Saturday, August 9, 2008

An Exclusive Club

Jeff Kay, of The WVSR, jokingly calls Sam's Club the Exclusive Club. We'll be making a trip to our exclusive club this evening.

It can't happen soon enough because I am OUT of MILK. I never run out of milk. Remember, I mentioned a few days ago that I buy it several gallons at a time because my children think it's the Nectar of the Gods?

I also need to pick up Butt Wipe. You can never have too much of that on hand. That's another thing my family goes through like mad - the toilet paper. And there are only three of us who use the restroom for those purposes.

ONE of us (not naming names here) is still in diapers and refuses to even entertain the thoughts of using the potty. I even threatened to not buy any more diapers, but had to cave at the last minute because what can I do???

I figure that "this person" will eventually get the hint and make up his or her own mind about the potty before too long. Until then, I will begrudgingly buy diapers (although I quit buying the Luvs because they have "Blue's Clues" on them and this person in question really loves Blue's Clues and I think the love of BC may be keeping them coming back to those wonderful diapers... it's a theory and probably mind numbingly wrong, but it's all I got, people.)

It's such a beautiful day here -- the Evil Twin is out cutting the grass and as soon as he finishes up with the back yard, I plan on logging some hammock time prior to our Sam's visit.

This is turning out to be a really nice weekend. Mostly thanks to all my blog buddies (both IRL and online) who cheered me up yesterday. I appreciated the words more than I can adequately express. Well, there was that, some wine (a fine box of Merlot - ha ha), and my family giving me several hours to just hang out all by myself in silence.

For being such a loner, I wonder how in the world I got mixed up in this crazy, loud, family situation.... But, I love 'em all - even the damn bird who chirps NON STOP. And I had read that budgies were among the quieter of the pet birds.... Hmmmmm.


  1. I'm glad things are looking up for you today.

    I had planned to visit BJ's today, but an unexpected random virus (with exhaustion! Woot!) has struck.

    I guess the visit will wait 'til next week.

    Check your email. I am writing up a tamed down version of the video sent to my BT. Just for you!

  2. OMG - that bird looks just like our bird, Twinkle. Twinkle shares a cage with Magic. They are stalked by Sammy, Jinxie, Domino, Princess, and Jag - our cats. Used to be the rabbits Snowflake and Patches had their eyes on the birds, too. Momma gave the rabbits away when certain little people quit tending to them.
    Yea, you get the picture - it's a menagerie here...

  3. Glad you're feeling better. I hate to break it to you, but if the Evil Twin has not yet made it out of diapers he is most likely not going to in this lifetime. I was also unaware of his fondness for blues clues, who knew?

  4. Do adult diapers have things like martini glasses and go-go dancers or other fun designs on them? I mean, they should make them fun to look at if I'm going to have to wear them when I reach my declining years (I'm guessing that will be in about five more years).

  5. I love budgies. My first pet was a blue budgie, that I named "Mr. Chippard". I was probably 3 or 4 at the time.

    Later, we had Sadie, who could open her cage and fly. She rode Dad's paintbrush and sat on his glasses to pick his eyebrows. She flew out the door one day. (This was in the 70's.)

    I have Claudius, a female African Grey. I got her when she was 3 months old, in 1991. She's a trip! Not too noisy, but adept at sound effects, and talks some too.

  6. I once had a Budgie just like yours - and another one that was blue. I loved those birds!

  7. I'm happy to see "Serene ETW" today...although I do enjoy "Bitchy/Busy/Drunk ETW" just as well. You're one of my favorite people no matter what! :)

  8. Renn - sorry bout the virus. Thanks for the email!

    T - Apple has a huge (cockatiel) cage all by himself. I don't know if I could take 2 of them making racket.

    Ron - He better be learning!

    Brad - that would make it less a blow to our dignity if the adult diapers did have patterns!

    Janis - I love budgies too. Apple is tame - he can't open his own cage, but if we do, he will fly about and land on us.

    Kenju - I'd like a blue one. I even have a cage for quarantine. We'll see....

    Laura - You get "SereneETW" today thanks to "DrunkETW" last night.

  9. I have a surefire one-day potty training method. No guilt or tears are involved. Worked like a charm with both girls and will hopefully turn out just as well for the boy when he gets there. Let me know if you are interested in hearing about it...

  10. I am glad you are doing well today. We have memberships to both Costco and Sams Club. We truly are roped into the 'bulk-buying', it is very helpful. At the same time, I always come away from those stores with something I was not intending to buy (its a trend for me!) I wish I had a hammock to sit in, and a few hours alone. I am jealous! Of course, if I was acutally in a hammock right now in TX, I'd be melting.

  11. Does Mr. Birdie (looks to be a boy to me) have a mirror? They'll constantly flirt with that bird in the mirror. They say they won't learn to talk if they have a mirror either, because they don't pay enough attention to you to want to be like you and talk.

    Glad you're feeling better.

  12. I'm not sure if Dr. Spock endorsed my way of potty training...but in the summer, I let the kids run around totally naked and they had no recourse but to run to the bathroom - one summer and I was done! Of course now days...someone would probably call childrens services or the cops! Cute bird, I babysat the one I got my FIL after my MIL passed and he never came back to get it. Had a yard sale one day and someone wanted a got it - the bird was a freebie!

  13. Hey goofhead, that's not a Budgie. It's a Parakeet. Those birds that were originally bred to jump out of airplanes in WWII.

    Sheesh, everybody knows this.

    I had something else to say, I think it was about milk. But the stormtrooper bird distracted me.

  14. oh and your site is prompting for a login/pass for your twitter api.

    You need to reconfig dear.

  15. One of my friends who owns a grocery story just informed me that milk is now more ezpensive than beer. Good to know. My kids will be sleeping a LOT better, now.


    I'm with you on the potty training, too. Jon's simply not having it.