Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School's Back In Session

This morning is Buddy's first day back at school and I am already loving it.

I keep myself on a fairly strict schedule, which is strange. I mean, I could lounge around all summer on the couch and never get a shower. Buddy stays up late and sleeps in during the summer months, but instead, I'm up (well, I have to be up early because of Sissy), but I hop in the shower and remain productive for the day.

Today, I actually got to get back in bed for a few minutes after the Evil Twin and Buddy left and before Sissy woke up. I never do stuff like that! It was decadent, I tell you. Decadent!

When Sissy woke up (about 15 minutes later), I got up and fixed her breakfast and have continued to just be lazy.

The mornings here have been a bit cooler, so I opened the window on the screen door, turned on the ceiling fan and have been enjoying the nice breeze while Sissy and I hang around watching moronic pre-schooler TV.

This week, as the kids ease into school, there will be early dismissal at 12:45 every day. I figure there should be some "easing in" for me as well - getting used to the new schedule so I'm facilitating that by being lazy.

In other news, Kenju was in town for her high school reunion over the weekend. We had arranged to meet on Sunday and I called my pals Buzzardbilly and the Blonde Goddess to hook up with us as well.

We had decided to meet at Tim Horton's to have coffee, since I knew Kenju was having lunch earlier and probably wouldn't be hungry at our meet up time.

A few minutes before the time, Kenju called me to say that the Tim Horton's was closed for remodeling. After a brief exchange, we changed the location to Shoney's and I gave the other two girls a quick call to let them know.

Unbeknownest to me, Kenju had told another local blogger (who the rest of us didn't know) about the Tim Horton's plan, but didn't have a number to contact her to say anything about the re-location.

A few minutes into our coffee and chatting at Shoney's, Kenju sees a gal walking towards the door of Shoney's and says, "That's Inanna!"

Turns out, Inanna just lives a few streets over from me and we had never met and I had not found her blog (until now). She had gone to Tim Horton's, was hungry and noticed they were closed and just decided to head over to Shoney's instead (there are several restaurants in this area, so her choosing that one was a strange coincidence).

I'm so glad! It was great to finally meet Kenju and also to get to know Inanna! All in one sitting. And, of course, any outting with Buzzardbilly and Blonde Goddess will always be great.

I cropped Buzzardbilly out of the pic because she prefers to remain competely anonymous, but from left are Kenju, Inanna and Blonde Goddess. We had such a great time! 


  1. Isn't it amazing that in whatever pic the Blonde Goddess is in you only see one of her hands... I mean I'm not saying it was wandering anywhere, but it makes you wonder :)

  2. LOL, Ron.

    I had a great time and I thank you youngsters for putting up with me. I think Inanna finding us was a stroke of luck, right? I know you would all get along well, since you are so much alike.

  3. Awww...Bloggers are Beautiful!

    ETW, enjoy your respite :) It's been a long, hot summer!

  4. I love putting names and faces together!

    Sounds like a fun meet.

  5. Inanna and BG could be sisters. HOly smokes they look alike.

    Oh, and hooray for decadence!

  6. I'm so glad that y'all were able to meet up!

    Wish I could have been there!

    And BOO! that Tim Horton's was closed! That coffee ROCKS!

  7. Ron - you have a point, there...

    kenju - I loved meeting you and I knew you'd be great in person. Thanks for taking time from your busy weekend for some girl chat.

    Laura - I'm already trying to plan a lunch to include BG,BB, Inanna, you and Rebecca. Soon, I hope.

    K - now if we could only lure MORE out of state bloggers (hint, hint).

    Tiff - I thought the same thing.

    Renn - perhaps someday us Chas. gals will come to you! ROAD TRIP!

  8. What a coincidence! That is so cool.

  9. We're going to find out later--too late perhaps for some of us--that Buzzardbilly is a real-life Keyser Soze and there will be no photo to make an ID.

  10. I'm glad to read you're taking time to be lazy and enjoy a cool breeze.

    Nice pic, too.

  11. honeywine - It was cool. Very slim odds on that happening.

    Brad - LOL. But I actually have pics of her. Lots in fact. She's known the Evil Twin most of her life.

    LBB - It was nice, although I think the waste treatment plant had a problem earlier. There was a stink about mid-morning. Yeeuck!

  12. That sounds like such fun...and isn't it great when a plan comes together???

  13. someday...for the reason you know.

  14. Janis - of course! Anytime you might be near Chas, let me know or if you just want to meander down and hang out with us... :-)

    themom - I know! I'm still amazed it happened like it did.

    rosemary - come on down!

  15. Dang Momma feels a little jealous to miss out on all that blogging buddy fun!!!

    Glad you all had a great time!

  16. Fortune smiled on me, and us! Although I have to say, it is a bit strange for folks so close by to be reading my blog. That's not really happened before.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Blonde Goddess and I look like sisters. Maybe that's why I couldn't take my eyes off of her! (Besides her beauty and that eerie feeling I knew her long before I met her.)

  17. Momma - if you're ever in the Mountain State, let me know. Fun is our middle name!

    Inanna - well, no one so close that you know of... LOL. If you'd like, we could make the bloggers night out for the gals a regular happening. :-)