Thursday, August 7, 2008

Second Attempt

I've been here twice this morning... trying to think of something interesting.

See how I am? You give me a day off and my brain turns to jello. Okay, it already was jello before that, but I do the best with what I have.

Sissy has a new thing she's been doing. That is, everything she sees, she immediately labels it, "My ______."

When we were up at the Capitol Market on Saturday, we were shopping at the Purple Onion for the Evil Twin's crunchy green peas.

At the register, there was a pink helium filled balloon that had the Capitol Market logo on it. Of course, Sissy spied it and said, "My balloon!"

I turned to face her and said, "No, that's not your balloon." Well, I guess the girl at the check out overheard me because she untied the balloon and handed it to us. I thought that was very sweet, and very unnecessary. We do try to not spoil our kids (sort of).

But, the balloon has lost its helium and now just flips along on the floor. Sissy is STILL toting that thing around, dragging it like she has a rock on a string.

Unfortunately, this "my" stage extends to just about everything in the house. There are two throw pillows on the couch and she claims both of them as "mine".

I'm trying to convince her that there are two pillows. One for her and one for Buddy.

Now, she's crying and saying "Buddy is greedy." since he won't give her BOTH pillows - instead keeping one for himself. (To block his face from what he calls her "nasty cheese breath". :::sigh:::).

It's no wonder I have puddin' brain.


  1. I'm still trying to fight my "mine" phase as I find myself pointing at things and saying, "Those are mine! Please." (I am polite) I usually get smacked by the women, but who knows one day they may let me at least borrow them for a bit.

  2. Watch out for Bill Cosby. He loves the puddin' and he will take a big spoonful, or two, of your puddin' brain.

  3. I finally just gave in and said 'Screw it'. Everything is mine til I tire of it. Saves arguments ;)

  4. You make me miss having little tots around the house. Not enough to start over, but still very amuzing. I remember when both of mine went through the "mine" stage.
    These were both girls.

    Big T's 17-year-old boy... well, he is still going through the "mine" stage. That said, it's not as cute as it was when he was little.

  5. Ron - polite is the key! Let me know how that's working out for ya.

    Brad - I think someone's made off with several spoonfuls.

    Efen - That may be Sissy's line of thought....

    Diva - yeah, it kinda loses it's charm outside the toddler set.

  6. Yea Sissy! You go, girlfriend!
    (Er, I mean, really? Sissy's like that, huh?)

  7. Tell her never to give in to those girly cartoons that promote "sharing" and "caring." It's all code for "put the d00ds first."

    Besides, she'll be helping Buddy toughen up for those days in the distant future when he has a boss with nasty cheese breath and cannot use a pillow to protect himself from smelling it.

  8. My girls refuse to go to any restaurant that doesn't give them a balloon when they leave. Keeps our choices pretty damn limited...

  9. Laura - you wanna deal with this one for a bit? Didn't think so!

    BB - You have 2 really great points there.

    Laureneer - I'm guessing you eat a lot of Applebee's?