Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Evil Twin

It's his 49th birthday! He has to work today, but he is off tomorrow, so yippee!!!

I can't really tell more on this blog today, because he reads it, but I will fill you in on all the secrets (okay, the one secret) tomorrow.

I will tell you all that I added three new recipes to the Glamorous Recipe site yesterday, so check that out if you have a notion. It's on the sidebar over there to your right. I would link, but I am too freaking lazy.

On Tuesday, I received a catalog in the mail. It's not a company I have ordered from in the past, so I'm sure my name was sold by someone I have ordered from before. It's a catalog of children's clothing, so that's not really unusual.

It's called, "Chasing Fireflies".

Well, it should be called "How to Dress Your Child like a Mid Century English Moppet".

It's THAT type of attire. One of my favorite featured items in the more "modern" section of the catalog is a Beatles tee shirt. For children. It's $68!!

That's not a typo.

There is also another outfit that incorporates a jumper (dress for the menfolks), a tee, "bright tights with leg warmers", and a necklace. The entry for that is entitled, "Harvest of Whimsy" and it can all be yours for $210.

Here's a link for the Harvest of Whimsy pieces: Harvest of Whimsy

This catalog might also be more aptly named, "For People With More Money than Sense."

I bet they sell a boatload of this shit.

For what it's worth, I got the catalog for free and it's provided me with quite a bit of entertainment. I think I'll keep it around just for shits and giggles.


  1. I get the Big and Tall version of this catalog and order all my clothes from them. These spandex tights are a little uncomfortable at first, but very nice after a bit.

    And here's wishing a Happy Birthday to the Evil Twin... I bet his present is from the catalog, isn't it???

  2. Happy Birthday to the Evil Twin!!! I hate those 2.5 months when I'm older than he is :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Evil Twin! I hope he has a great birthday. So nice to find another Leo.

  4. Happy Birthday, ET!

    I've had a few similar catalogs over the years, and I think the only people who buy from them are movie stars.....LOL

  5. Ron - you have seen TET. Do you honestly think he could fit in kiddy sizes? LOL.

    MEL - I know that burns your butt!

    Kathleen - I tend to like Leos (and Cancers- early July). I've dated lots of guys born in July. Weird.

    Kenju - that's what I thought, "Oh, must be for celebrities' kids!" Who else would spend $78 for a 9 in. tall stuffed animal??

  6. Being poor, white trash as I am... I never buy anything unless it's on sale and out of style.

    I'm chinsy that way :)

  7. LOL... But the spandex stretches a whole Bunch!!! He could fit! LOL

  8. I don't even have to click on that link. I would drop dead before I dressed my kid in a "harvest of whimsy"

    Or, well, my hypothetical kid, anyway.

    Happy Birthday to ET!

  9. Happy Birthday to ET - have fun celebrating together!

  10. Diva - you n me both....

    Ron - I'll have to let him know.

    NCP - you are clearly a woman of serious tastes.

    T - Not much planned - cake and a dinner out. We'll see ;-)

  11. Happy Birthday to TET.

    You nailed it: The Harvest of Whimsy is like a colorful moppet straight out of a Charles Dickens novel.

    I could suggest a way to incorporate a whole different "harvest of whimsy" into your birthday plans, but I don't want to shock your delicate readers. *listens for the sound of the indelicate wishing to know how to incorporate a harvest of whimsy into their celebratory sex*

  12. Happy birthday TET! Hope it's a good one!

  13. Dude, that kid looks like Punky Brewster!

    Why not call it "You could have done this for less than $5 at Goodwill"?

  14. Happy Birthday, Oh Great and Evil One! :)

    Ok, I know they're impractical and entirely for the Montessori school, "my kid makes Picassos" crowd. But I secretly wish I could wear them on rare occasions. Just imagine the looks you'd get in Walmart!

  15. BB - thanks, but we think anything that even reeks of "whimsy" might cause rumors. You know.

    downfall - TET thanks you. And YOU LIVE! :-D

    Renn - I was also thinking the Goodwill route.

    Honeywine - The only looks you might get at WalMart would be the employees thinking you stole fabric from there and fashioned your very own "get away" garb!

  16. Pre Po - Hell to the N-O. Thank goodness. I love my children, but I am finished.

  17. When I was little, Mom made all my clothes (on that Singer 301). Buying clothes was anathema!

    Happy B-day, TET! Many more!

  18. OK - I think that outfit is adorable, but now way in heck would I pay that kind of money for it.

    Here's hoping TET's b-day went well, and that he surprise was a welcome one.

  19. $210 is roughly my entire years clothing budget! ha!

    When I was a kid I really didn't care what the heck I was wearing.

    I guess nothing has changed!

  20. Happy belated, Evil Twin!

    I've kept up with you all week, ETW, but not many chances to respond. I'm happy to be home and happy to get my blogofix on again :) Sounds like a good time was had by all at the b-day festivities!