Friday, July 11, 2008

You'd Think It Wouldn't Matter

Seeing as how I'm a stay at home mom and most of my days are just like every single day, it's surprising (I think) that I look forward to weekends.

So, I am glad it's Friday! Weekends are family time and the Evil Twin is home, which is really nice. The kids and I enjoy having him home during the day.

On weekends, things are a little bit more laid back than in the week (i.e. sometimes I don't even get in the shower until after 9 am! Oh my goodness! LOL).

Tomorrow, I have an appointment to get my hair cut. It's in need of a trim. I promise to update my profile picture (and if you're lucky, I'll include cleavage).

Sissy is going to have her hair trimmed also, but just the bangs. Unfortunately, it was hanging in her eyes and I thought I could just snip a bit and it would be okay. I thought wrong and now, she looks like an elfin medieval surf. LOL.

No worries, though, my hairdresser will straighten it up and Sissy's hair will look as normal as possible until her bangs grow out again. She has this impossibly wispy hair that I really can't do a thing with, I just need to wait until she's a little older and it gets thicker, which I know it will. Buddy had the same wispy hair, but being a boy, we always kept his cut short.

With Sissy, she has these adorable little curls in the back and it's been so slow growing, I'm reluctant have the back cut or even trimmed a little bit.

This mother-daughter stuff is so much fun!

PS. Thanks for all the kind words yesterday. I didn't have the energy to respond to replies, but they all made me feel hopeful. :-)


  1. Yea weekend! You probably get "Sunday night syndrome" too, huh?

    I'm happy too--as of 5:00 pm today I'm on vacation! *lalalala*

  2. Sissy would look adorable in any style.

    We don't even have kids and our whole house (critters and me) much prefer the days when Curmy's home to the days when he's not. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. OMG, women and haircuts is a dangerous time for men to be around. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Laura - I only get "Sunday Night Syndrome" during the school year. Blech.

    BB - I just wish her hair would grow faster! You guys have a great weekend too.

    Ron - hey, my hairdresser is great and never does me wrong. Hope your weekend is sweet!

  5. ETW....Glad you're feeling better (and no, I'm not just saying that because you said you're going to show 'cleavage'...shut up, Elle ;)

    Things can seem so overwhelming at times and it's hard to see the 'proverbial light', but things do seem to have a way of working themselves out...if you let them.

    Have a great weekend!

    (See...I can post 'responsibly' ;)

  6. Weekends are awesome, no matter WHERE you work.

    Unless you work weekends.

    Enjoy a little down time with your family, and RELAX!

  7. We're taking Howler for his first haircut next week. He has that same wispiness and curls. I might cry if she cuts off those curls!

  8. Efen - thanks. I've been known to display my ample cleavage, much to the dismay of some... LOL.

    Renn - Yep, weekends are fun!

    Laureneer - we just tell my hairdresser to leave the back alone (but for a boy, that might not be possible forever). I know once the curls are cut off, they aren't likely to come back. This will be Sissy's 2nd "trim".

  9. Oh said 'display' AND 'ample' ;)

    (Really trying my best to remain 'responsible' ;);)

  10. Happy, happy weekend to ya, girl!

  11. ...waiting for cleavage shot in near future. Hope your weekend is relaxing and revitalizing. As for lack of close the kids get older this will change significantly. I felt I was in a bell jar for the longest time, but as the kids became more independent, I was able to spread my wings once again. Imperative that one has a space all their own, to crawl into at for me. Have a great weekend again!

  12. I say bring back the ample cleavage with the special finger salutes.