Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Fiesta

We went to the Flatwoods Outlet Mall today where Everything Fiesta was having their tent sale on Fiesta 2nds (might have a small paint bubble on it or another small imperfection). So, it's all cheap and most of it is really fine quality - with almost imperceptible flaws.

We picked up a few interesting pieces and got in line to check out. The line moved along at a good pace - we ended up having a conversation with the lady behind us who said she was from Scott Depot (which is not very far from where we live). Flatwoods (or Sutton) is just right under an hour and a half drive for us, so we weren't just down the street.

The Evil Twin put our goods in the van and we headed over to Shoney's for lunch. I was hoping there might be more options available (it's been years since I've been to that Outlet Mall area). But, Shoney's was fine. The food was good.

The restaurant there has all these littl knick-knacks on the walls that are for sale. Most of it is your standard "country kitchen" crafty-ish stuff that I'm really not into, but I did see one sign that caught my eye. You just know I had to have it:

After that, we walked back over to the outlet mall area and stopped in the Amish Market. They had the green peas that the Evil Twin loves so much, so he grabbed two bags of them. The kids each got bags of candy.

We then wandered down to a shoe outlet. Buddy needed new dress shoes for school as the ones from last year were too small and Sissy needed some fall/winter type shoes as well.

We found a perfect pair for Buddy and these fancy little pink Chuck Taylor Converse tennies for Sissy.

You know my little Imelda Marcos... she wanted to wear the new ones home, so I also had to purchase some socks - which is good actually because she needs new socks this year anyway. This is a good start!

We ended the trip by browsing in a book store for a bit, then decided to head home.

I'll need to start a load of dishes this evening to wash up my new Fiesta pieces (Oh! I also got two of the stripped glasses from the Everything Fiesta store...I've wanted a few of those forever!).

Now we're home. It's bath time for Sissy and t minus one hour before I whip out the Chardonnay.


  1. I don't have chardonnay, but I am well equipped with chocolate and peanut butter cookies.

    More baking left, as long as Chachi finds the piece to my food processor...that he THREW into the cupboard the other day.

    Must. Not. Strangle. Husband.

  2. I don't have a Chardonnay or peanut butter and cookies, but I believe I will have a pizza here soon enough.

  3. I've already hooked up the margarita IV. You might want to turn off your phone.

  4. I would've come that way had David & I not gone the opposite way to Durbin, to ride the Durbin Rocket.

    Next up: Cass!

  5. Oh hell, after cleaning all day to point of pain...topped it off with an Oreo Blizzard! We all have our little desires I guess. So glad you had feasting on the Fiesta selections. It's great when the trip becomes a good one for everyone involved.

  6. BTW, love the wasabi peas too. But the Amish store has a spicy trail mix with said peas -- mmm, mmm good!!

  7. **"Had FUN feasting..." I need to start proof-reading better.

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  9. Hum, well, I don't do fancy. Just have a few favorite coffee cups and my glass is an old jelly jar. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

    Just some camping or a beach.


    I have a complete setting for ten, or maybe it's eleven. I've lost count. My ex-boyfriend from a million years ago got me hooked on it when he gave me a four piece place setting FOR MY BIRTHDAY. And decreed that he "was to be served ONLY on the persimmon setting,thankyouverymuch". Needless to say he became the ex very shortly after that. Dick. No really, that was his name. Okay, it was really Rich. But I like Dick better.

    Anyhoo, big fan o the Fiesta.

  11. Renn - I hope Chachi lived. :-)

    Ron - love pizza! Nom, nom.

    Laura - I kept waiting for your call.

    Janis - we love doing Cass in the fall. TET likes the regular peas, not the wasabi, but it's still those little roasted peas.

    themom - It was a perfect day!

    BBC - I only buy what I would regularly use anyway. I just love all the colors.

    Jenny H - the outlet is in Flatwoods (Sutton) WV. The actual Fiesta plant (Homer Laughlin China) is in Newell (near Wheeling), WV. Several stores sell open stock, like Macy's and a few others.