Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dental Drama

I told you all that the kids both had dentist appointments on Monday. As usual, things went fairly bad for Buddy.

The thing is I take them to the very best, most gentle and caring pediatric dentist in the area. I've often told them that if I had them for a dentist as a child, I wouldn't be afraid of dentists today.

But, Buddy has several loose teeth and when he has loose teeth, he tends to slack on brushing around them. Therefore, his visit involves much more scraping than usual and this causes him to be upset.

The dentist recommended one of the sonic or battery operated toothbrushes for him.

After his appointment, I explained to him that the dentist doesn't make suggestions to insult him, but that dental care is extremely important and if he didn't take care of his teeth, he could get an infection or abcess and that could lead to MORE problems that are much worse, including death.

He seemed okay with the explanation and really upped his effort to keep his teeth feeling all nice and smooth. We went by Kroger yesterday and looked at the SpinBrushes. These sell for about $8, which I felt is reasonable, especially if it helps him brush better.

One model was opened already and I picked it up and pressed the button to turn it on and see how it worked. We checked it out and then I pressed the button again to turn it off.

Only, it didn't turn off. I kept pressing and still the dang thing just kept whirring around.

I chose a different model and left the vibrating thing on the shelf. What was I supposed to do???

As we meandered away, an employee came down the aisle. She walked passed the vibrating toothbrush, but then doubled back and picked it up (it was LOUD!). We tried to act all nonchalant about it and just kept moseying away.

About this time, she was holding the toothbrush and coming back down the aisle, saying "Carol...." She walked by us briskly and we turned the corner as I said, "Kids, let's just get out of here."

Well, Buddy and I just found that hilarious. We laughed about it all the way home and we laughed about it again this morning. I just love it when my 12 year old son and I can laugh about the same goofy stuff. Instead of being embarrassed by my dorky self, he GETS it.

He looks so much like me - he reminds me so much of myself at that age too. I hope we can always laugh about the silly things in life.

I remember when Sissy was born and we were all goofing around, singing the Diarrhea Song (some people think it's funny, but it's really green and runny) and making up our own verses. Buddy looked at me and said, "Sissy doesn't stand a chance in this family." It does look like she has inherited the same Casa Evil Twin brand of humor, so I think it'll all work out!


  1. Moments were you click with your kid on an equal plane like that are great. May you have many more!

  2. LOL... I can picture you guys making the getaway! How can you resist the urge to sneak back in the store and turn more brushes on???

  3. My daughter and I share a goofy and really sarcastic sense of humor and I just love when we click and really get each other. As my son ages, he's beginning to develop quite a sense of humor but without the sarcasm (he's just too nice for our level).

  4. Fantastic! I bet you two will have tons of fun as you work together on "projects"...I bet you could keep folks at Kroger and Wal Mart busy all day!

  5. I love to see my weirdness rub off my my children.

    It proves that I really do have some kind of effect in their lives.

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  7. LOL. i love that we can see ourselves in our kids... sometimes good... and sometimes not so good... im learning all about payback at the moment... and my mom is loving it! lol.

  8. What were you suppose to do? Those darn toothbrushes!

    My friend told me of one that has a built in timer so kids know exactly how long they are suppose to brush(which is the case for my 8yr old..."am I done Mom, how much more Mom", grrr, very aggrivating) but it's like $100...yikes! Can't afford that.
    Bear loves to go to the dentist so I guess I'm lucky there, he's even had to have a tooth pulled because it was loose (very rare) and to avoid it getting infected they had to pull it and put a space maintainer in and he STILL enjoys going...go figure. :)

  9. haha.. i am planning to get that auto matic tooth brush thingie too. tis pretty handy.. the main prob with me is that im lazy for everything and i even skip meeting the doc.. :P

  10. That's awesome! I love that you and Buddy have the same sense of humor and he gets you instead of being embarrassed by you. That rocks!

  11. Toothbrush terrorists on the lam.

    Calling all Krogers, be on the look out......

  12. Hahaha, I love it!

    The boys and I always laugh about things others might consider crude. Ah well, it's funny!

  13. Reminds me of my Alex. Full of The Awesome.

  14. Just wanted to say "Hi".

    I found your blog via 3 Men and a Lady.

    I was looking at your posts, liking what I read, thinking about following...and then it happened.

    I saw you had placed
    e.e. cummings' poem on your sidebar.

    This is so beautiful. I first heard it in the film In Her Shoes, in quite a moving scene.

    I then heard it again a few nights ago in an episode of Brothers and Sisters.

    So that was the clincher.

    Look forward to seeing more posts from you. x

  15. That is awesome that you all get each other. My sense of humor varies from sophisticated to potty. Depends on the day. Further evidence that I am moody.

  16. I love it when I *click* with someone....

    and it must be fantastic for that to be your child! ;)

  17. It's important to teach kids about good dental health at a young age, while they're still enthusiastic on almost everything. Though, there might be a lot of dentist drama. Even tooth fairy stories don't work on twelve year olds anymore. Hehe! You and Buddy seem to have a lot of fun together -- really cool.