Friday, August 1, 2008

The Birthday

Well, we had a nice time. We went to Mayberry's for dinner and had Maggie Moo's ice cream cake for dessert (I had some ice cream cake for breakfast too!).

The Evil Twin and I don't exchange gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc. Usually, we'll either choose one large item we both want and get that for each other or the birthday person will just buy something they like/want and everyone is happy.

In addition to getting out of the house and finding something to do while the power was out on Wednesday morning, our Target trip yielded a gift for the Evil Twin.

I knew he wouldn't be expecting it, so it would be a surprise.

He had mentioned last week that his shaver was on its' last legs. He uses the three head Norelco/Remington type electric shavers to shave the few hairs that still grow on his head. He uses it almost every day, so much like my hair dryer, his shaver gets a massive workout - they typically don't last very long.

So, that was the surprise: We bought him a new Remington electric shaver.

We'll see how long this one lasts - but remember kids: It was new, in the box, as of August 1 (he likes to say he uses one for YEARS before they die.... I know that's not true. The truth is they're lucky to last a year, so this way, we will KNOW when this one entered the house!).

Now, my original thought for a gift was a lightweight cotton robe for him. He wears this big terrycloth PARKA year round, then gripes when he's roasting alive in it. So, I figured something lighter for the Spring/Summer might be a nice gift, but apparently either no one sells robes (at least ones that would fit an actual big sized man - all I could find online were "One size fits all" which is code for "One trip to the washer and I'll fit a Barbie") or robes are tragically unhip these days. Maybe they're just seasonal or something, but I had to abandon my robe idea.

But, while I was back in the men's section at Target, I was also directly ACROSS from the shoes.

Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to the little girl's shoe section.

I found these for Sissy:

I'm sorry, but how cute are those? She looks like a little doll baby with these on.

She has always been a shoe loving girl. We certainly didn't encourage this (seriously, we didn't). She has just always been drawn to the footwear.

In fact, she wore these out of the store, even though they were attached to each other by a length of elastic band (she was riding in the shopping cart, so she was undeterred by the one being fettered to the other).

Honestly, peep toe wedge tennis shoe thingies. I crack up every time I see them.

At least she didn't choose glittery "Dorothy" shoes - I saw those there too.


  1. Hmmm.. never owned a robe. Could be because since I'm large I could never close them all the way and it tended to get a bit drafty. And how much ice cream cake is left??? I could be there in 3 hours! LOL

  2. Ice cream cake for THAT'S living!

  3. Now those ARE some cute shoes! I wouldn't have been able to pass on those for my DD either!

  4. Awesome gift. I'd make a note of the day and time down to the minute.

    And yes, those shoes are precious!

  5. Ron - that's why I'm looking in the big and tall man categories for robes... TET needs a bit more fabric...

    Tiff - la vida loca, senorita.

    vinomom - it's a sickness!

    Diva - duly noted. :-)

  6. I saw the 'Dorothy' shoes, too - oh, my! These shoes are adorable, though. My daughter is at the stage where she just takes her shoes off and throws them. We hope one day that she can actually keep a pair on for more than a half-hour.

  7. Real men don't wear robes.

    They wear smoking jackets ;-)

  8. Oh, and if you find a place that sells decent Big Boy robes, let us know so we can get some for the other huggable mens out there who need a lil' sump'n to cover the BVDs with.

    And thanks!

  9. "One trip to the washer and I'll fit a Barbie")......LOL We've bought that size, too!

    A good place for robes that fit big men is Land's End or that other catalog place in New England. I can't remember the name right now. I ordered a very nice robe for mr. kenju (he's and it didn't shrink at all!!

  10. Gigi - she's a girl after my own heart. I love being barefoot.

    AC - LOL. I love that segment.

    Tiff - will do.

    kenju - his "heavy" robe is from Land's End. I'll take a look at their online stuff, though. And, LL Bean's, thanks!

  11. Why don't they ever make them in my size? *sigh* Is he cleaning his shaver regularly with the Norelco cleaner? M.'s was taking forever for him to shave; so I went out and bought him a new one and some cleaner. On a whim, I took his old one apart and cleaned it too. OMG, the gunk that came out of that. It seems he'd owned it for 3 yrs and had never cleaned it. Now he has 2 razors that work.

  12. blogger has been giving me fits since last night...a belated HB to ET!!! Hope he loves the razor. The shoes are totally adorable.

  13. Those little shoes are so adorable!!
    Glad ET had a good birthday - sharing it with you and the kids ws probably the best present of all!

  14. The shoes are adorable. Too bad TET can't wear those as well. LOL

    On the robes, check I love them. Great stuff. Never once have they disappointed me.

    Curmy wears silk longjohns in the winter because they're the warmest when riding a motorcycle. That's how we got started on Wintersilks. I have one pair of those myself. I bake when I wear them. But, they have summer stuff too and silk robes that are terry-lined making them family friendly.

  15. PS: You don't want to fry bacon wearing that robe.

  16. For years I loved and used Norelco shavers they lasted for years. But I'm not that happy with the last one I bought.

    In fact as far as I'm concerned it's a piece of shit and doesn't give a good close shave.

    It's okay, when I get tired of putting up with the son of a bitch I'll take my ball-peen hammer to it. For thirty five frigging bucks I should get some satisfaction out of it.

    Yeah, sometimes happiness is in a hammer.

  17. My DD loved the Dorothy shoes for years.

    All the shoes you showed are adorable.

    My DD has a shoe fetish as well.

  18. Oh, and Casual Male - Big and Tall has robes - online, too.