Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Paging Tammy Faye

I went to WalMart yesterday and had to buy hair color. My hair has been black all my life - until I hit about 30 or so and then, I started to find a random grey or two.

I played around with different brands and shades of color until I found the perfect match - Miss Clairol Nice n Easy 121A. I can only find this at WalMart.

Yesterday, though, they were all out of 121A, so I settled for a slightly lighter shade, but still dark. It just doesn't look the same, although I can live with it. So, now I have a new hair cut and a new color...

I had asked a few weeks ago about deal breakers and a couple of guys had mentioned being turned off by gals who wear too much make up. Hmmm. When I think too much make up, I think Tammy Faye Bakker.

I know I fuss a lot with my hair and make up, but I don't think it's overkill. I just have a lot of products I enjoy using. But, for a girl, I think I do a good job of getting myself together in the mornings. It takes me 30 to 45 minutes from shower to voila! And that includes: shower, shampoo, hair dry, style, getting dressed and make up. Make up includes: moisturizer, concealer, foundation, blush, loose powder finish, eyeliner, lash curling, mascara, lip liner and lipstick.

I multi-task by drying my hair while I apply my make up.... I wear the mineral powder stuff, so it's easy to apply while doing other things. The only things I don't do are my eyes and lips while drying my hair because they require more concentration.

All that being said, I don't think I look overly made up. I like to think that I use the products to give me a more polished look that makes me feel semi-presentable to leave the house. When I feel like I look decent, I feel better.

There are many women I know who spend hours on themselves just to get out the door. I don't think my 30 to 45 minutes is too shabby in the scope of things.

And remember, ladies: eyelash curler - don't leave home without it!


  1. My fellow product queen...I, too, do the "girly" thing (shut up Efen), but it takes me way longer to get out the door, for some reason. And ya know, for all my fussing, I've never gotten the hang of the eyelash curler! Might have to give it another shot.

  2. Hmmmm.... my makeup doesn't take nearly as long to apply. And I to have never gotten the hang of the eyelash curler!

  3. Thanks to my years in the Air Force, I'm adept at going from bed to out the door in 30 minutes, bathed, dressed, coiffed and makeup.

  4. Laura - it is tricky.

    Ron - you don't have as much area that needs help as the rest of us!

    Juanuchis - the AF is good for time management... I know from the Evil Twin!

  5. (hehe...Elle trying to 'head me off at the pass' No, Elle my dear, not an 'Efenism ;)

    WOW.....'30-45 minutes'...I must say, I am impressed. I didn't think all of that could be accomplished in under 2 hours!

    And...not shabby whatsoever!!!!! :)

    Alas, I too, have never got that whole eyelash curler thing down either.

  6. My view on make-up is the same rules should apply for male actors as it does for women. If you can tell they are wearing make-up then it's too much! lol

    Seriously, it's more the appearance of the make-up than the amount in my humble manly opinion.

  7. Efen - I've been at it a long time, so naturally I've picked up speed along the way. LOL.

    AC - the cosmetic industry loves me, though.

  8. I've cut my routine way down since the summer's come. Since the a/c in the car is fritzed, it would all melt off anyway. :( I miss getting dolled up. In the winter, I take an hour getting ready!

  9. I'm shocked. Shocked that there are women in this world who actually do their make-up at home and not while driving down the street, sipping on Starbucks and yakking on the cell phone simultaneously. What a concept.

  10. I always wear mascara - even if I'm doing dirty work, or home sick in bed.

    If you wanna know more quirky things like that, go to:
    Because You've Been Tagged

  11. honeywine - I'd at least do eye make up if I was without AC. (waterproof!).

    Dave - that's just it. I don't *leave* the house until I look okay, so no driving and primping here. (someone might see me w/o eyeliner! Gasp!).

    K - it's the best - and eyeliner. I'll go check out my tag.

  12. What exactly would the "lighter shade" of black be anyway? I think in color theory class we learned that it would be....erm.......gray?

  13. I didn't say a "lighter shade of black". I just said "lighter shade" meaning medium brown.

  14. I'm allergic to makeup, so I pass.

    Shower, moisturizer, body lotion. Start to finish, approx. 15 minutes, including getting dressed.

    I don't blowdry my hair, either.

    I run a large comb through it, add curl gel, throw in a barrette - and hope for the best.

  15. If I stayed off the computer, I could probably get ready in 30 minutes. :-)

    Tell me more about the mineral stuff - I've always wanted to try it.

  16. I, for one, do appreciate the time that ladys take to enhance their appearance. Too many young people seem not to care about their appearance.

    My wife always looks better than I do and coaches me on how not to look like a slob.

    Three cheers for you ETW!

  17. Renn - I can understand the allergies. I've just always been "fussy".

    K - I love it. I buy the store brand (like Maybelline). The Bare Minerals is nice, too, but pricey. My friend who has very sensitive skin says she can only use their (BM) products.

    Al - thanks! I enjoy my cosmetics. The Evil Twin says I look nice, but he said he'd tell me if I overdid it. :-)

  18. I'm with Kenju, allergies keep me from bothering with make-up most days (not make-up allergies...just the runny eyes and such).

    I used to have a great morning routine. Now, I only bother if I know I'm going to be meeting someone, I'm teaching (lest I scare the children), or it's a special occasion.

  19. I can get ready in about 45 minutes, unless I get sidetracked in the shower, you know, just standing there half asleep because it's 5:00 a.m.?

    I forgot mascara last Friday and went crazy at work once I figured it out. All the men thought I was nuts and said they couldn't even tell. Are men blind?