Friday, August 29, 2008

This Morning

This is what we saw this morning - this view is in the general direction of the chemical plant that blew up last night. It was the Bayer CropScience plant in Institute. After the initial shock of things last night, the Evil Twin and I both got in bed.

The phone rang and it was Buzzardbilly telling us about the shelter-in-place.

Later, at about 12:15 am, our phone rang again, but I didn't hear it that time. There was a message on our machine this morning about the explosion and stating that there was a shelter in place for various towns around the plant, including our little berg.

Getting information last night, prior to going to sleep, was a bit sketchy. However, we knew that it was something major because we could hear the emergency vehicles in the distance.

By the time we all woke up this morning, the shelter in place had been lifted - but as you can see from the picture above, there was quite a bit of dark smoke still hanging in the air.

I'm sure I'll hear/read more about the situation as the day wears on. Strange stuff.


  1. I have been reading about the explosion online (Parkersburg News & Sentinel). I couldn't find anything last night after reading your blog - I was a little worried. My husband worked in all of Bayers plants at one time or another. I see they are saying the air quality is good and you are safe. I would be on pins and needles all through the night. Hang in there.

  2. Stay out of the Fog!!! Oh.. air quality is OK? ummm... I guess it's ok then to go in the fog if need be. You have all the excitement down there! Nothing blows up in my neighborhood!

  3. I'm so sorry for waking you up, but I was worried. I can't believe it took them an hour and a half to call for shelter in place.

    I'll call you later. I'm off today, but feel the week still dragging on my ass at this point of the morning.

  4. Glad you're all ok....scary stuff indeed. I'm sure the HazMat team is there for precautionary reasons.

    Good thing things have changed over the last 20 years. Used to be, something like that happens and they'd say 'No problem, nothing dangerous leaked'.....even if it did. Now....they triple-check to insure everyone's safety. They take no chances now.

  5. themom - the news has only been trickling in. For being so smoky this AM, it's nice and sunny now (about 11 AM).

    Ron - we sent The Fog your way. Enjoy!

    BB - you didn't wake us up, but I did answer the phone naked. ;-)

    Efen - It seems like there are plenty of people working on the problem. That's good.

  6. I'm glad you all are okay - I was wondering about you and the fam.

  7. Did Buddy have school today? It looks like that was some fire!

    Was anyone injured?

    [Hangs head, clicks around on line to find story...]

  8. Renn, school was in session. There was one employee who died and one other who was seriously burned. The other employees were in a separate part of the plant and were safe (thank goodness). And don't hang your head... the details here have been dicey at best.

  9. I could have SWORN I left you a witty comment earlier...

    S'okay. I may have hallucinated at post over at Wornerd's. Obviously it is past my bedtime.

    I am glad y'all are okay.

  10. Yikes!!! I'm glad you're OK, but what a horrible thing to happen!