Monday, August 25, 2008

I Don't Like Change

I'm the type of person who just takes a bit longer to get used to any change in my routine or surroundings. This morning (today) marks the first FULL day of school for Buddy.

Last week, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, they only went for a half day - or for what is known as Early Dismissal at 12:45. They have to be there by 7:45 and for a regular day, they're dismissed at 2:40.

Although I have long maintained that Buddy's school (and our church - same building) is somehow placed in it's very own time zone. They kinda do things when they feel like it. Dismissal at 2:40 might turn into 2:45 or even later.

Five o clock Mass on Saturdays is likely to start at ten after five sometimes or perhaps a little earlier. If it's football season and Notre Dame is playing during the day, you can be certain that Mass will be as short as necessary, but still be a full Mass.

So, today's schedule is different than the rest of the summer has been.

That gives me anxiety.

It's okay, though, just give me a day or two to get into it and I'll be fine.

I took an Ativan early this morning and did some of the relaxation techniques that help me feel better. (i.e. I sprawl out on the floor, flat on my back and try to clear my mind and be still as possible). That helped.

Then, I got my morning routine started and finally, around 10 am was able to use my blood pressure machine. My bottom number is always too high in the morning. ALWAYS. Sometimes my pulse is extra high too. And that was after I had tried to be extra zen, too and before any coffee.

Could have something to do with my "someone's upset my apple cart" with my schedule feeling.

By Wednesday, it'll all be good. :-)

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. I could swear I read something over on BuzzardBilly's site on how to deal with anxiety or those anxious feelings... ;)

  2. Today is Nooze's first day of school. EOTGW Elementary gives three 1/2 days to kindergarten and 1st grade at the beginning of every ease the kids into school.

    I am SO GLAD that Nooze is in 2nd grade now. Full days from day one!

    Now I'm at home, bored and out of things to clean. I could go to the library, but it's 15 miles away. No guarantee of any decent reading material, either...

  3. I know exactly what you seems the older I get the more I dislike my 'routine' being messed with. Screws with my Zen too ;)

  4. Ron - yeah... I chose an alternate anxiety reducing technique. I still have one kid in the house, ya know? LOL.

    Renn - Before Sissy came along, I enjoyed my days home alone. There's usually always a book I can read around.

    Efen - I think I'm just maybe a bit more resistant than most. I'll get my zen back. ;-)

  5. I hate that anxious feeling too! I like things to stay the same very single day - no change, no nuthin!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of you day!

  6. I'm all jacked up with my schedule lately. I can't keep up and have no idea where to start or end. And that's on the day when I write everything down.

    I'm gonna go lay on the floor for a while. Let's hope I don't get down there, fall asleep and not wake up until after 5 since I'm at work.

  7. I struggle with that too on certain days. I am a planner, and very scheduled (even if there's not much to schedule!), so when something goes awry - I have to remind myself to chill out. Sometimes, it actually works. Happy Monday to you too!

  8. M. started school today too, and I'm totally flipped out of sorts. It will take me a week to get in a routine again.

  9. Momma - now that Buddy's home, things will go back to normal.

    Catscratch - I hope you didn't conk out! LOL.

    Gigi - I often joke that I'm the only Stay at home mom who needs a Palm PDA.

    Honeywine - here's to all of us easing into the new routine!

  10. The first day of school (when my kids' were little) was always a cause for celebration for me!~!

  11. I'm with kenju....even more kids on motorbikes, no dogs running after every car in sight because the kids are in the road playing on their bikes....yup, I'm old and glad school is starting.

  12. Nate starts tomorrow and we've been in the early up groove for a while since I've had to be at work at 8. I splurged on two new shirts for him from Hollister, then I took him to the Middle School to see who his homeroom teacher was going to be. While there, we passed three very cute girls from his class. They all smile and waved... and totally checked him out. Oy.

  13. kenju - I am glad for that aspect of it...I'll be happier when I get into this new routine.

    rosemary - Good point - I can go shopping and not have to battle whole families.

    Inanna - One more year for us 'til middle school, then probably 2 or 3 more years before the girl stuff (I hope!).

  14. Oh yeah, I feel ya, girlfriend. I have control issues and if I've got something planned already (which I always efen do!) I don't need it being changed at the last minute. Makes me all skitchy too.

  15. I hate change! But for all my attempts to make everything the same, people keep switching shit around. What is up with that? It makes me anxious too.