  10. I have not eaten fast food in over a year, but this could lure me back. And they must give me a full box of fries!

    Maybe splash a little Texas Pete on there while I'm at it. Yummy!

    Road Trip To Wendy's!

  11. Only 2 and 1/2 weeks. Surely they will keep it on the menu that long.

    I say that, but my beloved Sonic takes my favoites off the menu all the time.

  12. I just had one for lunch. literally 5 minutes ago! It's probably the 4th one I've had since they came out with the thing. It is soooo good!

  13. I gotta tell you, that burger is the shiznitt! If they take it off the menu I am going to picket their asses!

  14. I don't eat bleu cheese, but I love Wendy's. They have the best fries around and their .99 cent menu items are just the right size for me.

    They have a great fish sandwich - but only during Lent. I really wish they had it year round!

  15. I love me some Wendy's - and that was Fat Bastard who said "get in my belly" LMAO

  16. Fingers are crossed for you. I gave up red meat for Lent, and now I am planning a cheeseburger for Easter breakfast. I also gave up Little Debbie cakes, but I don't miss or want them at all.

  17. You know I love bleu cheese. However, I tried this sandwich and was extremely disappointed. I'm wondering if I should give it a shot at another Wendy's?

  18. Get in ma belly! That was the Fat Bastard who said that. Same movie, of course. Funny character.

  19. I have a Wendy's less than a mile from my house. This could be dangerous! Yum.