Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One of the Perks

Being a stay at home mom does have a few perks. I know people might think being at home is a walk in the park. Sitting around, eating bon bons and watching soaps. The only tv on here is the tot shows and I'm lucky if I get lunch every day.

Believe it or not, I have heard people compare the stay at home mom to a glorified prostitute. Basically, the theory behind that is that we "give it up in the bedroom" to secure a roof over our heads. Well, I've never heard of a prostitute who does her job, then does the laundry, dishes, bill paying, meal planning and prep and scrubs the bathrooms to within an inch of their lives. Maybe the people who feel that way should rephrase it to "a maid with benefits". LOL. Then, again, those people are assjockeys and don't even deserve the time I've taken to write this.

But, the job does come with perks. One of those is being able to slink back into bed and rest a bit more. If Sissy isn't up by the time Buddy and the Evil Twin leave, and it's cold and I'm still yawning, I do curl up under the covers. I usually don't even go back to sleep. Rather, I just close my eyes and think about whatever pops into my head and listen to the baby monitor to hear when Sissy does wake up.

It's so relaxing and I can stretch out long. I have terrible posture, so my back almost always feels tense. On mornings when I can stretch out like that, my back feels SO much better.

There are other perks, to be sure. That is one of my few selfish indulgences, though.

It's good to be the Mom.


  1. Hey, I tried being a stay at home mom and I couldn't do it. It was seriously tough cause I suddenly became responsible for EVERYTHING. I begged to go back to work.

  2. My husband, especially, doesn't get it. Of course, he wants me here at home, but he makes sure I do my share (or rather, that he DOESN'T do his). I always hear, "but I go to work all day" or "I have to work to pay the bills"... ugh. I love being home and all that goes with it, but I wish it were appreciated for what it really is. But still, I wouldn't trade it for any career.

  3. People who would call a stay at home mother or housewife a prostitue are douchbags... #justsayin'

  4. Those people have obviously NEVER stayed at home and taken care of house and kids, I've said it once and I'll say it again, It is one of the HARDEST jobs EVER!

    Kuddo's for taking an extra moment to relax..believe me if I could I would too!

  5. Oh, and I always say that yes, staying home does have perks like sneaking a nap every once in a while and working on your own schedule, but the paycheck SUCKS, lol.

  6. "Well, I've never heard of a prostitute who does her job, then does the laundry, dishes, bill paying, meal planning and prep and scrubs the bathrooms to within an inch of their lives."

    If you do, give her my number, will ya? ;-)

    I seriously hate the SAHM vs Working mom wars. I'm a "everyone live their lives and take care of their families the best way they can" kind of guy.

  7. A prostitute that does dishes and cooks meals?! Totally awesome, where do I get one!!!

  8. I stayed home when my kids were small, hardest job I ever did in that it never ends, there's no quitin' time. Well, I guess if the kids have gone to bed, the bills are all paid and the lunches are made and the laundry's done and the dishes are washed.... I
    ts not that there's any one single really hard task, its just that there's a million little tasks and they're all yours.

    People who dis this job as resembling prostitution are either too stupid to know better, never had a Mom, or just trying to stretch their working-stiff egos out at your expense.

    And again, its the most important job in the world, bar none.

    POOR POSTURE????!!!

    Straighten out, lady, that'll bite you on the ass later : )

  9. Ah, the life of leisure, eh? Uh-huh...idiots, those that have never done it have no idea, do they??

  10. Paige - I am a loner by nature, so it doesn't bother me.

    Lady - I'm lucky that the Evil Twin *does* get it.

    Doc - I agree!

    Lady - but the pay is in hugs and kisses. :-)

    Jay - I'll be sure to let you know!
    And I'm not pitching the SAHM lifestyle as better, just different and many times, underappreciated.

    Ron - You and Jay can fight over one if I find her. LOL.

    Powdergirl - Duly noted, sitting straighter! :-)

    Mandy - Walk a mile in other shoes...

  11. I remember how hard my Mother worked. I would never do anything but praise a SAHM.
    This country would not exist, even as it is without what our mothers did.

  12. If we ever do adopt I plan on staying home. The only reason I work now is because we need the money and I would be bored if I didn't!

    My Mom was a SAHM and so is my sister. I respect and admire what y'all do.

  13. When I was married and our two daughters were small my wife stayed home with the children. We discussed this b4 we were married and both thought that the best way for us. In addition to everything else she homeschooled the girls thru 2nd grade.

    The conversation often went like this. "Does your wife work?" (Me) "Yes, she works in the home". And I NEVER let anyone say "Oh, she doesn't work". One works IN the home or OUT of the home but nobody disrespects a SAHM in my hearing.

    Good on Ya Sheila ! (Thats my fake Australian lingo ;>)

  14. MAID with BENEFITS - When I read that, I had the best laugh.

  15. My mom stayed home when we were little. On the income tax return one year she asked my Dad to describe her profession as 'drudge.' :)

    I think it's wonderful that you're able to be a SAHM - many like me would trade you in an instant. Which is why I adore 'work at home' days.

  16. love it. love it. love it.

    and since when is prostitue a bad career decision?

  17. I've never worked as hard as I have than when I was a stay at home mom. Which is funny since I am still at home, but I work there. The hardest part is when the kids are little, there is so much work to do and you are so tired from being up all night. The hardest job you will ever love. And I never got paid for it. Where can I sign up for that?

  18. I have been lucky, Mom was able to stay home, and my wife has been able.

    I tell her "I've seen the job you do...and I don't want it!"

    I could not do it even if I wanted to!

    We may give up some things, but its what we want to do.

    Hurray for all SAHMs!

  19. Forced retirement comes with sleeping in too....not really asleep....just thinking like you do and trying to figure out the meaning of life. Steve will say we are wasting the day, but he gets up, gets dressed and climbs back into bed and snoozes too.

  20. When I was staying at home, I found more than enough to keep me busy every day, and we didn't have kids! That house was CLEAN and dinner was always ready. I have all the respect in the world for career Moms.

  21. Two of my best friends are SAHMs. I don't know where they get their energy; I'm trying to convince them it should be bottled and sold on the black market.

    On top of the errands, kid sports, health issues of one child, etc...


    I would need to be hospitalized.

    I'm not kidding.

  22. My hats off to you. All I can say is that I did it for a year with each of my kiddos and I was ready to go back to work towards the 7th month.

    But I do miss the little bit of cozy time in the mornings. I rolled out at 3:30 this morning.

  23. I've been on vacation this week,,,,And there is nothign better then staying in bed or going back to bed when u want! Stay at home moms are awesome btw!

  24. I work full time from home. So, I get to do all of the maid list AND work a full time job for a paycheck. I still think you're lucky!

    The "givin' it up" doesn't happen as much as he'd like, but he needs to tip better.

  25. I think it takes an amazing skill set to be a SAHM - one that few people realize until they are in the situation. You were blessed with the perfect skill set to be extremely successful!