Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'd Like to Give The World A Water....

First off, I just want to say that on Tuesday, I felt much better than I did on Monday. Still, I plan on calling my doctor's office today to get an appointment. My doctor is such a reasonable guy, I think if I give him the list of "whys", he'll agree and help me out.


I don't drink sodas. It's not that I hate them... I just got myself off them years ago and even today, I rarely ever have one. And, if I do, it's a Sprite (or Sprite equivalent - I'm not picky).

It all started when I was trying to get pregnant with Buddy and I wanted to get off caffeine. I gave up coffee and caffeinated sodas. I was down to one Sprite a day (for lunch) and then I just gave that up too.

Every restaurant I visit, I order water because I want to save the calories for something tastier. Not because I'm cheap - although I AM cheap. I'd still order water, even if it cost money. After I got off soft drinks, I pared it down to just water.

And that's the main reason I love my side by side, ice and water thru the door fridge. I brought my old one from our first house and then realized it wouldn't fit the recessed area for the fridge in this house. I searched for one that would fit and when I found one, I pounced. I am constantly going by for ice and water refills... all day long.

These days, I allow a cup of coffee if I feel like it. But, pretty much, I exist like Jesus - water and wine, my friend.

I do buy Cokes and Sprite, when they're on sale. From time to time, they go on sale for something like "4 for $10" on the 12 packs, so I'll pick up three Cokes and one Sprite. The Evil Twin likes a Coke in his lunch and every so often, Buddy will drink a Sprite.

Sissy loves Coke, though and if I give her a can and a straw, she will happily down the entire thing. That doesn't happen very often. My kids can have a glass or two of whole milk, one cup of juice and then, the rest of the day, I give them water. Buddy would drink milk all day and not eat, if we let him. I'm a little more flexible with him these days since he's older and he is allowed to grab a soda if he wants one.

I've been up for an hour and I'm already on my fourth glass of water. Yum!


  1. I'm happy to see (see? read? imagine?) that twinkle in your eye this morning :) Glad things are looking up!

    When I bought my house, I was so happy to see that appliances were included, AND the fridge had side by side water and ice! (crushed no less, my fave.) Imagine my distress when the realtor explained "Oh yes, that's a new fridge. Unfortunately, that side of the kitchen (it's a long galley style..hate THAT part) isn't plumbed, so you can't actually USE that particular feature." WTF? So...I make due. Fill the ice dispenser with a bag of ice, and got a PUR water filter for the faucet. I imagine there's some way to get the plumbing over to that side of the kitchen, but, hey...I'll just save it for my next house.

  2. I love ice water with lemon!

    But I'm a terrible diet soda junkie, too...hangs head in shame :(

  3. You gotta have crushed Ice to crunch on, that's what makes it so fun!!!

  4. Laura, I have a friend who is a contractor. Let me know if you want his #.

    MEL - no need for shame. To each his own, ya know? I used to be addicted to Dr. Pepper.

    Ron - I'm not a fan of the crushed ice, but Sissy wuvs ice chips!

  5. I mostly order water too, although I do drink a soda now and then, just not with meals.

  6. I'm a fan of water with a slice of lemon too, but I don't drink enough water. I'm surprised my urine is bubbly and carbonated like Coke or straight Mocha Joe at times.

  7. I have never been a big fan of water - much to my chagrin. I was a coke-aholic for many years, but for the past 4 years - I only have an occasional Diet Dr. Pepper. I do so need to get into the water habit. **at least thegrandson is a water baby - and an occasional juice.

  8. kenju - I sometimes get a sweet tea with meals. Kind of a rare occasion, though.

    BB - I told you that you were gonna turn into a Mocha Joe! LOL.

    themom - It is a habit. I got hooked when I worked and we had a water cooler that delivered super cold water.

  9. Water is great for your skin and nails too!

    I try to drink a lot but I end up in the bathroom like a racehorse.

  10. AC - LOL. That is a side effect. When I was pregnant, especially with Sissy, I had every bathroom in the county memorized and I'm pretty sure I used all of them.