Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Meme

I was tagged for a meme a week or so ago by Honeywine. I think it's called "The Saddest Song You've Ever Heard".

Here is my entry and later on, I'll discuss why:

I love Patsy's voice and I just want to cry every time I hear this song.

Now, perhaps, you will understand why this was such a hard challenge. There are loads of sad songs out there. I looked to Nick Cave and Johnny Cash for inspiration (cause they're both usually good for a real downer) and I passed over Massive Attack's "Teardop" because I just can't hear the song or watch the video without immense sadness.

Onto the tagging - and in this case, I'm going to pick a few blogging buddies who love music:

at Juanuchis' Way.







  1. Good choice.

    I'll have to think about mine, does "The Wedding March" count? ;)

  2. LOVE that song.

    Along with "Walking After Midnight.

    Still waiting for why that's your pick for the Meme.

  3. Laura - this was soooo hard for me.

    K - I don't have a reason really. It just makes me feel sad, even though I love her voice and could listen to it over and over. (along with anything from her).

  4. I will have to work on finding a tune.

  5. I would have to go with the same song. I cannot think of anything sadder. I loved her, and still do.

  6. I love Patsy too. I hate to say it but I think that I hate the "sad song meme". I know, I tagged YOU. lol But we definitely need to circulate a happy, makes-me-want-to-dance meme! :)

  7. Oh....I love Patsy :) Great 'sad song' choice.

    Howabout this: Kris Kristofferson, "Sunday Morning Coming Down".........that song always gets to me '(

  8. "Down in a Hole" by Alice in Chains *acoustic* I love me some Patsy Cline though. I'm not one much for country music but I do love "Don't Come Home Drinkin' with Lovin' On Your Mind" by Loretta Lynn.

    As far as get up and dance songs, I always want to dance to Bananarama's "Cruel Summer." Not sure why, just do. Plus, I don't have to headbang to it.

  9. Ron - sorry to do this to you, man.

    kenju - we certainly lost an amazing talent when she passed away.

    honeywine - we could do that, too. Although it'd take me another week and a half to decide. LOL.

    Efen - I'm not super familiar with his stuff, but I'll check that one out.

    Inanna - Patsy, Loretta and Johnny Cash are the 3 country acts I just love (and well, maybe Hank III if you wanted to lump him in w/country).

  10. Oh, this'll be hard.

    I understand why it took you awhile.

    Be back.