Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nothing Today

I have nothing planned today. Nothing except sitting around and bleeding half to death. I told the Evil Twin that I hoped no one called a forensics team on me today because they might suspect there's been a murder. There has been: My dignity, each and every month for the last 28 years (aside from the times I was pregnant/nursing).

Anywho: my day yesterday was fun (in case you missed it, that was sarcasm you heard). I went to see the doctor. There has been some concern about my blood pressure, but it hasn't been determined if it's high because of my anxiety or high because I have a problem.

That's where the blood work from yesterday came into play, but he also suggested that I should get a home blood pressure thingy-doo to keep an eye on things.

After I returned home, I found one on Amazon and ordered it. It was cheap enough, has all the bells and whistles and the Evil Twin and I can both use it, if necessary.

After my doctor's appointment, we headed to the cabinet supply place. I dragged in my two children and a heavy ass lazy susan door (in the rain) and was told that they don't carry "Grass" brand hinges. Even though the Evil Twin had spoken to a gentleman the day before who told him that they DID carry Grass brand hinges.

The Evil Twin said that he asked the guy his name, so his "wife would know who to ask for". The guy said, "She can ask for anyone to help her. I won't be here tomorrow." And never did give his name.

At this point, I'm starting to get a little perturbed and I tell them I've driven from Saint Albans because we were told, specifically, that they did in fact carry "Grass" hinges.

A few guys came and looked at the door and the hardware I had brought along for identification purposes. One guy even brought a different brand out and said that he thought that one would work. They sold me two and I was on my merry way.

Meanwhile, it is after 1 pm and I still had not had a bite to eat since 10 pm the night before. After my blood work, I did drink some water and take my morning pills, but that was it.

The kids and I got off the Cross Lanes exit and I drove thru the Wendy's and grabbed some eats. Then, we drove on to the Car Inspection place.

I go inside and tell the guy I spoke to the day before that I was there for an inspection and he tells me it'll be another hour before they can get to me. I say, "I've got two kids in the car - can I set up a time, like today while I'm in Cross Lanes?" and he says, "3:45". That was an hour and a HALF after I had arrived (when he'd first said an hour)...

Okay, we eat our lunch in the van and I figure while I'm in Cross Lanes, I'll hit the Kroger there and then just go to the one in St. Albans after the Evil Twin gets home to pick up my (now) two prescriptions - besides, we could kill some time in the grocery store.

I shop and get everything I need - when I sat in the van, I could sense that my feminine hygiene product was starting to mutiny on me. There was no way I was going back in the Kroger to use their restrooms.

I had also noticed that Sissy's jeans shorts had a wet spot on the back of them when I had put her in the car seat.

I know how she is about changes that take place either in a strange bathroom or in the van.

I look at the clock. 3:00pm. 45 more minutes until Car Inspection place can see us.

I think, "Fuck it, fuck it all to hell - I'm going home." And, so about 20 minutes later, I'm pulling into my own driveway.

I get the kids inside the house and use the restroom quickly, then go to unload the van. One bag rips and the contents hit the driveway. It's a package that contains: bacon, ground beef and my bottle of wine. Guess which one of those things doesn't survive hitting the concrete?

The only one that mattered, people - the wine! Busted and now running all over the driveway. I got all the other groceries inside and went back out to hose off the spill spot (so it doesn't dry and become a sticky mess).

After the Evil Twin got home, I flew to my local Kroger for my prescriptions and I picked up more wine. So, the day ended well after all.

Also, my really cute Naot Paris sandals arrived and they're perfect. I had also ordered the Evil Twin an apron to use while grilling (it's DE-luxe) and that arrived too. He loves it!

What's that saying? All's well that ends well? All was well by the time my head (and Phil Spector-like hair, from all the humidity) hit the pillow. I feel SO much better today (except that female trouble bidness).

At least I can stay at home and be miserable with that today. HUMP DAY!


  1. How did you stop yourself from killing at the hinge place? It totally works me up when I call ahead and check things and then they act totally different when you walk in the door. If you all of a sudden add a long drive, 2 kids and bleeding out to the mix and there would have been a show to be seen that day. Have a good relaxing day today!

  2. Only a strong, strong woman could have survived your yesterday...

    I would have snapped at the point when the wine crashed on the pavement. Snapped I tell ya.

    Feel better!

  3. I would have gone home early too. Especially considering your "condition". Day one of my "time" is always the worst. So sick and moody.

  4. Glad to hear you survived your day of many tests. And that it ended well instead of the other way around.

  5. Ron - I have to be on my best behaviour in front of the kids, you know?

    Diva - I was too furious to snap.

    Laureneer - Mine too. It was awful and my anxiety meds weren't really taking the edge off, either!

    Scott - thanks! I feel SO much better today. :-)

  6. Girrrrl, my hat's off to ya. The wine thing would have sent me out screaming into the middle of the highway.

    Feel better!

  7. hehe@ 'phil spector-like hair'

    After your day, I am not going to bitch to you about mine ;)

    I say 'fuck' too when it comes to vehicle inspections...but only then, ya know ;)

    Glad its a new day!

  8. I'm sorry you busted the wine, and happy you chose the other sandals!!

  9. Laura - and the doc wonders why my BP is sky high!

    Efen - I still must get the car inspected, but letting my nerves settle first.

    kenju - thanks - and really, both pair were cute and was a tough choice!

  10. Shoes and wine will fix just about anything!

  11. Some people may disagree...but I had a total hysterectomy at 34 (I had 3 kids already) and never missed that monthly visitor once!! Sorry your day was a complete mess, and to bust the wine - total panic! Now, kick back and relax - do something sooo opposite of routine and enjoy the moment. Change can be a good thing once in awhile.

  12. NCP - you aren't kidding!

    themom - I don't disagree! I wish I had a reason for the big H. I'll keep my fingers crossed. :-)

  13. OMG, I could have*sworn I left a long-winded comment yesterday and it's GONE. :::Sniff:::

  14. Last thing I dropped like that was a whole big jug of laundry detergent. Right on the carpet. It landed on the lid somehow, which promptly snapped off and emptied half the detergent into the carpet. We were never able to completely get that cleaned up - everything just managed to spread it further, which in turn managed to create suds everywhere.

    Good times!

  15. Hey, if you're lucky you'll get all perimenopausal soon....and then the fun really s tarts.


    Glad to know things started looking up for you.

  16. I would have cried when the wine hit the pavement...just sayin', you're a better woman than I am. ;-)