Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Odd Times

Yesterday, I was busy getting myself ready in the morning and shortly after 9 am - I was about three minutes from having my hair completely blown dry - the power went out.

We just had a bunch of electrical work done a couple of weeks ago and one of the things done was that the electrician put my hair dryer on it's own circuit, so I'd quit tripping the breaker when I used my dryer.

At first, I thought, "Oh great. The breaker." Then, the power flashed back on for a split second and disappeared again.

I took a quick tour of the house and realized EVERYTHING was out. So, I put a call into the electric company and asked if my house was the only one affected. No - there were about 500 + homes in my area in the same predicament and they had crews working on it and thought we'd have service back sometime after noon.

I pulled up my semi wet hair into a pony tail, and grumbled about that for a bit. (if I don't dry my hair completely, it's a mess - plus with no electricity, I didn't have a curling iron to even attempt to fix it).

After sitting around twiddling our thumbs for a few minutes, I decide to pack the kids up and head to Target. I mean, anything seemed more exciting than sitting in a house with no lights... Okay, the windows were open and we were getting some sun inside, but it's still not the same as actual "lighting" in my book.

So off we went and we had a good time. By the time we returned home, a little after 11 am, the power was back on. I was able to make lunch (veggie pizza - the kind with the cream cheese/ranch dressing base).

After that, I was too tired to try to make it to the pool and I felt like crap because my hair was all stupid looking (in my opinion - the Evil Twin said it was fine - he had come home early because he didn't feel well).

Now, I'm trying to plan the rest of my week. My van needs to get inspected for a new sticker. My current one expires at the end of July, which would be tomorrow. I think the state allows a "grace period", but I really just want to get it taken care of.

Tomorrow is also the Evil Twin's birthday and I'd like to pick up a cake for him at Maggie Moo's. The thing is: the car inspection place we use is in the opposite direction of Maggie Moo's. Maybe I'll take the van out today and then get the cake tomorrow....

And while I'm at Southridge, I might as well keep on trucking downtown.

I need to swing by Delfine's jewelers. Delfine's is where the Evil Twin and I purchased my engagement ring (yes, people, I picked it.) And the Delfine's also attend the same church I do.

I've been wearing my mom's engagement ring since shortly after she passed away. My dad had bought the diamonds loose and had them mounted into a platinum setting, but the setting was mounted on a yellow gold band. I don't like yellow gold, but the band was so thin already, I figured it would wear thru in a matter of time and when that happened, I would have the band replaced with a white gold or platinum band.

The band wore thru late last week and I need to drop that off, so I can wear it again.

With gas prices being so high, I am trying to combine my errands a bit more. I don't really even drive that much - especially during the Summer, but still... my cheapness will always, always dictate everything else in my life.

But see, my cheapness is also dependent on: is it tangible or not? Gas is not a tangible gain for me (I can't see it, even if I do USE it), but a new gold band for a ring is something I can SEE everyday and gain enjoyment from.

There ya go. A look inside the mind of a girl with too much time on her hands.

Happy Wednesday. Anyone want to join me on my errands? :-)


  1. I'll join you!! Especially if deep fried cheesecake is involved! So if I understand your blog correctly your hair drier knocked the power out to about 500 homes?! Hell what kind of blow drier is that???

  2. No, none of my breakers were tripped. It was just a random power outtage. Bleh. Deep fried cheesecake can be arranged anytime (except Mondays). :-)

  3. Running errands sounds a bit better to me than sitting on my butt trying to write a document that's missing huge chunks of data...

    But maybe that's just me.

  4. Target is a great place to kill time with the kids, no doubt! It seems every time I go there, I come out with something that I was not intending to buy - really, every time!

  5. Dang - we love Target too!! And, we hate power outages, too!

    Great minds really do think alike!!

  6. Tiff - I don't know. Add in running errands while dragging along two whiny kids and they may be equally as painful.

    Gigi - I did well at Target! Love it!

    T - you said it, sistah!

  7. The power only goes off in my house at 2:00 am while a storm is going on, my husband is working and I am laying there scared out of my wit until it comes back on!

  8. Dang! You are one busy chickie!

    I wish I could join you, but since I can't, why don't I just add mine to yours and then we'll do dinner. My treat!

  9. JFab - that is also teh sux...when you should be sleeping, you can't!

    Diva - I actually blew off errands today in favor of cooking. I'm making a beef tips & noodles dish that takes over 2 hours, so I decided to make some homemade meatballs while I was at it...

  10. I haven't heard of that kind of pizza. Sounds good. M. would eat his arm if I poured ranch dressing on it! lol

  11. I am combining errands as much as possible too. I went 23 miles today and completed 5 errands in the process. I was proud.....LOL

  12. Maggie Moos is a gift from God!

    Sooo creamy.

    Looove Target - even better when you are determined to just shop the 75% off clearance end caps. Woohoo! :-)

  13. I love that veggie pizza...yum!!!