Saturday, July 5, 2008

Evil Twin's Wife Recommends

I think I'll start a new little topic. This one will be updated from time to time as I find awesome products to recommend. This first one is for the ladies (or guys who might enjoy a touch of "pretty").

Since I always wear sandals in the summer, my toenails are never left un-painted. How terrible would that be??? ;-)

I had acrylic nails put on before I got married and continued to get them worked on for a while afterwards. In a short time, the girl who did my manicures and I became friends. She decided to leave the world of manicuring behind and pursue a different line of work - she ended up teaching me all she knew and gave me her supplies. For a few years, I just did my own acrylic nails. And during this time, I did paint my fingernails.

Acrylic nails tend to hold polish better than plain nails. So, once I went back to regular nails (i.e. trying to get pregnant and didn't want to breath the fumes and then having a newborn and no time)... But, I still kept up with my toenails.

Of course, there'd be chipping and such.

Until I found Revlon Color Stay.

I've been using this for almost 2 years and it is the greatest. I'm talking pedicures only here - I have no
experience with the manicure side of it. But, you can apply this polish on the piggies and it will last - chip free - until your toenails have grown out and you are forced to remove it and re-apply.

I never wore darker fingernail colors when I did do nail polish on my hands, but on my feet, I feel more free to use a bold color, so I wear "Always Vintage" which is a really dark brown red. The top coat gives off an incredible shine that LASTS. No chipping!

The second product I have for you this evening is Crystal Deodorant Stones. (this one is for everyone).

The product description is listed as: "For those who want a hypoallergenic non-staining deodorant that lasts all day, these stones are for you! This potent deodorant stone will leave you clean and fresh all day without the greasy feeling that so many other deodorants leave you with. Unscented and made purely of natural mineral salts. Available in 2 oz. trial size stick for $2.99, 4.25 oz stick for $6.95, 2 oz. trial size stone for $2.99, and 8 oz plain stone with carrying bag and dish for $8.99."

These cost a bit more than your average store-bought deo stick, but last forever. I bought one each for me and the Evil Twin well over a year ago and they're still going strong. We, however, are not strong or sweaty or stinky (in the odor-ish way). The trick to the stones is to wet them and then really rub all up and down and around the usual area. It's a weird feeling.

These are also aluminum free, which many researchers have pointed at as a cause for Alzheimer's. You know what, if I can be fresh smelling and dry AND not half batshit crazy (although my liberal friends will disagree with me there), then let's bring it on! :-)


  1. I'll look for both of those.

  2. The dark nail polish just never looked that good on me so I stopped using it :)

  3. I used to be death on polish, so I rarely polished my nails. Then, for a while, I was having to attend some fairly dressy functions and started having my nails done. I became a huge fan Color Stay (Revlon's Color Stay Lipstick was what convinced me to try other products...that lipstick lasts and lasts...and I hate lipstick). Then I stopped doing my nails again.

    I'm going to have to try the deoderant rock. A guy I dated a long time ago said he used a rock for deoderant and I'd been intrigued ever since.

  4. Ooooh...from one product queen to another, I love this new feature! Another guilty pleasure (though I feel no guilt whatsoever) are mani/pedi's. I usually go French (and don't we all from time to time) but sometimes get bored and like a splash of color. I'll try both of these, and thanks :)

  5. I don't go anywhere without deodorant, and now you're telling me that it eats brains??

    I'm getting that stuff, and quick.

    Wonder why they call it Thai Stick...? Buncha hippies.

  6. Where can you buy the deodorant?

  7. Both are great tips - thanks!

    My tip for cosmetics is the L'Paige lipsticks. They stay on forever! I like the yellow stick - it's kinda like a mood lipstick - it just becomes your color!

  8. My tip for fingernail polish is "Nail Life Nail Revitalizer". You have to buy it at a Beauty Supply store - Like a Sally's. I can't keep polish on my fingernails because I'm always cleaning or scrubbing something. This is clear polish. You throw on a coat everyday (I do mine after I take a rest after dinner) - it dries VERY quickly. It stays on and makes your nails hard. It doesn't turn them yellow. I take it off about once a week. It is great having nice shiny fingernails all the time.

  9. Laureneer - I googled it and found it online. There are several "healthfood" type websites that sell them, so shop around for the best price.

  10. I agree, Revlon Color Stay is excellent polish!

  11. For a while about a year ago I stopped using any underarm product, and in about two weeks I noticed that all systems were pretty much OK in that area. No excessive sweating for smelling, which surprised me. It was weird to skip that step of the morning duties, but after a while I didn't miss it. Even now if I forget a day, it's not all that bad.

    I was pleasantly surprised by that. The less often I can expose myself to something that will cause me to lose my mind even more quickly than I already am is a good thing in my book.

  12. I have always wanted to try a deodorant stone, but was worried that it would make me reek.

    I 'sweat like a man', so I'll try it first over a weekend.

    Thanks for the tip!

  13. Renn - and everyone who will try the deodorant stone, you need to really cover a large surface area, not just the pit spot. Trust me, you could swirl it on for an hour and still not use much up. The Evil Twin had a manly man smell thing going on, but since using this - it's gone.

    And, I've only read a few studies that indicate aluminum may have some link with Alzheimer's ...who knows with these studies. But, I figure better to be safe if there's an alternative that works!

    I found this link:

    or your health food store might stock this one or one like it.

  14. Okay,I've ordered it. I sweat like a pig so it should be interesting to try.

  15. You have such a way of writing that I ended up actually still reading this post well after I discovered it was about Deodorant and Nail polish :-p

  16. I may have to try those. I've used Rimmel nail polish with Lycra for years. But, I always use glitter gold nail polish on my toes. The glitter stays on forever! I don't like it on my fingers because it's a bitch to take off, but I love it on my toes (I seldome have to reapply there). I suppose you could do the same with any color of glitter nail polish, but I like the gold (silver would just make me look paler...and metallics go with everything).