Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two For Tuesday

Last week and the week before, I was tagged by Give Me A Minute for an award and a meme, so I thought - being the efficient person I am - I would do both in one post. Thusly, two for Tuesday!
First, the award:
Sweet! It's the Arte Y Pico award:  This award was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creativity, and for contributing to the blogging world in whatever medium.
The rules state:

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award through creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogger community, no matter of language.

2. Each award should have the name of the author with a link to their blog.

3. Award winners have to post the award with the name and link to the blog of the person who gave them the award.

4. Please include a link to the “Arte Y Pico” blog so that everyone will know where the award came from.

Okay, that was the easy part. The meme is a little harder.

Here's How It Works:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you (That would be K)

2. Mention the rules on your blog (This is them!)

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours… (Remember that if you think they're boring)

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

One says "five" and one says "six". I'm going to go with tagging five other bloggers for both the award and the meme - again, how efficient am I?

On with the meme:

1. I rarely ever sleep with a pillow. Most of the time, I toss my pillow on the floor next to the bed. I like to be completely flat.

2. I enjoy watching smutty adult films.

3. Even though I don't have a paying job, I have a fairly set routine I follow every day. Of course, I can be a little flexible on timing, but for the most part, I do the same things in the same order every day.

4. I don't watch much TV at all. In fact, I don't watch daytime programming at all. If the TV is on during the day, it's on a channel that the kids like to watch (cartoons or pre-school channel).

5. I would rather scratch my eyes out with hot forks than go to the dentist. I really need to get over that because I need some dental work.

6. I love doing any type of research. I could spend hours online or in a library looking up references, and I often do spend my time on the computer looking things up... It takes me a while to purchase things because I like to go over my choices and options over and over (and look for the best price, of course - I'm efficient and cheap!)

Now, for both the award and the meme, I hereby tag:

1. CatScratch Diva - she is funny as hell and I just love her blog.

2. The Kitchen - Momma is so sweet and she's new to my blogroll.

3. Living Laura - Laura is a new blog friend and also a new friend in real life. We had lunch last week, which I will highlight later on this week... Geez, I go out of town for 2.5 days and I'm completely behind....

4. Honeywine - because she makes me smile on a regular basis. I just want to hug her to pieces.


5. The Warped Mind of Ron - Ron is hilarious. He can take an everyday occurrence and make it laugh out loud funny. Plus, he talks about some really twisted things I think are comedy gold.

That is it, then. Anyone else who would like to do the meme is more than welcome to "lift" it for themselves. I'm not proprietary (just efficient and cheap). LOL.


  1. An award and a meme all in one fell swoop, aren't you Mrs efficient today. I talk about sick and twisted things??? They are jusy everyday normal things to me... wait does that mean I'm sick and twisted? Crap!

  2. I love doing research too, as long as nothing else is commanding my attention.

    You should have MY dentist - you'd never mind going at all. And he's very cute, too!

  3. Congratulations! Your blog is awesome and very deserving!!!!

    Thanks for acknowledging my blog - flattery will get you everywhere!!!

  4. Ron - no, it means you're funny and twisted. The best way to be.

    kenju - I'd be even more reluctant to go to a good looking guy. He'd think, "Sheesh, her teeth are a mess!" LOL.

    T - thanks and you're welcome!

  5. Oh.My.Heavens!!!!

    I've seen this bad boy floating around Blogger's Lane!! I'm so excited that you think I'm funny as hell!! Can you see my horns and pitchfork or something???

    xoxoxo Muchos Gracias Amiga!
    I'll do the same on a post tomorrow!

    Thank ya. Thank ya very much.

  6. Aawww...I'd hug the stuffing out of you too! Maybe in a year or two, M. and I will be doing well enough to take a vacation up that direction (most of my family is in eastern KY).

    Oh, and you left out too many details. How smutty are we talking? We need titles. lol

  7. A number of years ago (mas de 12, oy vey), a friend at work said to me, "Quick, tell me something good about going to the dentist. I hate the dentist." This is what I told her in an effort to make her feel better about the dentist.

    1) They never weigh you.
    2) You get to keep your clothes on, i.e., no stupid gown where you have to keep "the opening to the front."
    3) They never tell you, "Skooch down...a little more....a little more."

    Does that help?

  8. I love to do research too!

    I used to be super askeered of the dentist. I told my dentist about this. He has me take super don't-be-askeered meds before I come in. I'm still a little scared when I go in, but my-oh-my is that ride home a pleasant one! (Unfortunate sidenote to pretreating for dentistry: Someone else has to drive me. You could schedule it for a day when TET is off work to watch kids and I'll come drive you.)

  9. Diva - you're welcome. Can't wait to see tomorrow's post.

    Honeywine - no specific titles. I usually just do what everyone else does and cruise online (all the research!) for stuff or youporn.com. Srsly.

    Kathleen - all those are true...Maybe I could also talk Buzzardbilly into holding my hand?

    BB - we'll see... thanks for the offer. You're a true friend. Those offices are boring.

  10. I'm not a huge fan of the dentist, and we actually have ours son's first dental appt. on Thursday (along with mine & my husband) - should be interesting. I hate, hate, hate having cavities filled (ony had four in my life - but actually had 3 of them at one time and had no clue). If ever I do not feel like flossing or brushing, I think about being in that dentist's chair - and I hop to it!

  11. Oh my stars...that's very cool! Thank you...you're the sweetheartiest! And will post and award and tag and meme...wtf are all these new blog words I'm learning?...very soon :) This damn job, I swear....

    Anyway, Jenny Fabulous calls her dentist Dr. Vogel. Remember Marcia Brady's dreamy dentist? Not that it will help you be less freaked out by it...but it cracks me up when she texts me from his chair ;)

  12. p.s. I am so loving the new pic!

  13. I agree with Laura - the new pic is fabulous!

  14. Ditto the fabulousness of new pic.

  15. Gigi - cavities are the worst, but nitrous oxide rocks!

    Laura - you're welcome and I can't wait to see your responses.

    L, T and BB - thanks for the kind words. I had my camera out yesterday (taking funny pics of myself for a friend and in an effort to shame myself, maybe I'll post it later on). :-)