Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Could I Be Any Dorkier?

I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm playing this silly game on MySpace called Mobsters. The deal is you can grow your "mob" by adding other players. However, they must first be your "friend" on MySpace before you can add them as a mobster.

My profile is set as private, which means only people who are my "friends" can see it. Since I started my account a couple of years ago, I have only added people I either really know in real life or know pretty well thru online interaction.

So, to grow my mob, I've had to add people I don't know to my friend lists and then invite them to join my mob.

I quickly discovered that once a person accepts the mobster invitation, that they can be deleted from the friend list and still remain a mob member.

I've been spending my free time adding strangers, verifying that they're in my mob, then deleting them before they have a chance to check out my profile (although on MySpace, much like here, I never mention my kids by name - although I do have a couple of pictures of them on my picture pages).

I found a website called where you can quick add people to your friend list.

In the game, you can have up to 500 mob members. I'm near 350 at this point, but I'm desperate to round out that number to a clean 500.

In the mornings and evenings, I go to the quick add site and chose a few people at a time.

Yesterday, I added a freaking CORNDOG to my friend list in order to have another mob member.

Yep, a corndog. That was the name on the account and the photo was that of a corndog. I figured, "Why not?"

After I added the corndog and saw that they (she? he?) had become part of my mob, I deleted the corndog from my friend list.

I never even went to the profile to learn more about the corndog.

BTW, my blood pressure this morning was 103 over 71 - a respectable, if not even low, number. And, it was MUCH lower yesterday afternoon than it was yesterday morning. Luckily, my blood pressure monitor stores the data over time, so next time I see my doctor, I can take it and he can analyze what it all means...maybe I won't get another prescription after all! :-)


  1. Yay on lower blood pressure!! Ummm... what was that site again?? And you say you can delete them afterward???

  2. Yay, on the lower blood pressure.

    OKay, can I see what this mobster stuff is all about without committing? I have a MYSpace, but don't really use it anymore - I'm all about Facebook@@ Yeah, I'm 46 - what of it?

  3. A corndog. What terrors it may yet wreak.


  4. Ron - I emailed you the specifics.

    K - same for you (check your Facebook mail).

    T - further supporting my theory that WINE is good. (I had a metric assload of Chardonnay last night).

    Tiff - that corndog better be a good mobster! (not that I'd know...out of the 350 members I have).

    kenju - I was pleased! I had to blink and really read the monitor a few times just to make sure!

  5. I'm glad you're BP is looking better, girl!!!

  6. Nice job on the BP! Perhaps it was all that laughing about Corndog The Enforcer! :)

  7. I grew up with a Corn Dog. I wonder if it's the same one.

    MFin' YAY on the BP. Mine seems to only go in one direction. I think it comes down when I'm sleeping, but that depends entirely on the dream.

  8. Congratulations on the lowering blood pressure!

    I have never dared to get into MySpace or Facebook. Neither of them make any sense to me. (I can't figure out how to stay 'private').

  9. That's it. I'm making a MySpace account.

  10. Catscratch - me too. Hope it lasts.

    Laura - laughter, wine, I'm sure it all helps. :-)

    BB - Hmmm. This one appeared to be just a plain corndog.

    Renn - I love MySpace. It's easy to set your privacy settings when you set the page up. If you do one and don't like it, you can always delete it! (hint, hint).

    LBB - be sure...that stupid Mobsters game is addictive! LOL.

  11. How do you not look at a corn dog? I'm a vegetarian and I'd still look! lol

  12. Maybe it's the stress of evading "hits" by rival mobsters that is making your blood pressure go up.

    Just a thought...