Monday, July 28, 2008

The Joys of Home Ownership

We've lived in our current house for just over 4 years and we love it here. The house and the location are just exactly what we had always wanted. Prior to this, we owned a house for over 10 years in a different part of town. Why we stayed so long, I don't know... but, we're in this house and it's great.

The house is over 50 years old and is situated on a double lot, so there is quite a bit of ground to cover when it comes to yard maintenence.

On Saturday, the Evil Twin was getting his wheelbarrow out of the shed in the back yard to gather up weeds and other debris.

We have this crab apple tree that sits near the shed and this season, it has over produced it's little crab apples and they are all over the ground. Sissy likes to pick them up and throw them. The deer, squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, etc. like to come around and nibble on them.

While the Evil Twin tried to roll the wheelbarrow out, he stepped on a wayward apple and his feet slid out from under him. He busted his ass on the ground and then the wheelbarrow landed on top of him.

While he was outside doing yard work, I was inside doing laundry.

Sissy had been wearing a new dress earlier in the week and had a diaper blow out episode. So, I put the dress in the utility sink with some Oxyclean before putting it in the washer. I had a load of clothes in the dryer and added another load to the washer, forgetting that I had the sink  full with the stopper in place.

The washer drains into the utility sink... so guess what happened?? That's right, we had an overflow of water all over the laundry room floor. Luckily, there is a drain in the floor there and we have a wet/dry vac, so I drained the sink and started on clean up duty.

I had caught it fairly early in the process, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

After all these interesting activities, the Evil Twin and I were sweaty and tired - and it wasn't even noon yet!

Sometimes we get boring weekends. I like those weekends.


  1. are so right...'boring' and 'uneventful' can be the perfect week-end!

  2. Like a weekend could ever be boring with two kids running around :)

  3. Yeah, I'll take boring, too.

    Glad you caught the mess in time.

    It's a shame you didn't catch TET on video in mid-fall.;-)

  4. Boring and quiet are nice. I keep wanting to go somewhere devoid of electricity but I think M. would chew through the ropes before I got a mile down the road.

  5. Efen - that's usually what we have, too!

    Ron - surprisingly, the kids are the least of the chaos most of the time.

    K - I know it had to have been comical (looking). But probably not as comical as him telling me that when he was emptying the wet/dry vac, his shorts slipped down to his ankles and he was standing in our yard holding a big vac in his tighty-whiteys. LOL. Wonder if a neighbor saw him?

    Honeywine - we're discussing possible tent camping for next Spring and Summer. We'll see.

  6. K - holding the vac IN BOTH HANDS and standing there in his tighty-whiteys. I really should proof before hitting send, ya think? :-P

  7. Boring weelends dont' results in great stories tho.

    Keep the slip and falls a-comin!

  8. As much as I love my house.... I so miss condo living when I wasn't responsible for any of the outside stuff.

    I hate yardwork with a purple passion!!!

    I hope ET's butt isn't too sore!

  9. Tiff is right! Be glad it wasn't bleach in that sink!

  10. Eh... that's the thing about life. It's always somethin'...

  11. Tiff - our backyard is really secluded, but he said he still looked around to see if anyone had witnessed the fumble.

    Diva - I leave the yardwork up to him! LOL.

    kenju - yep... it could have been so much worse.

    Rebecca - yep and usually something that's a drag! LOL.

  12. Your comment typo was even funnier than the post!

    Since I have a homemade Mental Picture of the ET (I'm thinkin' Bruce Campbell, for some reason), the tighty-whitey comment caused me to ROAR.

  13. I'm sorry, TET, for the giggles at your expense! (Ok no I'm not really sorry because that's funny stuff :)

    Hi everyone from beautiful, muggy, humid, crime ridden Atlanta!

  14. Renn - think a young Gary Busey (not the old withered alcoholic one), but bald... and you'd be close.

    Laura - still laughing, huh? Guess who is not? LOL. BTW, it's Hotlanta! Wheee!