Sunday, August 24, 2008

And Just Like That

At the beginning of the summer, I had taken the kids to the grocery store with me and while I was shopping, I noticed a display of summer merchandise.

Among the goods was a display of Country Time Lemonade. Now, I fully realized that CT is really just glorified Kool Aid and all and probably contains next to no nutritional value.

But, I also know that Buddy is very sensitive about juices that contain pulp. Plus, the CT would be easy enough to mix up and was cheaper than 100% juice.

So, I bought the cannister, thinking it would be a nice treat for the kids on the hot summer days. Turns out, Buddy didn't like the taste at all (imagine that - he doesn't like much), but Sissy, being my little Sugar Hound, thought it was wonderful.

I would give her a bit in her sippy cup every so often and sometimes, she would ask for it. Or rather, she would shove her sippy cup in my direction and say "Wemonade?"

This morning, she asked for (demanded LOL) some and I said sure, but then I realized that the Rubbermaid container in the fridge had looked low on lemonade the last time I had checked.

I had made a mental note to mix up another batch, but the container had gotten shoved to the back of the fridge and behind all the GALLONS of milk I must purchase and I forgot about it.

Until she brought it up earlier. So, I get the container and the cannister of lemonade and the funnel (I'm terrible about getting the powder into the hole of the container - a funnel makes it so much easier and less messy!). And, I poured the powder into the handy measuring lid.

It came out to exactly 2 quarts and then the cannister was empty.

And I thought, "Welp, Summer is over."

Just like that.


  1. If I send you a canister of Cuntrytime lemonaid will it officially still be Summer? Hmmm I wish comments had spellcheck, I feel I spelled something wrong somewhere...

  2. Ron! LOL

    Can't we squeeze a few more weeks out if it? I don't think I've had enough, yet.

  3. It may be over (almost)...but my favorite season is almost upon us! *sigh* I love fall :)

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  5. When I picked Nate up from camp on Friday, I said, "Well, its the end of summer." Today didn't seem like it though. Gorgeous!

  6. Ron - see how you went and sullied this sweet post about my kids and all? ROFL.

    kenju - I think we're due a little more time. It just seemed weird that here at end of summer vacation, I run out of lemonade at the same time.

    Laura - I love fall too. We'll still have plenty more pretty days.

    Inanna - This morning was great! Afternoon: hotter than Satan's nutsack. But the mornings and evenings are PERFECT.

  7. Noooooo! I refuse to believe Summer is over. I like the use of Countrytime Lemondade as symbolism though. Lemondade is SO Summer.

  8. I've felt Satan's nutsack much hotter than it was today. Nate and I walked to S.A. Mall for Micky D's. No, I had a side salad with vinaigrette dressing. I should have had ice cream.

  9. School started today.

    Nooze's reaction: "FINALLY! YAY!"

    My reaction: "ALREADY?! BOOO!"

    I'm betting that, come next year, it will be reversed. [EOGs start in 3rd grade, right?]

  10. ...and today has started out like a FALL day. I must admit Fall is my very favorite season - probably because I look better with more clothes on, but anyway...thegrandson started out this summer loving CT lemonade and has ended the summer hating it. Go figure!?!?

  11. vinomom - I think it officially ends at Labor Day (not sure about that)?

    Inanna - I love their yogurt parfait, too.

    Renn- I don't think we do those here. There is some sort of weeklong testing for all the grades, though.

    themom - I know! These mornings have been so fall-ish.