Monday, July 14, 2008


Somehow this stupid thing just posted before I even got started. Stupid blogger.

I've already been to the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart) and back and have had lunch. I may run to the pool with the kidlets or I may just sit on the couch all day.

I've been going to bed early every evening and getting up early, feeling good...I get my shower and get ready for the day. Then, I feel like having a nap! Ugh.

I think my anti-anxiety meds are making me groggy - it should pass as soon as I get used to it.

So, thanks for the compliments on my hair. I think it looks better today and took another pic and replaced my avatar (stuck up ME LOL). Sissy did fine with her hair "cut" - all she had done was just a quick brush across the front to even out the terrible job I had done. My hairdresser didn't even charge me for her.

I've been seeing the same person for 22 years and I just love her. I pretty much just tell her my general idea of what I want and then tell her to use her best judgment. She never lets me down.

I think I might lay down on the floor under the ceiling fan with Sissy and catch a few zzzzs just for a moment or two.

I'll catch up on my blogroll in a bit. Y'all are chatty and it takes me a while to make it down the list! :-)


  1. My advice? Don't fight the naps. "Nap through it", and you'll be fine. Isn't everything sweeter after a nap? (Wait...that's probably just me :)

  2. I think I'll lie down and take a nap myself. Only I'm at work and these pesky people coming in and asking me questions. It really doesn't help that I stripped to my underwear and have a teddy bear either...

  3. Laura - I do love naps, but I rarely take one after I have "my face on". Don't want to mess up the eyeliner, ya know?

    Ron - I hope your undies are clean at least. LOL.

  4. It's the dog days of summer here, and it's the only time of year I want to nap. It makes more sense to nap when it's too hot to get out and about in the afternoon. Maybe we should just move to Mexico! lol

  5. I love naps. (My cats love them too.)