Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Shameful Purchase

And no, this won't be like Buzzardbilly's post a few days ago. (which isn't really shameful as much as it was super brave and fun). My tale involves real shame.

I'm going to have to work up to this a bit, so bear with me.

Last weekend, we went to the wonderful Fiestaware Tent Sale, which I relayed in mind-numbingly boring details for you. Remember?

Anyway, one of the purchases we made was a Fiesta Vase. I'm not sure why I chose it, because I am not a flower person, but the look of this vase has always caught my eye and I really dug the color of this one as well. And, the prices were rock bottom cheap, so it ended up coming home with us.

I got the vase home and loved it so much that I wanted to display it, but I knew I couldn't afford to keep real, live flowers in it all the time. So, I made the decision to head to Michael's to look at their silk flowers.

Okay, this move will have me in such deep hot water with kenju, I fear she may drive back up to WV to pimp slap me or something.

Plus, I had a gift card for Michael's that my friend MEL gave me last year and I still hadn't been there yet. It's not like it's out of the way, but I just hadn't had an opportunity to stop in there in a while.

So, yesterday, Sissy and I went and we bought silk flowers.

Shame, horrible shame overtook me when I got home, but I told the Evil Twin, "There were girls in there much younger than me also buying silk flowers, so maybe it's not just a granny thing."

But I still felt like a corndog for buying silk flowers.

Someone hold me.

I think it turned out okay though. The Evil Twin helped with the arrangement and it turned out very pretty:


  1. Oh, honey, you know I love ya, but I give you 2 thumbs up for the vase, but thumbs down for the flowers.
    Because they're silk.

    And that's.. just. not. right.

    Especially at THIS time of year.


    Flowers everywhere are sobbing.

  2. Very pretty...the ET should consider being a floral designer :)

    I heart that vase!

  3. Maybe it a chick thing... Are silk flowers some horrible thing? I mean I don't have any silk flowers in my house, but I don't have any real one either. I do have a plastic plant that never needs water and doesn't mind when the dog chews on it.

  4. I like the vase! The silk flowers don't bother me too much; I like very good quality ones and I have some in my home.

    You and TET did okay on the arangement, but when I come back, I'll bring you some better ones. LOL

    Thanks for the mention!

  5. K- I know... I wish I could afford real ones all year round. Now, excuse me while I curl up and cry a little over here.

    MEL - that's what I said. Of course, he had to pretend to be gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    Ron - I think it is a girl thing. I saw no male shoppers at Michael's.

    kenju - TET used to be a delivery driver for a florist and he enjoyed watching them with the arrangements - it really is an artistry. To be completely honest, I only picked the flowers, he was totally responsible for the entire arrangement.

  6. I'm not a fan of silk flowers, but I do have a few arrangements around the house. I'm never home, so real flowers would be sort of a waste, although I do splurge and get them for special occasions.

    I think the trick is to buy really good silk flowers. Nobody will notice until they touch them. :)

  7. I have both. In fact, I've been known to fill in the real ones with silk ones. I don't see a problem, but I do hate to go to my aunt's house and see them all crushed together just the way she bought them. Ugghhh! Some people don't seem to get that you're supposed to shape them. Course I put perfume on them too, but maybe that's just me. lol

  8. I think silk flowers are fine. 1) the cats won't eat them and get sick 2) Real flowers are a waste of money! They leave a mess and just die....who wants to see dying flowers on their coffee table? Spend your money on more gallons of milk!

  9. Beauty is in the eye.....

    And man, have you ever SMELLED rotting flower stems? Worse than old bong water.

  10. I'm 27 and I have silk flowers in my house - I prefer Pier One for them instead of Michaels though. You really have to pick and choose there. And I've even put silk flowers OUTSIDE in flower pots. I swear to god I have.

  11. Rebecca - these are quite pretty..I'm sure my shame will abate at some point.

    honeywine - I'm glad to know it seems to be a popular purchase.

    Anonymous - that was my thoughts too : more money for milk!

    Tiff - yep, yucky, swampy old half rotted flower water is PU.

    vinomom - I'll have to check out Pier One's selection. Of course, that's a dangerous store for me to enter anyway.

  12. Silk...real....no matter, its your vase, your choice! Ok, maybe real flowers are in abundance now, but what about in month or two....then what? Besides, they look nice.

    And...lmao @'Worse than old bong water'

  13. Sorry, I like silk flowers...especially since I have a black thumb. And Michael's has a superior selection. You did well weedhopper!!

  14. Efen - thanks!

    themom - thank you, too! It does make a nice centerpiece. Guess that's all that matters.

  15. We always had fresh flowers every Sunday morning when I lived in Germany. It was such a lovely thing. Flowers are pretty regardless.

  16. I am LMAO at "old bong water", too! I have this wicker sort of vase-thingy that came from my granny's funeral but the flowers were strickly ghetto... so, I took the vase to the florist and she always makes me an arrangement with "pretty" flowers (Ummm...I have changed it 3 times now b/c I have either redecorated or moved.) I even picked out my own flowers once. So, not saying there is anything wrong with the current arrangement or anything cause I think it is fine... but if you get tired of the arrangement, take the flowers and the vase (which I love, too) to a florist and have her add a special touch. Besides... I am stuck with that thing cause it reminds me of Granny (God rest her cranky soul) and my mom would be soooo offended if I did not use it in my house.

  17. I'm an old person...no silk flowers but I do have faux ivy in a basket....it's OK....you did real good.....looks close to real.

  18. Looks good to me, very real-ish. I have a few silk flowers and one large silk tree, lol! If they look real enough I think they are great. And silk greenery really does wonders in those up high spots on bookshelves where you can't, or don't want to, water.

  19. Inanna - I do like flowers. I'm just not much a "flower-y" type person. But, whatcha gonna do with a vase? LOL.

    J.Fab - thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into that.

    rosemary - thanks!

    Carolyn - I esp. love the lilly, which was the most expensive "piece".

  20. The good news is, TET has an extra excuse to send (or bring) you fresh flowers every now and then, as an extra little treat :) The better news is, I promise to take you to Pier One and we can be support for one another. (Because I seriously do NOT need more barware. Ok maybe a little.)