Monday, August 11, 2008

Parties and Potties

Buddy will be going to a birthday party sleep over tomorrow night. It's his best friend and the BFF's brother's birthday (they were born on the same day four years apart). So, we need to get out and find birthday gifts today and I need to pick up a few food items that I didn't get at Sam's.

A friend of mine emailed me a website about potty training. It's the Dr. Phil method. So, we need a pee pee potty baby.

Sissy only has one kind of real baby doll. She just really hasn't expressed much interest in the babies yet. She did have fun playing with this crazy looking, naked Barbie doll looking thing (I think it was a Bratz) at my doctor's office last Tuesday. I think she might be more of the Barbie doll kind of girl, rather than the "real" baby kind of girl. KWIM?

Aaaanyway, we're going to find a couple of birthday gifts and a baby that pees and then in a few days, we'll attempt the steps mapped out for potty training ala Dr. Phil.

I might buy her one of those puffy potty seats (you know, the kind you can put on the big potty). See if she prefers that and a step stool to the smaller potty seat.

Isn't my life riveting? I know you are all out there (all 7 of you), in rapt attention with my potty training tales.

The Evil Twin went off to work and forgot his lunch. I pack his lunch four days out of the five he goes to the office. He likes to eat at this chinese buffet with his co-workers once a week - but all other days, I prepare the lunch. And then, he forgot to take his this morning, so on my way to Toys R Us, I'll just run by his office real quick and drop it off. It's on the way....

I've got dishes to empty from the dishwasher and clothes to get out of the dryer, so I'm off.

Manic Monday, y'all. Love ya!


  1. Don't forget Tinkle Toonz

    The potty that plays music when you go! Heck I still use it myself it's sooo much fun!

  2. If the Dr. Phil method isn't for Sissy, I saw a piece about Booty Camp (one day potty training) on TV not too long ago. It's kind of odd, but different things work for different kids.

    Why must they be so stubborn when it come to the potty thang?

  3. I just don't dig Dr. Phil. I think it's his voice. He's nasally.

    Anyways, good luck with the PT. We're going through it with Lil T.

    Boys are cool, we're teaching him to sink the Cheerios.

  4. Potty training is no fun! The thing that worked with Toots was when I took her to pick out big girl panties - she picked them out - and then of course insisted on wearing them, which was the perfect opening to tell her what she had to do to get to wear them. Not one problem after that day!

  5. Yeah, I'm in the wrong room today.

  6. I used the baby-doll method too. It worked like a charm. I sort of had a variation of the Dr. Phil idea, from an old book. My son never wore diapers again after that day (still does pull-ups at night-time). Good luck!

  7. Ron - I think I've spent enough already. Do you think it will help if I hum a tune when she uses it?

    BB - I don't know, but I hear it comes honestly (from all the other kids in my extended biological family).

    Catscratch - he is an assclown, but I am desperate and willing to try anything.

    T - we have pretty Dora panties waiting for their big moment.

    Brad - come back to us in a bit, you never know what you'll need.

    Gigi - Operation baby doll is all set for tomorrow. ;-)

  8. Best of luck to both you and Sissy! Who do you think she will choose to call her? My oldest picked Dora and my middle child chose Elmo. Needless to say, we have family members and friends who are very accommodating!

  9. Laureneer - thanks! We've been chatting about it today, but tomorrow is GO TIME. She loves Mickey Mouse above all others, so I'm sure her "good news" call will be to Mickey (The Evil Twin).

  10. Well if anybody'd know about crap it would be Dr. Phil.

    A girlfriend of mine had the singing potty that played a tune when you spun it's toilet paper holder. The nightmares I had about the song that thing played. OY! I think all it taught her was if you pull on toilet paper a song should play. Yeah...not a great lesson especially when they get into the real bathroom.

    We did it the old fashioned way, and put the plain potty next to the real toilet. When Will went potty, we sat on the big toilet beside him. It was no trouble training him at all.

  11. Geez....all that and you still managed to squeeze in a work hug :)

  12. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz *snort* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pfffft zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*huh

    zerb, um..., I like milk


  13. LMAO at the menfolk. I popped back in to say that if you're going the bribery route (pretty big girl panties) you might want to throw in some super snazzy shoes that only big girls who potty wear. She likey the shoes. Make it work for you. ;)

  14. BTW, I find the bribery method can be applied to any encounter with children. It's my fayburt.

  15. Ooh, let me know how it goes. Might try this with Jon. He simply is not buying this potty thing.