Friday, March 19, 2010

No Secret

I only received one secret this week, so I'll hold off on posting it until next week. It's my fault for not reminding you crazy squirrels to send the secrets in.

So, I'm going to take the opportunity to go over the whole "secrets" protocol.

I accept anonymous (sometimes not anonymous - the choice is yours) secrets. None of them are mine, unless I say I added one. But, I won't say which one.

You can make up a fake email and send in something or you can use one of the various free anonymous email programs, like Guerilla Mail.

I don't really care which option you choose, but be aware that I WILL NOT respond to emails that contain secrets. I want to preserve the anonymity factor. If you want to check back and ask "Did you get my secret?" then I will respond with a Yes or No.

When the emails come in, I copy them, then paste them into a word document and save them for Fridays. Then, I go back to the email and delete it. That way, it's out of my email, out of my mind and I can go on and never give them much thought - or assign them to anyone in particular. It's your way of getting something off your chest and none of us needs to know who sent it. It's released and that's all that matters.

So, if you have any burdens, email me at eviltwinswife (at) You may get feedback from my readers, but not from me. I don't judge. I don't have an opinion. Your deal is your deal.

Remember, though, if you don't send in something, the terrorists win. Don't make me sad like that.

I look SO much better when I'm smiling! :-)


  1. How about I just tell you my secret here...I wanna have a sex change and become a lesbian porn star. Anyone willing to chip in with some surgery cash? Cheers ETW!!

  2. Ok I need to think up a secret to send in for next week...

  3. I don't keep secrets, it's dangerous. But I love to read all the secrets here.

  4. I'll try and come up with something soon to help the cause ;-) I miss the secrets!

  5. You know that I am an open book, but I will try to think of something. Have a great weekend, ETW!

  6. now we wouldn't want to let the terrorists win now do we.. hehe.. but then i have crappy secrets not worth calling secrets. it would be a sin to send em. and at the moment with all my therapy and stuff. i have none.. :P keep smiling :)

  7. How sad, no secrets for the week. I will have something for next round.

    As for opinions, I am sure you have some but just choose not to share them.

  8. Someone above in the comment section said they don't have secrets...that's a strange concept.

    Although some secrets (especially those told here ;-) ) are awful, shaming, embarrassing, illegal in 49 states, blasphemous, strange, and down-right rude, there are also some secrets which are nice and honorable but yet should still be kept to yourself.

    I think it's nice to keep secrets every now and again. If someone had confided in me that they made a generous donation to a good and told me because they needed advice or something but wanted to be kept anonymous then I'd gladly keep that secret.

  9. Oh ETW, you're such a good little organizer!

    And yes, Dammit People! Send secrets!
    I've got nuthin' interesting going on and I depend on you to make my life titillating!

  10. ETW - you offer the best of both worlds. Not only can people send secrets with a fake e-mail address (I've done it myself a few times) but you also open it up to answer people's questions honestly. What a great service!

    And she is right; we can't let those terrorists win!

  11. I've always held that secrets are secrets for a reason. Saying that, there's some juicy stuff I could put here. But then I read some of them and I think "gosh, I hope nobody thinks that's me!" So I don't tend to post anything here. I do enjoy reading them though!

    When I do post one, it will have nothing to do with an affair, since I'm no longer married - you all know I'm gay - I have a pretty low-drama life. If something dramatic happens, Friday Secrets will be the first to know. And I'll admit somewhere on my blog or here that I posted one - like you though, I won't say which one!

  12. I love Friday Secrets! And I keep meaning to send in one of my own...