Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Should Get Paid

My daily chore list is out of hand.

I have a doctor's appointment at 11:30AM. Last time I saw him, he gave me orders for blood work to check on my blood pressure (was running a bit high for a while). I never got around to going back for the work, but decided since I'd be there this morning, we could take that out around the appointment.

Thing is, the orders state no food or beverage after 10 pm the night before. So, I'm up - it's 9:30 AM. I've had no food or even so much as a sip of water (and haven't taken any of my morning meds - I need water for that) and I'm frazzled beyond belief already.

First, I have to drive in the OPPOSITE direction to drop off a box to UPS. Yes, I changed my mind about the shoes and called to exchange the Rimini for the Paris (free shipping both ways, thanks to Zappos.com, but I need to drop the Rimini pair off to be shipped back and my new Naot Paris should be here today - not that I'll be home to get them.... read on).

Then, I have my doctor's appointment about 20 miles down the interstate going West.

After that, I have to drive another hour or so West to go to a custom kitchen cabinet place - probably the only place in WV that carries the "Grass" brand hinges for kitchen cabinets.

The hinge on our lazy susan door broke about 2 and a half weeks ago and ever since then, we've been making phone calls and staring into an open cabinet full of cereal and pasta. It's about to make me insane. I can't stand it if a cabinet is merely hanging ajar...so imagine my distress at a fully UNDOORED cabinet. Not good, my friends, not good.

After this jaunt, I will need to turn the van Eastward, but not to home. Oh no. I stopped by the Car Inspection place yesterday only to be told they had run out of stickers on Saturday and wouldn't have any until today. (For those of you not in WV, we have to get a yearly inspection sticker on our vehicles, which doesn't stop anyone who lives close enough from Ohio to get a PO Box and drive a hunk o junk that wouldn't pass emissions standards for Mexico). The Car Inspection place is supposed to check the brakes, wipers, engine, etc. and declare your car suitable for the road. Many places just give out the stickers willy-nilly, but others will nit pick and find many "mystery" ailments that need fixed before they will honor you with a sticker.

Best to return to the same place you go every year, so the guys know you, your car, etc. and won't try any funny business.

After Car Inspection, I need to continue Eastward to the Kroger nearest my house to pick up a prescription (damn you, anxiety) and food for dinner, which I will then have to arrive home and start cooking. I also plano on buying a bottle of cheap wine in which to drown out the day. Should be awesome.

And with that, I'm off to put lord knows how many miles on my van (bought three years ago with 46K on it, currently has only 62K -- that's how little I drive).'

Oh, and did I mention I have to bring the cabinet door with me? It's a big old heavy lazy susan door and it's real wood, not particle board. The Evil Twin said it wasn't heavy, so he neglected to load it in my van. So, I dragged it down this morning. Oh, and did I also mention that my best monthly friend came to start her weeklong visit with me last night? Mmmhhhmmm.

I know you're all envious, but really, strive for some self-control.

Gosh, I'm thirsty. :-(


  1. Arrrgggg!!! Way to pack all your stress together! Very efficient!
    Best of luck and enjoy the box-o-wine!

    I'm glad Ohio doesn't do inspections because my little truck would most likely have issues :)

  2. Look at it this way - at least you don't need to run yet one more errand to buy the bottle of wine. Grocery stores in PA can't sell liquor, wine, or beer so we have to make a separate trip to the state store or beer distributor. When I was at WVU I loved being able to pick up my alcohol when I bought groceries.

    Can't wait to move back to West-by-God one day. If only they paid their teachers more we would be packing up this afternoon!

  3. I say screw it.

    Oh I know, I know...you CAN'T just chuck it all and go back to bed. The good news is, there's only 24 hours in a day. The better news is, wine is hell on cramps.

    (((hugs, my sister)))

  4. With friends like lil' miss monthly....

    hope all goes more smoothly today than you couldhave imagined, and that by 5 you're sittin' and sippin'.

  5. I went to get the new inspection sticker as well a few months ago and they had run out! Silly.

  6. You totally need to be cloned. That's all there is to it, girl.

  7. Ugh, ugh, ugh! You have my total sympathies. I hate it when I ask Curmy to do something and he decides it isn't something "heavy enough" to need him to do it and leaves it for me. My anger at that just adds pounds of weight to whatever it is.

    I hate the no food, no drink deal. Usually, if it's just bloodwork and stuff they'll let you have water, black coffee, and plain tea. Usually, they dont' go the total nothing by mouth route unless you're being put under for a surgery or summin. Bastiges.

    Enjoy the wine. You will have earned it.

  8. ETW....LMAO @ 'drive a hunk o junk that wouldn't pass emissions standards for Mexico'

    We have that crap too. I see vehicles on the road that smoke so much you'd think they're rolling bbq pits.

    BTW...Ya know, this whole vehicle inspection thing was started in New Jersey by a company that was/is 'mob owned'. Really...thats the truth. See, you had no idea that the mob really had our safety as their utmost concern, did ya? ;)

  9. The wine? I totally just dropped it on the driveway and busted it. Good thing I'm going back out to the Kroger for another prescription later....

  10. Party Foul! I can't imagine how pissed I'd be if I dropped a bottle of wine and broke it. *knock on wood* Thats never happened to me.

    Catching up: I like the Paris better, good choice on the exchange.

    And quick question: I've been on anxiety meds for years, what do you take? Is this an appropriate thing to ask on a comment or am I supposed to just scroll back and try and figure it out?

  11. Ron - I'm only allowed one small bottle on one week night. I choose carefully. Tonight seems perfect.

    Laureneer - and for that, I am truly grateful. It's definitely easier.

    Laura - thanks, sistah!

    Tiff - Deaf ears my friend... read on. But thanks for the thought anyway!

    AC - I'm starting to feel there's an inspection sticker scam going on. More tomorrow....

    Diva - Just this morning, I was praying for housekeepers. Maybe even just ONE. Not unless we hit the lottery and we don't play. Rats!

    BB - well, I found out this AM, they would have allowed water or coffee, but the request wasn't written that way. Just mad me madder.

    Efen - I KNEW it! Read tomorrow's update (or downdate - well, funny for y'all, not so much for me).

    Vinomom - there's a first for everything (I've never dropped one either). And yes, the Paris are really nice, although the Rimini were cute and comfortable too. I just thought they were too similar to own both (and I'm too cheap).

    I've been on Buspar and Ativan for anxiety for a while. For a bit, I was on Paxil and Ativan, but prefer the Buspar. Email me if you want to chat about it. eviltwinswife@gmail.com

  12. Sounds to me like it's just about happy hour there!!!!

  13. It's TPMS.

    Go have a glass of wine and curl up with a good movie. It'll be OK.

  14. Weight seems to be exceedingly different when calculated by men. One notices this when they're telling you to move a freezer with them and when they're eating fried chicken; the two items apparently weigh the same amount.

  15. First, the best thing I ever did for myself was get rid of that monthly visit two years ago. Huzzah!

    Second, I have broken a bottle of wine, when it fell out the back end of a vehicle. Oooo, mad, mad, mad, doesn't begin do describe my state.

    Third, good on the Naot Paris! I looked at their shoes ... love the Mary Jane Matai, copper/wine. Maybe when our finances improve a bit, I'll indulge.

  16. Supermom!!! Way to go...except for the broken bottle of win, that's a bummer. Maybe you need to pick up 2 - one as a back-up.

  17. I started stressing over the trek /time line involved in your day.

    You are ALL Woman, ETW!

  18. Macs Garage. 1806 Kanawha Terrace

    Trust me.

  19. That's one of the things that really bothers me now living here instead of in WV. If I can't drive somewhere within 10 minutes, I don't want to go, because it's "too far."

    It's stupid too, because it took at least 25-30 minutes just to get anywhere from the house in WV - and I used to think an hour was no big deal.

  20. T - it's 11:09 here now and I am so chill. I'm surprised there aren't icicles.

    Rebecca - there was lots of wine, not so much movie, but all good.

    Honeywine - should we bap them with a heavy door? Maybe that would get the point across better...

    Jaunuchis - any clues on how I can get the good doc to take out the tick tock?

    themom - I did better. I bought the small cardboard box and separated it into small servings. I can't be trusted, ya know?

    Anonymous - shhh! That is where I'm going tomorrow! You'll spoil my whole gig here...

    downfall - I'm not from here either and I STILL hate long drives.Besides, who can afford the gas? Hellooo? You already know where the ET works.

  21. Oh, the wine thing would have *totally sent me over the edge. I hope you had back-up.

    Hope the bloodwork went well.

    Stay HOME today and make up for it all. ;-)