Monday, July 7, 2008

Her First Movie

We all went to see Wall-E yesterday. It was Sissy's first movie and also, her first taste of popcorn. Popcorn is one of the foods on the "Mom's Suspicious Food Item" list - it goes on there, along with grapes and peanut butter...some for choking hazards and some for allergy suspicions.

I never really took too much stock in the allergy department, because neither myself nor the Evil Twin have food allergies. Buddy started on eggs and PB well before his first 12 months had past and he did fine.

Sissy was also given PB fairly early, but apparently, she is not a fan.

Anyway, the movie was cute and Sissy behaved about as well as you could expect a 2.5 year old first time movie patron to behave.

I think she was more interested in the popcorn and raisinettes.

I guess since we aren't doing a real "vacation" this year, we plan on spending at least one weekend day doing things that are fairly close by, like bowling, walking around the Kanawha State Forest, or spending time at the Avampato museum. Things that are free or cheap.

I'd like to take the kids to the Mystery Hole. Buddy is at an age where he woud really dig that.

Any other "must dos" for summer that are local and on the cheap?


  1. Mmmmm... Tell me you got the popcorn with like a gallon of butter (or whatever they use) on it. Glad the movie deal went fairly well :)

  2. So what's the mystery hole?

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  4. Our kids always enjoyed a picnic at Little Creek Park, or St. Albans City Park-both of these places have playgrounds. Or you could combine a picnic w/a little fishing at Coonskin, Youngest Child always enjoys that. By picnic I mean sandwiches, chips, and a thermos of KoolAid on a blanket-no muss, no fuss!

  5. Ron - I got popcorn with butter. TET likes it plain. I love that stuff.

    kenju - the Mystery Hole is this little touristy area. I believe it's near Anstead. They have a website.

    MEL - sounds like a weekend plan!

  6. Awww...the movie date sounds cute :)

    We used to go to the pool at Kanawha State Forest, and afterward always stopped and played in the park area--the little creek, the picnic areas, etc. It was fun and almost never crowded. We could romp at will :)

  7. David & I discovered Kumbrabow State Forest. Gorgeous! The hiking may be a bit challenging for little legs though. But it's lovely and peaceful. And free.

  8. Wuuu...I wanna go to the Mystery Hole! I love the weird/creepy stuff! :)

  9. Laura and Juanuchis - I see many State parks in our summer. WV has so much to offer!

    Honeywine - did you google it? It is an odd place!